Tricô à Máquina – Como fazer Meia sem Costura – R/N

This is the newborn sock we’re going to
do today It is a very simple, seamless sock.,
I’m already E-wrapping, seven more needles, because this is a medium thickness Merino
and it will be worked on tension dial nine Although for start, let’s start in tension dial six We raise the needles so the stitches don’t come out Again, and now we will put weights,
I will put a weight on each side, one here and one here
I did six rows in tension six, set to tension nine and I did six more rows.
Set the machine not to work needles on hold and set on hold one needle on the side of the
carriage, always on the side of the carriage, until at work there are only three-plus three needles
We have three-plus three needles at work I’ll take one weight off and put the other one in the middle
and I’m going to start setting on work the needles again
Always by the carriage side. Now, let’s do twelve rows to the foot.
Twelve rows, and let’s hold needles by carriage side again, let’s do the finger zone, we pass
the machine for tension dial seven. We always hold needles from the side of the carriage, until they are
four plus four needles at work There they are, four plus four and now
let’s set on work, set on work, set on work, set on work All right, now back to tension nine
and we have the foot done. We still have to do the top of the sock, I´ll hang
the weight on the backside, to be easier and for him not to disturb
I’ll pick up the loop below and I’ll knit one row
On the opposite side of the carriage, I´ll pick up the next loop (half stitch) Now it’s always on the opposite side of the carriage and
it’s from the inside out, from the inside out We always hang it on the first needle
Half stitch On the opposite side of the carriage, half stitch
Always from the inside out And now we are in the heel zone, here
there is a tendency to form a little hole Let’s avoid this hole by picking the loop and the next loop below Let’s do the same on this side, we take
half stitch and the other one that is below and Let’s take it
And now we only pick up a half stitch at a time, again Here, half stitch We did the first six rows in tension six and now let’s do the last
six rows in tension six These are a little bit tighter and so
this, I will help myself with my latch tool This one does not want to appear, but it is already done. And now,
let’s go to the penultimate row I let this one fall, let’s put it in again,
let’s get it here and I’ll wrap it here
And now let’s go to the last row, because I’m going to bind off latching up, I´ll
knit this row in tension twelve, which is the largest so that these stitches are really
large and when cast off do not get tight in the leg and then do not fit the foot … oops, ok I let
fall here this stitch, let’s get it, ok, there are accidents, happen to
once in a while these are the easy ones to solve And here is our sock, ready, now
just cut the yarn and take it out of the machine, it’s a sock, as you can see,
easy to do and it looks very cute I hope you enjoyed


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