Reptiles ACTING Up!! How to Stop Them through Behavioral Training! | BRIAN BARCZYK


  • We here in Michigan are on Lock Down as if midnight last night. We are still allowed to come to work because we are animal care. But the crew and family are all healthy and staying busy. Doing some virtual tours and my first boyscout troop tonight through virtual. We are still trying to educate and entertain in these trying time. I truly are wishing you all the best and remember to try to be the best person you can be in the worst times we have seen. Together its our duty as humans to help others, be kind too others and be the best person. Don't add to the problem, lets stand together and get through this together! Which we will! Love you guys! Brian

  • Brian, you're doing amazing, I love watching your vlogs, the first thing I do when I wake up is watch your vlogs, then I'm set to start my day..
    I pray that everyone stays safe, healthy and clean..

  • Hi Jay welcome to the crew I think you fit right in💜 love, respect and goofiness

  • You wouldn't believe that after a couple years of keeping reptiles I haven't had a single bite till not that long ago. It was by a leopard gecko. I did ignore all the warnings to back off. I shown that titty bitty wound to everyone like a badge of honor. People were shocked that I have as many reptiles as I do and I dont get bit by the pythons, the boa, or the frilled neck it's from a leopard gecko. Lol

  • Brain barczyk I want get bright color snake forme and my grand girls I have had snakes in the past big and small I’m thinking like corn or king snake not big bucks and not getting over 4 feet maybe 5 feet long what do you think is best or a milk snake I see them on your show but don’t know a lot about them

  • I want a snake for my Hindu practice (to worship it) but i'm not allowed right now so thank you for making these videos to fill the hole in my heart. I'm just going to learn learn learn so when i do get one i'll be close to how good you are with them.

  • Hi Olivia, hi Jay! Nice to see new faces at BHB and all the old staples, Brian. I'm thankful that my family is a position where I can sit her in my pjs watching not worrying about money, groceries, getting ready, for work, not having work, ect.

  • Can we see a poison dart feeding? It’s been a while!


  • What happen to Eric and Mary?

  • Thank you for cheering me up !this world doesn't deserve all your kindness

  • Do a bearded dragon video

  • Maybe you can brighten our day by inviting Chewy in for a day and let your big snakes bite him like a few vids you posted last year!!😂😂😂

  • I'm really thankful that my quarantine self haircut turned out really cute!!! I took 4 inches off (it was down to my low back) and it's making my curls bounce up better!

  • If my home looked like the Reptarium, I would never leave anyways! There’d be no reason to.

    Man, I used to have a male green iguana who LOVED to come out, but absolutely HATED being touched. Every time I opened his enclosure, I’d have to brace myself because he would leap out onto my chest and up my shoulder (and he was not small). But if I tried to touch him, he’d bite and whip. So it was like walking around with a spiky bomb on my shoulder! When it was time to put him back, I would open his enclosure and lean into it. He’d get the message and make his way back in.

  • Wow my mom used to always ask me what my blessing for the day was when I’d come home in a bad mood. That homework brings back memories lol

  • China couldn't see the sky, because they don't practice responsible industry. They also eating weird crap like bats and pangolins. That's where the Corona came from. Freaking ridiculous

  • We miss Eric and Mary

  • The swans were always there they are just feeding more in town because they can see the fish better

  • Get well soon, Jay! We miss you already

  • Hey i have a bearded dragon that thinks im food how can i train him hes about 10 years old

  • Ivy's water?

  • Not trying to be mean or anything, but you say you want to distract us from the virus and all the craziness going on. However, you are constantly talking about it. We get it, it's all over social media and the news, I personally come here to see cool reptiles and to hear your knowledge about them. Can you please just get back to that?

  • Would love to see you training your lace monitor!

  • GET DINGO DINKLEMAN ON THE PODCAST WHEN ALL THIS CARONA BS GOES DOWN!!!! i really hope you see this comment☹️🥺

  • GET DINGO DINKLEMAN ON THE PODCAST WHEN ALL THIS CARONA BS GOES DOWN!!!! i really hope you see this comment☹️🥺

  • GET DINGO DINKLEMAN ON THE PODCAST WHEN ALL THIS CARONA BS GOES DOWN!!!! i really hope you see this comment☹️🥺

  • oh yeah.. i forgot to tell you Bryan.. I LOVE YOU MAN

  • I’m having trouble with my reticulated python. She has a really strong feeding response and is very defensive while she is in her enclosure

  • Hope you’ve all checked out Eric and Mary’s new YouTube channel since they have left BHb

  • Longer videos :)!

  • You dont need to do any thing because your content is amazing

  • Love seeing your blogs every day cheers me up xxx

  • Komodooooooooooooooooooooo dragon

  • I love seeing Bella x

  • They said the first symptoms are always the easy ones there’s a second set of symptoms that are a little bit worse and then the third one you lose the ability to breathe I guess and you have to go to the hospital so it’s in the beginning it feels like you’re getting better but you’re actually gonna get worse so I don’t know if that’s what it is but I hope everybody stays healthy loved of vloggs

  • Who took over Mary’s role

  • Question maybe you can ask your fans or the audience is what animals did you pay for and what animals were donated to you

  • Hey Brian. I was wondering if you could possibly go through all the world's first ball python morphs you ever created? Also what some of your favorite morphs are?

  • Brian would you think about lowering the virtual tour price I’d love to do a tour with my sister but I don’t have 100 dollars to put into it

  • Hi Jay,
    We watch every night from Tarland in the north of Scotland. We’re in lockdown too but we look forward to seeing you every night at bedtime.

  • U r so well loved by Our Heavenly father for taking care of his creation

  • How can I get my mom over her fear of snakes

  • You keep doing what you are doing that is good enough

  • hi Jay number 2 I love your hair: )

  • Brian – you are the best!! How is your Mom doing??

  • R u from Poland

  • Brian, Lori, and staff:
    I have tested positive for coronavirus and have been stuck at home. I just wanted to say thank you for your vlogs. They help me to forget about how bad I am feeling if only for a few minutes. Thank you again. Amanda Ellison

  • You could always go around to animals and maybe teach us about them. Where they are originally from. What they eat. How big they can get ect…..

  • Jessica and Lori i'm glad you are filling better and Jay get well soon and to everyone stay smart and safe and have a good day. 🙂

  • This song is really pretty. It sums up what you were saying. Even though there’s a lot of worry and panic and even boredom in the world right now for those of us stuck at home. There is beauty happening every day. We just have to look for

  • holy crap eric is black

  • Get RJ a girlfriend

  • Hi Brian my family and I watch you every day for two reasons one we all love the Reptarium and two we are all Tattoo lovers and we keep try to make out the tattoos you have on your arms just s makes it twice the fun to watch stay safe and thank for been so positive at this time keep up the brilliant work you and your team are doing stay safe. 🇮🇪🇺🇸

  • Appreciate you and the crew keeping everyone happy and focusing on the positives

  • Hello Brian i just got a Blue Tongue Skink and everytime i handle her she hisses at me any advice on how to stop that response. Thank you

  • I can't wait to come visit the Reptarium, #CanIbAmericanJesus!!!!

  • hey brian i think it would be really nice to have maybe some big hides in the tanks with the bigger snakes so when you have alot of people they can go there to have a dark space to relax

  • Educate us more on the fish

  • Thank you Brian for still taking care of not only your animals but also your viewers.
    I have a little sickness too. Heasache, throatache etc. It is not in my lungs. Either way I am staying home. I am not even seeing my boyfriend. I have asthma and he had contact with a familyfriend who was tested positiv. So we don't want to make the other sick if one of us has it. In Switzerland they are not testing anymore exceppt you are very, very, very sick. So we have no choice than beeing very cautious.
    So I am home alone since 4 days, my anxiety/panic disorder is kicking in like 5 times a day.
    So… I am very happy when my favourite youtubers are creating content and I can try to keep my head off of this sirious situation that is going on on the world.
    So thank you ❤️
    Please all of you take care!

  • hello new comers

  • Hi guys nice to meet you!!

  • Im thankfull for you braian. Thank you.

  • My carpet python is having trouble with it’s shed I tried to mist him wasn’t enough what else can I do ?

  • Hey Brian,
    How's RJ doing?
    I would like to see some more videos with him. Maybe with some feeding too.
    Stay safe and healthy.

  • Just wanted to say Hi to you all an hope you all have a blessed day

  • Brian. I appreciate you keeping our minds off of the world right now. I have MS so I am walking anxiety right now.

  • Is this show about reptiles or a medical PSA?

  • I'm happy if I get a vlog a day

  • Brian for me, you can walk every per your new cages. I would love see ore animals in it. I am addicted to your videos. Take care be safe.

  • Another great vlog! Take care, Brian. Hope Jay gets better soon too.

  • I wanted to comment on your private Skype tours…I think it is a brilliant idea! You are an amazing person who has achieved so much in your life. I bet there are thousands of people who would, and could, do a tour. $150 is not much when you consider the cost of all the work the new reptarium only to have to shut down to the public shortly after opening! It always bothers me to see you feel so badly when you get bad feedback! I bet years ago when you were only dreaming of the reptarium you probably got 99% of people telling you it would never happen! I have no doubt the vast majority of your followers think an hour with you for $150 is one hell of a bargain!
    Now I have wanted to ask you a question for a long time but figured it might be a dumb question. Do the front windows get cold for the tortoises? Also do you worry about some fool breaking the glass and stealing one of them.
    Keep up the good work….I just love you and Lori and Noah! Thank you for all the hours of entertainment I get!

  • Thank god for you guys Brian. My whole family is on each other’s nerves so it’s vital for us to have you positive peeps to help us♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Patience IS key! 👏👏👏

  • Pay Eric more

  • Hi, im pretty new on your channel, i dont have any experience whit reptiles, it think them facinating tho, and you are doing such a great job, Video idea, take 3-4 animals and tell facts about them 😉 i would enjoy that 😀
    Maybe tell about your sorting system (breeding) and so on 😉

  • Bryan put a camera in ivys cage please.

  • Honestly I’m thankful for being able to witness your videos Brian in all the great things you’re doing with theses beautiful animals an being able to allow me an my family come in to the world of you and your family’s…much appreciated and keep up the good work Brian, much love from Ventura County CA….

  • You need new content

  • Def do the tours tht sounds good cuz my wife wont budge to visit Michigan for a vacation

  • Boa’s

  • brian ,what happened with the boelens ? pls pls let me know xx

  • Thank you so much Brian, my wife really depressed during this quarantine because her immune is not perfect and a lot of health problems for the last 3 years. she starts watching your video every day from last year. it's her way to lift up her mood every day. God Bless you and Thank you so much. I really appreciate what you've been doing. Stay safe. God Bless you and your family also all your workers always.

  • Me and my 3 year old boy love watching your vlogs, we’ve learnt so much! (He calls you “the snake man”) We watch every day and it’s helping with the boredom of lockdown! Loving the new look of the reptarium 😊 🐍 🐢 🦎 🕷

  • Send me a ball Python that will really help ahah

  • I got my female Woma last June and she was very aggressive now she is turning into a lovely snake who is always willing to dispose of any unwanted food

  • I want to say hello to your new employees jay and amelia. And to show my gratitude for just life. Its a scary new world and we should all just b glad we're alive. Thankyou Brian.

  • If brian gets quarentined there when this is over his feet will be amazing

  • Hey Brian I just got a Mojave male ball python what morph do you think the first female I breed him with should be ?

  • Just a heads up Bryan, the symptoms do not have to show up in the lungs for it to be covid. While it is certainly the main one to look for; fever, headaches, sore throat, "red eye" are all other symptoms to look out for. Continue to air on the side of caution. We have a healthy 44yr old father in Kamloops who went to the hospital for all these symptoms and worse. He had a precautionary ex-ray of his lungs done and they showed up fine. He also had a precautionary test done which showed up + for covid. His symptoms only got worse all around over the week that he couldn’t even do a news interview, and his wife stepped in to do it. Stay safe

  • hello Brian I am inspired by you I only have one reptile but everyday I watch your videos and you are the best reptile YouTuber I have ever seen I hope you have a great day

  • My pet snake think my hole arm is food how do train him…. and other question is how do I know it a boy or girl

  • ..thanks Brian!

  • What if you took an animal each day, held him/her and told us something fascinating about that particular animal? I understand you all ready do that but how about 1 critter per day? Of course I will never get enough!! 🙂

  • 🖐 jay

  • Never got a reply from ya barczyk! Maybe today? And ima need to get my hands on some of them animal's, and reeeally wanna see all the monitors. Vlog for the win.

  • Hey what happened to the turtles?

  • I am honestly thankful for working in health care. I am as nurse in a pediatric clinic. And I get to go to work every day , even in this history making coronavirus. That I am truly grateful for!! To help others!

  • Hi Jay

  • Love your positive attitude especially at a time when so many people are being mean or greedy, I'm thankful for my family 1st of all because they're a part of me & I'm thankful i found your channel, you always make me smile, you're so full of knowledge and your kind nature shines through, i don't even have reptiles ( i have 2 dogs though) and i love learning about them all, stay safe everyone & welcome to Olivia & Jay xxx

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