Hi all, today I will talk about the new bag I received from Warrior Assault Systems: the Helmet Cargo Pack This model is not my usual preference, but somehow I knew I wanted this one for my new multicam. Special feature from helmet cargo pack is this big storage area… for a helmet. Although the area is for a helmet, in fact you can drop in many other things take attention to the molle places.. and also small pockets. There is no webbing or departments inside the side pockets Interesting feature: combination of molle and shoulder strips. And, they can be removed!! The padding is also great. This retentionm strips from warrior are always very useful, and makes small but great difference with cheaper bags. Exit for hidration tube as usual in Warrior bags. One big area. Webbing area. extra area. Not sure if supossed to be for the hidration (usually placed at weebing area) I must say It is smaller than expected from images, but still it fits my needs. That’s it. Hope you enjoyed thsi review so you have detailed info in case you think about one of these bags.

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