Visibly Unwell Trump Sounds Mental Decline Alarm

So we already talked about the visibly sweaty
and orange, Donald Trump, a black bragging to a Colorado Springs crowd about his followers
essentially being cultists. I want to take a few minutes now to mention
more generally that at that same rally in Colorado Springs and at the following one
that he did in Las Vegas, Nevada, Donald Trump looked and sounded more unwell than we’ve
seen in a really long time. And the things he was saying were concerning
the way he looked was concerning and the way he sounded was concerning. And people are noticing the international
business times reported Trump reportedly looks bad at Vegas rally POTUS suffering from mental,
physical decline. A number of other articles asked essentially
the same questions. Let’s look at some examples from two events. Again, it’s the Colorado Springs rally and
then a Las Vegas rally. Trump again, visibly sweaty, very red upper
Trump and Colorado Springs downer. Trump in Las Vegas. Uh, maybe Trump arriving sort of late East
coast time for the Colorado Springs rally. Maybe needed a little something to get them
going for that one. Wouldn’t be surprising if he was getting himself
a boost with something. Check out Trump, unable to read his teleprompter
in the context, uh, that, uh, the speech is written slurring about the Rocky mountains,
making no syntactical sense here. Beautiful place beneath the majestic peaks. That’s true of the Rocky mountains with thousands
of terrific, hardworking, great American Patriots. Trump then started wildly reading totally
out of context numbers with no reasonable inflection where you can even understand what
on earth this guy is talking about. Nice one. Look at this. Look at this. Trump 70% next one is 18% next one is seven,
four, three, three, three, two, one, one, one didn’t do well in the debate. See, have fake news. Then Trump’s slurring and attacking someone. Not exactly sure who is this [inaudible] feels good. [inaudible] she’s a third rate journalist. Let’s go. We’re standing up in defense of our constitution and then Trump started mixing up conflicting
conspiracy theories, which was really weird. Try to understand this and look at how he
takes like two or three words from different conspiracy theories and you know, we’re working with a cloud. We’re working with these people that want
to take you out. They want to change the results. They got caught spying with st like it is
right. They got caught spying on our election factors. Hey, fake news, take your cameras for change
and show them the room and show him the cloud spying fake news election like it’s
completely dissembling in front of our very eyes. Then he starts talking about mayor Pete and
I guess now he’s referring to mayor Pete as Buddha touch Buddha touch. Listen to this. Alfred E Newman booty tech, little put a touch. I said, I’ve had you up to here. They had little Buddha case leading Donald
Trump in Texas. These people, but very close or you said it’s
too close to call. This is a poll where booted dead. So a friend of mine from Texas, a big powerful,
strong guy, real Texas. He’s got the cowboy hat. I’d love to wear that hat. I wouldn’t have to call buy sob. I wouldn’t need hairspray. Right. I’d love those Texas. That’s, I don’t know if we’d get away with
it or Washington. That’s why I live, but I love it. Then Trump really struggling to say the word
statistics killing you within a very short period of
time. You’re going to see some [inaudible] coming
out on one statisticians. I got to do it right. Otherwise they’ll say, what throne? I liked that status sticks. So this is already bad enough, right? This is Colorado Springs, but then we go to
Las Vegas and things get even worse. Trump trying to talk about some health care
plan he was supposedly going to do already, but then it never happened and he sounds like
a used car salesman. Notice that Trump in Vegas, this is now downer. Trump, Trump and Colorado Springs was upper. Trump read talking quickly. This is now downer. Trump talking about, we’re going to give you
brand new preexisting. Now you might be saying there’s gotta be some
other word missing there. Yeah, but Trump’s talking about brand new,
preexisting for Obamacare, but we’re going to terminate
it. We’re going to give you your preexisting a
hundred otherwise I won’t do it. We’re going to give you brand new, preexisting,
and we’re going to have a great healthcare that’s much less expensive. Then Trump mocks Joe Biden for his stutter. That’s a disability. It’s like mocking someone for having diabetes and Biden is androgen. Biden is, everything’s anchor cheesy. And that’s what happens when you can’t get
the words out. No, it does. That’s what happens. Right? When you can’t get the words out, you get
angry, you get angry cause you can’t get the words that might happen to me some day. Can you imagine if that happened to me, man,
when I’d be in our bad guy. And then this is the height of megalomania
Trump claims and maybe believes that if a plane crashed with 700 people on it, media
wouldn’t cover it. But instead they would talk about Donald Trump. You know, cable was supposed to be obsolete
and now they’re doing the highest numbers they’ve ever done. If an airplane goes down with 700 people,
they don’t cover it. If it’s not truck related, they don’t cover,
it’s gotta be Trump or Trump related. So the plane goes down and it’s total devastation. If the ship down, if the Titanic is the Titanic
equivalent went down, they wouldn’t cover it unless I was on the sucker. And then of course the capstone, the slurring
begins to take place in Vegas. Remember Trump was upper Trump and Colorado
Springs. Trump downer. Trump in Vegas and downer. Trump often does the slurring, ladies and gentlemen introducing president
Alfred E Newman, but she, nobody knows cause you’re all too young. Nobody knows who Alfred. It’s bad magazine. It’s very bad. It’s very bad. And people around Donald Trump are continuing
to privately sound the alarm and at this rate, if this continues, the debates are going to
be something else. It will, it will be like nothing we have ever
seen before. No matter who the democratic nominee eventually
is. I, I presume that upper Trump would be better
for the debates than downer Trump. And so we would expect more of the Trump that
was in Colorado Springs than the Trump that was in Las Vegas, Nevada. Let me know what you think. I don’t know what to make of
it at this point


  • I have a theory that since basically all trump supporters are christians, it’s very easy for them to follow him. It’s the cult mentality, the same mentality they have that makes them christian and believe in a “god” that exists only in their heads. It’s really easy for them to get behind trump when they can actually SEE him.

  • So painful to watch this . . .

  • The question that might be legitimately asked is, "Who's in charge at the White House?" 45 can't be tracking well enough to make coherent policy decisions. Is it Pence? Mulvaney? Mnuchin? If Moscow Mitch wasn't such a spineless bastard, he'd have had 25th Amendment hearings some time ago.

  • The big guy at Trump's right shoulder is wishing he was somewhere else. The way he looks at his watch tells me he's thinking 'is this ever going to end'. He's going to be very embarrassed after November when he knows he backed the wrong horse. lol


  • GOD HELP US!!!

  • Embarrassing 👀

  • Aeroplane??!!! Is he 4 years old? WTF!!!

  • He always looks orange and sweaty and talks like a bumbling fool

  • May Trump drop peacefully dead one week before the election.

  • The media wouldn't care if 700 people died in a plane crash?? Did he not see how many media outlets covered Kobe's death??

  • He's a stand-up comedian – the kind who stand there and moan about everything with a drink and cigarette in hand. Popular in the 70s. It's like watching a parody every day.

  • The sole bright spot in Biden winning the nomination would be the fact debates are held at night and he and Trump could sundown together.

  • The closed captioning of this video is so off the rails, they can’t figure out what he’s saying

  • "He can't get the words out. Maybe that'll happen to my someday. Could you imagine if that happened to me?"

    Yeah, Donald, we can; it happens to you every time you open your mouth. You can't form a coherent sentence to save your life.

  • How about drugtesting our elected officials,for the job that we,the taxpayers voted them in to do?

  • ALL this publicity how unfit mentally Trump is which is VERY OBVIOUS I can't believe how many people think he is the best candidate for 2020 i am confused

  • I don't think trump being mentally unwell and talking about it effects people when voting for him. If anything his voters probably think it makes him seem more human to them and less like a robotic politician.

  • Lock his crooked ass up.

  • Lol none of the videos seemed to show any decline. At the same time the party that is trying to say a mental decline in Trump are about to run a 100 year old communist in lacking physical and obviously mental health…. Priceless. This comes from a non Republican…. If there is a cult BernieBros are like TrumpBros but socialist. :

  • Honestly remove all opinions on his policies and past controversies……these speeches almost by themselves are cause for worry about serious mental decline and lack of fitness for office

  • He didn't have much a "cline" to start with to decline but yea, he's mental

  • This is actually the only rally where I see any minority behind him, the probably rounded up any that are stupid enough to sit behind him. Is that why he is sweating and nervous that he is slurring his words and no recognizable train of thoughts? He was just here in Phoenix a few days before this rally and the news showed people coming in and it was literally a line of old white people with a scattering of youngish-middle age white people. He seems more comfortable in that environment I think.

  • jesus what a shit head… can he be locked up already? Or just drop dead. How does he even sustain his follower base?! They are as braindead as thier leader. I hope he gets re-elected though, America has not learned from its mistake yet


  • The Republicans want him to stay in power until he's SO sick, no one will prosecute him citing diminished capacity. His "performance" in India was beyond cringy. Praising Modi, who wants to jail all those who are of a different faith, sounds like something he could get behind. He's firing those that don't support him, setting up his autocracy. Vote like your life depends on it, it does!
    Proud boomer for Bernie

  • Anyone with any degree of intelligence can tell this SOB needs a mental evaluation. Obviously his supporters lack any degree of intelligence. They would vote for Trump even if this guy was totally mental deficient.

  • I'm looking forward to having my brand new pre-existing.

  • Colorado has already pledged its 9 Electoral votes to the winner of the national popular vote. Trump is wasting his time there.

  • Nothing more than the usual Trump incoherence. Honestly, pretty tired of the click bait headlines.

  • Trump is freaking out because he's afraid of losing & Buttegieg is actually beating him in Texas. What else is new? Why is it worth wasting time listening to this?

  • The man IS insane 😪😪

  • You talk about this a lot David I get it bro you think Trump's a Downy but I'd much rather hear your opinon on other topics

  • That gameyou advertise at the end at first I thought would sound boring because they're playing a video game based on politics but then when you mentioned all the things you can do in it, it did sound a lot more fun

  • You remind me of Jake gillenhall 😄

  • White guy in the lower right corner behind Trump holding up sign, "Black Voices for Trump''…???

  • Wait, "real man Trump" freely admits that he uses hairspray (and clearly LOTS of makeup) and it's Mayor Pete's masculinity that Rush questioned? Love is blind.

  • tRump will not be doing any debates. AND tRump doesn't even know what "preexisting" is. If ObamaCare had been allowed to work – there would be no such thing as a preexisting condition.

  • Look at the stupid people cheering!

  • But if you watch the faces of the crowd behind him, they see nothing except someone who can do no wrong and is making the USA better for them. Of course he is doing no such thing. However, David, you cannot change the minds and hearts of those who have embraced and completely accepted some fairy tale: That is one of the things that Evangelicals and the Trump cult share – the willingness to suspend disbelief in the face of ridiculously constructed alternative realities.

  • Makes you wonder how low of an IQ Trump Supporters have, Trump is screwing his own supporters and without any protection.

  • Whoa freewheeling psychosis. That shoulder roll is such a strange tick

  • You’d think he’d want free healthcare so he could get better drugs than Sudafed. His ego and conservative allies are probably the only factors standing in the way of legal drugs

  • Pence is surely rubbing his hands together, looking forward to taking the top job when Trump keels over.

  • Republicans are just as much the enemy of the USA as North Korea or Iran. They are your enemy.

  • If he's breathing he's way too health for me.

  • Thank you David Pakman, your posts are making this nightmare a bit more bearable. Perhaps you can post a clip with just Trump ramblings using minimal preamble, so we can share with his supporters we have in our lives, without them clicking off. This way maybe the Trump supporters would actually listen to him and discover on their own what a mad man he is.

  • what does it matter i trumpie is crazy as long as the senate kowtows to him?

  • His dirty deeds are catching up to the nasty ass call trump

  • Invoke the 25th!

  • Trump "mental decline"?
    In fairness he can't "decline" any more.

  • Awwww….such a shame. Ha!

  • Sick….sick man!!!! 🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • Not everyone in Texas wears a cowboy hat you freaking epic moron!

  • Carnival barker on cocaine.

  • looks no different than he always does to me.

  • I seriously doubt drumpf will be able to debate even a cardboard cutout of the Democratic candidate.

  • Oh Man, give the guy a break, he hasn't had a day of to play Golf in over Week…!!!!! WTH !!!!

  • Doesn’t Trump have to possess a brain before he can suffer from “mental” decline?

  • While I would absolutely love to see him taken apart piece by piece on a debate stage (preferably by Warren) Trump and his handlers will find some way to dodge debating the Democratic candidate, no matter who it is. They'll claim he too busy working hard at Presidenting, or something.

  • A lot of this knucklehead’s 18,000 lies…are told to the drooling crowds at his rallies.
    Looks like it’s trump that “can’t get the words out”.
    Drool on!

  • Trump has been in poor mental shape for quite a while. But since Sean Hannity never mentions this, Trump's sheep herd followers refuse to believe the obvious about Trump – that he's mentally deranged.

  • I see a stupid man, rambling about things that don’t make any sense.

  • You mean like covering the cruse ship with stranded passengers and the virus? See Don they do cover things when you aren't there.

  • WTF

  • You are full of shyte.DUDE

  • He seems to have a drug problem. Couple that with his natural stupidity and you have a recipe for disaster.

  • TRUMP 2020-2024

  • He's doing coke to stay up…and adderall to come down…anyone can see that!

  • Tulsi Gabbard for President 2020

  • Exhaustion, sleep – deprived, over – medicated, mean, untreated 'things.'

  • Trump said at one point he doesn't drink alcohol. I'm starting to doubt that.

  • The world sees us and know we're in serious trouble.

  • Please cover something of quality not just his ramblings. I had trouble with saying statistics earlier today. It's not news worthy.

  • Now the whole world knows for sure that America has a madman as president. But STILL his trumptards will support him, they think India is in Indiana.

  • Dickhead, did you happen to see his speech in India in front of 110,000 people? Not a word from any credible news outlet but yet a two bit nobody like you sees his decline.

  • What a nut case he is.

  • Does the US constitution have a clause explaining what to do when the President pisses himself during the State of the Union? 🤣

  • dude, you stretched this soooo far. unsubscribing.

  • Maybe we’ll have to have State Athletic Commissions test for PED’s after the debates.

  • Classic blathering of a madman who has a cult following

  • You dumb fucks do realize that YES, the fuckung Rocky Mountain range does in fact run close to Colorado kml, the mountains that are there are a spur off of them. Pakman, you're a liar, a hack, and need to realize only those who are uninformed about geography believed a thing in this video. The rest of you, are just idiots

  • 25th Amendment. Nuff said.

  • Maybe there won't be debates. Trump lost all debates with Hillary and he probably will lose all debates with any of the Democrats now running (with the exception of Mike Bloomberg), so he has nothing to gain.

  • All this talk about providing us with much better healthcare(even the pre-existing!!) for much less money. It's already been four years, and there's been no effort to do that. Of course, it was obviously a con job the moment he started saying it. The fact that people still fall for that con is amazing.

  • Yes, he’s a RED hot MESS! For those evangelicals or Christian followers… listen as he uses “Jesus” as a description of his frustration and distain. Doubtful Trumps followers are here reading comments though.

  • I wish it was as bad as you're trying to make it out to be.

  • Liar.

  • Whatever ails Trump, I hope it's painful and that his whole verminous family catches it.

  • Stuttering is not a disability.

  • Amusing, that he makes fun of a stutter…with a totally nonsensical sentence! Please name a worse president of the USA?

  • Is it mental decline or is it just depression. With the whole upper Trump and lower Trump.

  • Come on stroke, if ever someone deserve one its this piece of scum.


  • He will never say anything is medically or anything else wrong with him, no matter what. Trump will always find something about the people he is trying to put down. They don't have to be running against him, just say anything against him or any of his henchmen.

  • So, what if Trump's health collapses, prior to, or during, the general election campaign? Would the mantle fall to Mike Pence? If Bernie wins the Democratic nomination, he's likely to beat Trump – but if Trump is indisposed, would his base turn out for Pence… Or stay home in disappointment? I suspect Bernie would destroy Pence and win by a landslide… But I'd like to know what people think about this.

  • Pathetic fake news guy on Youtube, can't stop being so triggered and obsessed with Donald Trump.

  • If there is a 700 person fatality plane crash, I'd like to see the Onion come out with a joke news story, "Trump brings down plane with force lightning" (Star Wars reference).

    Better still if an angry Cheetolini calls it out as "Fake News". 😄

  • This man is mentally ILL God help us!!

  • It's funny how he spends 99 per cent of his time hatefully making fun of people and talking about how they're out to get HIM. Not much time spent on his plans to better the country. Nope all about Him him him and whining. Why do people show up to hear the crap over and over?

  • This appears to be some type of Bipolar disorder

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