SCP-1165 Minus Level | object class euclid | extradimensional / city / location scp

SCP-1165 Minus Level – object class: euclid Item #: SCP-1165 Object Class: Euclid Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1165 is
to remain permanently closed to civilian traffic. Both entrances to SCP-1165 are to be fenced
and marked with quarantine signs, in English and Spanish, warning of high concentrations
of toxic contaminants. Plainclothes security personnel are to monitor
entrances and act as necessary to discourage unauthorized entrance. All businesses with doors or windows facing
SCP-1165 are to have said exits walled over, padlocked, or otherwise rendered inaccessible
to prevent unsecured access. Any municipal or utility vehicles requiring
access to SCP-1165 are to enter by the western entrance and exit by the east entrance only. All survey teams entering SCP-1165 are to
be accompanied by a squad-strength detachment from MTF Tau-1165 (“Snickelway”). All individuals operating within SCP-1165
are to keep a GPS beacon, wireless communication device, and helmet camera on their person
at all times. Surveys are not to enter SCP-1165 at night
or when there is a possibility of electric power outage due to weather or grid overload. Any unauthorized persons entering or exiting
SCP-1165 are to be detained, debriefed, and administered a Class-B amnestic. Any person observed exiting SCP-1165 is to
be assumed to be hostile until a contrary determination can be made. Description: SCP-1165 consists of an alley
located in ███████, ██ and an anomalous urban area connecting to it. The alley runs east to west for approximately
0.3 km in downtown ███████, bisecting the city block created by ████ St.
and █████████ St. on the east and west, and by ████ St. and
███ Ave. on the north and south. City records indicate that the alley was laid
out when the streets of ███████ were first paved in the early 20th century. Aside from construction and renovation of
abutting structures, utility work, and a repaving in 19██, it has undergone no significant
changes since then. The alley exhibits no anomalous effects to
traffic entering from the west or exiting from the east. When a traveler enters the alley’s eastern
exit and proceeds westward, however, there is a 36% probability that the alley will not
exit onto █████████ St., but onto a street not accessible by other
means. This street connects to a network of other
streets that extend outwards in no particular pattern, none of which can be accessed by
any means other than the alley. These streets, while almost always meeting
at four-way grid intersections, are highly irregular in layout and begin and end abruptly. Traffic lights, lampposts, and other electronics
present within SCP-1165, have power received from an as-yet unidentified source, and function
reliably without any indication of human intervention. The streets of SCP-1165 are lined with buildings
mostly demonstrating examples of 20th century American architecture. The vast majority of the buildings appear
to be of a business storefront or industrial nature – less than 6% of buildings surveyed
are residential structures. Of buildings surveyed to date, 17% have been
identified as strongly resembling or being identical to buildings known to exist in the
███████ area. 24% have been identified as resembling buildings
found in other locations, most notably a 300 m. structure resembling the Eiffel Tower,
visible in the distance northeast from the entrance to the alley. Road signage exhibits names of known and unknown
streets in a similar manner. No automobiles or people (except as per Survey
Log 1165) have been spotted within SCP-1165, nor any animal or insect life. Plant life is limited to grass, flowers, and
small trees found growing in yards of buildings or along sidewalk easements. SCP-1165 extends outward in all directions
from the entrance point of the alley. To date, Foundation teams have fully surveyed
and charted 27 sq. km. of SCP-1165, an area of land encompassing the entirety of downtown
███████ and surrounding neighborhoods, and extending outwards into ████ Bay
and █████ █████. No geographical boundary to SCP-1165 has yet been determined
(except as per Survey Log 1165). The streets and buildings found within SCP-1165
have not changed since the first Foundation survey entered SCP-1165 in 19██. Returning down the entrance alley will return
any traveler to ████ St. 100% of the time. Cellular phones and GPS devices continue to
function within SCP-1165 and indicate that the device is in a location relative to the
distance the bearer has traveled from the western exit of the alley. The Foundation discovered SCP-1165 in 19██
when ███████ ██████, an ███████ politician of note,
disappeared in midday while on a walking tour of downtown with several campaign volunteers. Police identified the alley as ██████’s
last known whereabouts and encountered SCP-1165 while canvassing the area. A police liaison informed the Foundation of
the anomalous effect, which led to the Foundation assuming jurisdiction over SCP-1165. Neither ██████ nor any of his
walking companions were ever found. For detailed findings regarding discoveries
within SCP-1165, refer to Survey Log 1165. Survey Log 1165 The Foundation has conducted 283 sorties into
SCP-1165 since its discovery in 19██. The following is an abridged log containing
information on notable discoveries made during exploration thereof. Level 3 access is required to view unabridged
logs. Please contact Dr. Samesh for access. Survey 1165-1 Date: ██/██/19██ Findings: First formal Foundation sortie into
SCP-1165. Surveyors explored an area of 1 sq. km. around
the entry point. A circuit was completed of the block that
the alley exits onto and no eastern point of entrance was found. Air, soil, and plant samples taken. No anomalous properties found in air or soil. Plant samples were found to exhibit an abnormally
high amount of mutation. Survey 1165-3 Date: ██/██/19██ Findings: MTF surveyed interiors of 13 buildings
within a 1.5 km radius of entry point, 8 of which had been identified to resemble known
buildings. Floor plans of those buildings were found
to match those of known buildings. Photographs indicated that arrangement of
furniture, state of repair, etc. was also highly similar. Unidentified buildings were found to possess
unusual floor plans, with rooms attached to each other in highly unconventional manners
and with atypical furnishings. All doors and windows in buildings surveyed
were found to be unlocked. Further examination found that all objects
capable of being locked – cabinets, safes, etc., were also unlocked. Survey 1165-15 Date: ██/██/19██ Findings: Two desktop computers were retrieved
from a structure resembling a Best Buy electronics store. Both computers were found to have a hardware
profile similar to Intel PCs available on the market at the time of the survey. Both computers were running a clean factory
installation of Windows 95 and had no user-installed software or personalized settings. All software installed on both computers was
found to be highly glitchy, with Windows frequently returning “divide by zero” errors and crashing
to a “Blue Screen of Death” fatal error message, other software frequently crashing or hanging,
and the system calculator producing incorrect answers to simple arithmetic problems. Formatting the hard drive and installing a
new copy of Windows 95 produced similar errors, as did removing components from the computers
and installing them into other machines. Survey 1165-28 Date: ██/██/19██ Findings: While surveying an area 5.3 km.
from entry point, MTF encountered an adult male approximately 40 years of age. Said individual identified himself as ███████ ██████, a
transient who had been reported as a missing person six years prior in 19██. During debriefing following his removal from
SCP-1165, ██████ claimed that he and another transient had unknowingly entered
SCP-1165 through the alley at night while drunk and found themselves lost when they
awoke the next day. Discovering the area to be abandoned, they
had taken to squatting in a residential building and scavenging food and alcohol from nearby
buildings, in particular a building resembling a convenience store. ██████ was unable or unwilling
to say where his friend was and became visibly distressed when the issue was raised. ██████ was administered a Class-A
amnestic and relocated to █████████, several thousand kilometers away. A convenience store was found within SCP-1165
at the coordinates given by ██████. It was found to be fully stocked with foodstuffs
comparable to those sold at convenience stores. Food was found to be fresh and edible, though
unusually high in compounds known to cause [REDACTED]. A gas pump was attached to the station; gas
found therein refused to ignite when exposed to open flame. Cameras installed in the store have noted
no evidence of any restocking or replacement of food. Survey 1165-68 Date: ██/██/19██ Findings: MTF returned to the convenience
store discovered after Survey 28 to replace monitoring equipment. Food was found to still be fresh and edible. In spite of the fact that no activity had
been noted within the store since first installation of cameras, several products were found in
the store which on the previous visit had not been present and were not available for
purchase at the time. Survey 1165-103 Date: ██/██/20██ Findings: While surveying an area 8.7 km from
entry point, MTF discovered an automobile identified as a 1956 Studebaker President
parked on the side of a four-lane street. The car was found to be excellently preserved
and in driveable condition. The gas tank was empty and the odometer indicated
that the vehicle had driven a total of 2,638 miles (4,245 km). The trunk was found to contain suitcases full
of a variety of apparel, as well as children’s toys and a baby stroller. Canvassing of the area proved unable to locate
the owner/s of the vehicle prior to abandoning SCP-1165 for the day due to impending twilight. Survey 1165-105 Date: ██/██/20██ Findings: On the third canvass of the area
where the Studebaker was found, the MTF located, leaning against a wall in an alleyway, the
skeletal remains of an adult male dressed in a dark suit and fedora hat, clutching a
38-caliber revolver in its right hand. All rounds in the revolver were spent. Identification found in a wallet in the suit
pocket identified the remains as belonging to ██████ ██████, who
was reported missing with his wife and children during a family vacation in 1956. License plate on the Studebaker was found
to have been registered to ██████. Cause of death could not be determined and ██████’s
suit showed no signs of damage or trauma. A camera loaded with a spent roll of Kodak
black-and-white film was hanging from a strap around ██████’s neck. Upon being developed, most of the roll consisted
of pictures of ██████ and his family. The last eight photos were identified as having
been taken within SCP-1165, showing buildings identified by surveyors and several no longer
present. The final photo showed a [REDACTED]. The remains of ██████’s wife and
children, aged 9, 5, and 8 months, have not been located. Survey 1165-141 Date: ██/██/20██ Findings: MTF transported a helicopter into
SCP-1165 via a flatbed truck for the purpose of conducting an aerial survey. Aerial team ascended to 500 meters above ground
level and observed that SCP-1165 extended to the horizon in all directions and did not
appear to encounter any geographical barriers. Aerial team overflew the Eiffel Tower, which
was determined to be located 27.4 km from entry point and identical to the original
monument in every way perceivable from the air. Team was instructed to fly eastward until
either spotting the edge of SCP-1165 or turning around became necessary due to low fuel. After traveling 103 km at a height of 500
meters, pilot reported that the helicopter’s onboard altimeter, compass, barometer, wind
gauge, and GPS device had stopped functioning and that the team had lost visual contact
with the surface. Base team also lost GPS contact with the helicopter
at this time. Team was ordered to make an emergency landing. Pilot attempted to descend and reported that
he could not find the ground and that visual inspection showed nothing but blue sky and
clouds beneath the helicopter. The pilot reversed direction and attempted
to return in the direction of base team, but was unable to make contact or regain GPS contact. After 6 hours of unsuccessfully attempting
to return to base, pilot reported that the helicopter had run out of fuel and was in
freefall. After 7 minutes without reaching the ground,
pilot and support team committed suicide by gunshot. Onboard video continued to document the helicopter
falling at terminal velocity until camera battery died 17 hours later. Neither the helicopter nor the remains of
its crew have been located. Survey 1165-145 Date: ██/██/20██ Findings: MTF transported an unmanned aerial
vehicle equipped with extra batteries into SCP-1165. UAV was launched in the direction of the last
known whereabouts of the aerial team lost during Survey 141. UAV reached those coordinates without incident
and canvassed the area unsuccessfully. While overflying a region 113.4 km from entry
point at a height of 1500 meters, UAV’s instruments and GPS failed and visual contact with the
ground was lost. Non-essential systems were put into standby
to maximize battery life and UAV was placed into freefall. As of this date, █ years later, UAV is still
transmitting and is still in a state of freefall. Following this survey, all further aerial
surveys have been preemptively denied. Survey 1165-174 Date: ██/██/20██ Findings: A group of eight D-class awaiting
scheduled termination were divided into two teams and each was given an automobile with
extra fuel capacity and a full battery of monitoring equipment and environmental sensors. Teams were brought into SCP-1165 and instructed
to drive to the eastmost boundary of the “city” and told that whichever team reached that
point first would be given their freedom. At 128 km and 201 km distance from the entry
point, respectively, both teams encountered phenomena consistent with Surveys 141 and
145. Subdermal transmitters intended to track the
D-class’ vital signs found that, of the three who did not kill themselves or each other
in the immediate aftermath, the eventual cause of death was dehydration. All requests to survey areas more than 100
km distant from the entry point are preemptively denied. Survey 1165-193 Date: ██/██/20██ Findings: Using aerial photography acquired
during Surveys 141 and 145, MTF attempted to travel to the Eiffel Tower and survey its
surroundings. Upon reaching the point which aerial surveys
indicated should be the location of the Tower, MTF found instead a factory bearing the legend
“HANSON SCREWS”. The Tower remained visible in the distance
in the same cardinal direction as it was visible from relative to the entry point. Upon attempting again to reach it, the MTF
found it once again absent and visible in the distance. Careful observation during a third attempt
to reach it showed that the Tower did not seem to grow any closer as the MTF approached
it. A fourth attempt to reach the Tower was called
off as doing so would send the team beyond the 100 km mark from the entrance. Survey 1165-246 Date: ██/██/20██ Findings: During a survey of the area near
the first apparent location of the Eiffel Tower, a sudden power outage resulted in the
loss of wireless communications within the ███████ area. All contact with the MTF was lost. Power was not restored until after dusk 9
hours later. At that time, an attempt to reestablish contact
with MTF proved unsuccessful. A nighttime sortie into SCP-1165 was authorized. Upon reaching the MTF’s last known location,
S&R team found the MTF’s vehicles parked in a circle in an intersection and abandoned. A large number of spent shell casings were
spread on the ground around and inside the circle – however, the vehicles themselves
had suffered no damage and there was no sign of any blood or corpses in the area. A single member of the MTF was found in an
alley six blocks away, having barricaded himself behind several overturned garbage cans. All ammunition issued to the member had been
expended. Upon debriefing, survivor asserted that the
rest of the squad was dead but was unable to say how or why. Survivor was highly confused about what had
happened during the time contact was lost and the S&R team located him, only repeating
that [REDACTED]. No sign of the remaining MTF members has been
found to date. Survey 1165-248 Date: ██/██/20██ Findings: During a followup canvass of the
area explored by Survey 246, a severely deformed humanoid corpse was discovered in the open
doorway of a warehouse. Photographs of the corpse taken by MTF were
highly corrupted and impossible to interpret. Descriptions by MTF members observing the
corpse indicated that it appeared normal from the chest down, but had no arms or head, its
upper body diverging into approximately a dozen fleshy pseudopods with no apparent sensory
organs. Apparent cause of death was multiple gunshot
wounds – however, there was no sign of bleeding from any of the wounds. The corpse was nude except for a pair of black
slacks. During examination, an MTF member reported
seeing a moving figure in the shadows inside the warehouse and hearing a loud noise similar
to radio static. MTF commander made the decision to evacuate
SCP-1165 and leave the corpse. A wallet was found in the corpse’s slacks
containing 37 American dollars, several store discount cards, and a driver’s license belonging
to “James K. Stevenson”. Stevenson is a Foundation legal consultant
with Level 1 clearance, working from a front company in Philadelphia, PA, who has not participated
in any activities relating to SCP-1165. When interviewed, Stevenson claimed no knowledge
of SCP-1165, stated he had never been to ███████, and showed that his wallet and driver’s license
were in his possession. Both were identical to the wallet retrieved
from the corpse. A tissue sample acquired from the corpse prior
to evacuation showed a 99.99995% likelihood of a match with Stevenson. Survey 1165-249 Date: ██/██/20██ Findings: A double-strength MTF detachment
was sent to the warehouse found by Survey 248. The corpse discovered at time was no longer
present and a thorough canvass of the warehouse and surrounding buildings failed to locate
it or any other such entities. Further surveys of an area within 1 sq. km.
of the warehouse are preemptively denied.


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