Worn & Torn: Nexx XG100 The helmet that saved Ross

On today’s worn and torn we’re talking about
the Nexx XG100. So the reason I chose the XG100 from Nexx
is I actually really wanted a Ruby Castel but I’m not French enough or famous enough
to actually have been given one and couldn’t afford the €1000 Euro price tag or whatever
they are. So I went for this inexpensive Nexx which
I was a bit dubious about, it’s a pretty low price point £180 quid but how good can it
actually be? Well I really like it inside it feels really
good it fits just like my Arai, and I’m a medium in an Arai. It’s got loads of padding around the cheek
and squishes your cheeks a bit like a race car lid. The lack of vents means it’s really nice and
quiet, it’s quite a small aperture at the front which some people think is a bit restrictive
but I don’t have a problem with it at all, I’ll happily forgo that for the thick chin
bar which I just think looks really meaty. Primarily I’ve been using them for racing
I race in the UK flat track series the DTRA and I wanted something a bit different from
the MX lid and goggle combo that everyone else was using, and at the time no one had
this helmet so I thought I’d give it a whirl put some tear offs on, this Devon colourway
actually matched the DTRA number boards from last year, so I really enjoyed that. As you can see from this one it’s taken a
few hits so I wrote this one off, bought another one. I really have tried and tested them. This is one that actually did save my bacon. I crashed hard about this time last year,
at the start of the race, I was out cold for five minutes… after a big highside they
fired up their air ambulance, luckily I didn’t get to use it, although I would quite like
to have gone for the ride. But I keep going back to them just because
they’re really good and I feel safe and secure in them and as far as I’m concerned style
is important but feeling safe is really what crash helmets are all about. The Nexx ticks all those boxes for me and
as I mentioned earlier they’re only £189 quid that’s one I’ve just pulled off the shelf
here in the shop, one of the more basic colourways. They have some really nice designers, they
do some really great collabs with some really funky graphics. But being expensive you can have a play around
yourself this is just some gold pin striping tape and then a clear lacquer over the top
that I had done, yeah, you can have a fool around, paint them, lacquer them, put some
tape on them whatever. For me they’re the goto helmet for me at the
moment, and I really enjoy riding and racing in mine, and I’m glad I’m still here today
to tell the story thanks to the Nexx XG100.


  • Thanks a lot for this new W&T vid. I really like them. I have been looking for a decent replacement for my Premier Trophy. Who knows, I might like this one…
    I'd love to see a similar video for a decently priced fall / summer stylish jacket ( I ride in Scotland !)

  • Couldn't agree more, this helmet is so comfortable. But, the outer shell is a bit too big (compared to bell bullitt), so for someone like me who is small, the helmet can look a bit too big on your head

  • It's not inexpensive, it's about $450 US, Canada and Australia close to $600, plus tax, shipping.

  • Yeah, the shell is noticably larger than Biltwell Bonanza or Gringo series, but it is very comfortable. I can only hope it gets easier to put on and off as it wears in. Right out of the box, it's hard to pull over your ears.

  • Does it fit with glasses?

  • Got mine. Nice to know! Love the style and agree with the review.

  • Lovely helmets, just too damn expensive for 'Merica.

  • I like the look of these. next helmet I buy will be one. I'm a medium Arai as well.

  • Love your shirt mate- Whats the brand/ etc..
    loved the review! Can tell you love it.

  • You guys got any infos on what speeds the peak is able to hold, before it snaps off by itself on the highway? 😀

    I made about a 100km/h before i shat my pants because it catches so much wind. 😀

  • Cool looking skid lid.

  • From a price point this helmet is unbelievable. I can't justify dropping nearly 400 quid on a new bell bullit. I actually like the fact that the shell is large, makes it look more aggressive in my opinion

  • just bought an R verison… good to know they're tried and tested. I went for looks but glad its recommended on safety too

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