Ubuntu True Desktop (Feat. Ubuntu 20.04 & GNOME 3.36)

And so, welcome back to another super lazy
baby WOGUE episode! Gosh! I’m bored to death! So, today we will practice science and we
will conduct a very simple experiment! On a default Ubuntu 20.04, we will remove whatever module Canonical developers have contributed less than 1%, and see what happens! Don’t be scared! It won’t take long! I’ll start from GNOME Shell that Canonical
contributes lately. I’m not sure if they cover the 1%, but I’ll
be kind and I will accept that! Speaking of Shell though, Ubuntu still hasn’t
updated to 3.36. They are still on beta. I guess they are working on screwing something
downstream again! Okay, long story short, all fine with Shell
and we thank them for their work. But do they contribute on Files app? The only contribution they have done on Nautilus
was to hold it back for 2 years! So I’m going to remove this! So, what’s the most significant GNOME project? It’s not Shell, not even close! It is GTK! Canonical engineers contributions on GTK are
same as mine.. Absolute Zero! So lets remove this too. In the meantime, I really don’t want to go
on a Canonical versus Red Hat, but one thing I want to mention, is that Fedora desktop
guys contribute a lot on their free time, and that doesn’t happen with Canonical people. Anyway. So now we have GTK gone, but you still see
that graphical thing? It is called a display server! I don’t even need to check if Canonical contributes
there.. I mean the guys actually created MIR. So, sudo apt remove, and X-Org. Or whatever the display server is anyway. Next I’m going to reboot. Just to know where we are so far. Hmm, the sweet TTY! Now we’re talking Linux! Speaking of which, does Canonical contribute
in Linux? The last couple of years they do, but do they
reach the 1%? I don’t think so! So, goodbye kernel! You got to be kidding me! Google? What the hell? Wow! A graphical kernel removing guard! That’s a true reason to use Ubuntu I believe! Alright, Kernel is out, and reboot. And so, that’s the true Ubuntu desktop! Actually? I don’t think Canonical contributes to QEMU either, but I just can’t remove this, so that’s as far as I can get! I know many distributions don’t contribute
much upstream on the projects they use, but nothing’s even remotely compared to Canonical’s
size. However that’s not the real reason I hate
Canonical. The true reason I hate Canonical is their
NERVES and their ARROGANCE. Take a listen and see what I mean So that’s the culture and mentality of this
company. They develop nothing, and instead of actually
start doing, they’re asking others to stop.. And I realize very well that ditching Canonical
for IBM and Fedora isn’t exactly a progress, and projects like Arch Linux can’t lead Linux
desktop. What we need is complete solutions from the two large COMMUNITY Foundations we have, GNOME and KDE. And I see very unlikely anyone new to arrive anytime soon, so those are our only two choices really.


  • arrogance is a virus; Mark Shuttleworth passed it to Alan Pope; sad and pathetic.. and even if the point of Alan isn't wrong and less distros could and would lead on a stronger Linux ecosystem, it really needs lots of nerves to say that from your Canonical position ..and specially when your company sucks; i mean it would be also awful if someone from Red Hat was telling the same out of loud, but at least Red Hat people develop..

    ps. was so long i did an anime intro, and i think i lost my skills :((
    ps1. if you see non-skippable ads, i dont know whats wrong, but i have disabled them; at least on videos i can monetize

  • First

  • Alan f it in that interview

  • 8 minutes!!!! And I was still too slow!

  • What anime is @ 0:45?

  • Higurashi… I tried to watch that again and.. I cannot finish it, characters are so stupid and we couldn't finish it 😀

  • 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • I kinda agree with Alan – distros are cool, but they're not helping to mainstream adoption, imagine all those hours done by people who package all those programs. I hope one day fedora silverblue will be good enough and everything will be flatpak and base system will be just an image – like in fedora or chromeOS

  • Whoa…. Salty!

  • get luke smith’d… 😂😂😂

  • lol
    ok, i'm now waiting for kde os (not kde neon, a distro built from scratch)

  • My controversial awnser is that Fedora is the only decent distribution and that ubuntu is overhyped crap that's copy and pasted to nearly every distro in existence. That's the viewpoint of someone coming from Windows. Clearly they are holding everything back by demanding they are the forefront of the entire os.

  • LOL, funny thing is I just watched that Luke Smith video 😀

  • Hahaha he wishes that, even big youtubers like LTT and others started recommending Manjaro and ironically Pop!_OS which is in every possible way a superior version of Ubuntu. Which makes me wondering if Pop guys ever considered rebasing on Debian or something.

  • I absolutely do NOT agree with Alan on this one. His answer isn't so much "controversial" as it is "utopian pipe dream". If people wanted to contribute to Ubuntu, they would. Can you imagine the amount of wasted talent there would be if there was only ONE distro project, with ONE set of rules and ONE governing body? Not to mention the "other distros" development is open source. If Ubuntu wants something from "others", they can take it and do what they please. (ie. GNOME Shell). The community is organic and fluid. They day it's not is the day it stops being a true project driven community and just becomes another shit product like Windows.

  • I would like to ask to this Alan Pope “Ubuntu Developer Advocate” what he contributed for Linux ecosystem. I would be surprised if he actually did something.

  • Recommending Manjaro is a joke no matter what’s happen you’ll get a broken distro at some point 🤦🏻‍♂️. That’s why still prefer Ubuntu as I don’t want to update to much (lts)

  • What if all community work in one distro ?

  • Well, there is Ubuntu touch, a distro for phones and tablets, maybe they are Canonical made.

  • rm – rf / would be more efficient

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