Why Beezie Madden trusts Charles Owen helmets

with Charles Owen since 2010, and I’ve had a fantastic
relationship with them. I think the trend in helmets
over the past probably I’d say 10 years
has really geared towards safety. We used to just wear kind
of a plastic covering on our head basically
and I think in all sports concussion safety
has become a huge deal. Obviously the movie Concussion
is out can show you just how easy you can get
damaged in your head and I think we none
of us really realized that before how dangerous it is, not only the impact but also
as we saw in Concussion just the whiplash effect of it. I know Charles Owen has done
a ton of testing to prove that and to try
to improve their helmets all times. And I have complete confidence
in them that they’re doing the best they can
to protect my head.

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