Premier League Classic: Liverpool 5-0 Aston Villa | Gerrard hat-trick

March has been a magical and momentous
month for Liverpool Football Club, but now they have hope and can
close the gap to a point if they can beat an Aston Villa side that,
after a wonderful season themselves, have found it hardgoing in recent weeks. Liverpool are going to have a corner
inside the first minute. Aurelio will deliver. And the ball is headed in
towards Brad Friedel. Martin Skrtel still looking
for that first Liverpool goal. The ball is whipped in,
and it’s come back off the bar, and it’s in! Dirk Kuyt for Liverpool. It is the perfect start for the Reds,
and Dirk Kuyt has his first goal in six games. A tenth goal of the season for the Dutchman. Think the ball actually came off Alonso in
the penalty area, but you don’t save them. Here’s Riera, trying to get away
from Reo-Coker, and it’s towards Gerrard! Well, he tried his best,
it was a very, very difficult chance. Petrov. Ashley Young. Good save by the goalkeeper, it was an
instinctive effort from John Carew. Carew, who’s got a goal every other game
since he joined from Lyon. Great record, really. That might go in as well! Off Ashley Young. And Reina has made another
really important save for Liverpool. Really has played well this season.
That’s Barry, and Liverpool came out. Well, Riera is in here… Oh, what a goal! Albert Riera
with something absolutely brilliant. Pepe Reina takes the assist, he celebrates,
Riera is the man who scores the goal. And what an absolute belter. And it gives Liverpool breathing space. That’s awful. He knows what he was
trying there but we certainly don’t, because there wasn’t a Villa player
within five yards. Liverpool could profit with Riera,
and that is a challenge… which will give Liverpool a penalty.
It was rash from Reo-Coker. Well, cool as a cucumber against Madrid
and Manchester United. There’s not even any question, is there, when
he stands in front of goal these days? That’s 12 from 13 penalties now, and he
scored the rebound from the one he missed! The wall is absolutely packed. Can Steven Gerrard find a way through it? He can! And he can score.
Two again for the skipper. And once again, as cool as you like,
typical Steven Gerrard. He strokes it where others
really go for the blast. A long 36-and-a-half minutes or so
for Aston Villa. Towards Heskey – who will get there,
and really should have done better. Torres is in here,
this could be five for Liverpool. Still going – that’s a penalty. And Brad Friedel’s afternoon
may be cut short here. It’s a bad day for Friedel, and he’s unlucky. Brad Guzan is coming on for a Premier
League debut here, he’s another American. And his first task may be
picking the ball out of the net, Steven Gerrard now hunting
a Premier League hat-trick. He never misses, does he? No. Hat-trick for Steven Gerrard, two
penalties, and Liverpool have five for the day. There was no lack of intensity
or professionalism with that spot kick. Riera is on the charge, and Lucas is there. He’s never scored a Premier League goal. That’s a lovely header by Riera, Gerrard. Liverpool looking to punish Villa
even more here. They look as though they could as well,
the ball through wasn’t brilliant, Mascherano’s shot
and a good save by Guzan.


  • The way I miss this team

  • Minamino

  • Pretty craisy, i remember this game and i remember where i watched it too.. YNWA Steve G i love you for ever

  • Nice highlight reel for riera that game, shame it never really happened for him

  • Remember watching this in The Kop, what an assist from Reina and what a player Gerrard was.

  • What were the players wearing black arm bands for.

  • Did anyone noticed that heskey play for a.villa..

  • Imagine if we didn't have to sell our best players from this team. Could have built on that incredible midfield.

  • More highlights of this squad plz

  • Remember watching it live 10 years ago

  • Reina assisting Liverpool goals way before Alisson did

  • Um dos melhores times dos Reds que eu vi jogar! Lamento muito por vcs terem perdido a premier. I Love Liverpool!!!

  • YNWA ❤️

  • 🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴

  • Gerrard loved scoring goals against Villa lol..Just like Fowler did

  • 'pes 2009 coming soon" what a sign😂😂

  • We want more classic match !

  • Can we appreciate how underrated Riera was?

  • Kuyt💛💙

  • Still my favorite Liverpool team. Riera was a fantastic player

  • I forget abt this fancy squad, did they win a trophy with Rafa? 🤔

  • Oh my Torres!!!!!!!!!!

  • Reina was mental at those kicks in behind the back line

  • Gooooood liverpool I love anfild roud😅😅😅😅☺

  • Gerrard, Alonso, Kuyt, Torres, Riera, Mascherano, Arbeloa, Aurelio, Skrtel, Carragher, Reina… what a squad feel so gutted that this squad never won the premier league, not even once 🙁

  • Gerrard is best

  • Состав бомба!!!)

  • Hi

  • Liverpool teàm
    Salah ouuùt et
    Bievenu wirner
    Ou Jordan chancho

  • My fav lineup, too bad they didn't won the premier league

  • So they took the revenge with a bunch of teenagers

  • When Martin Atkinson was a referee and not a clown

  • Chic form, cool sponsor, young Torres, Gerrard at the peak, Liverpool on the rise and my life at the height

  • Gerrard 10 / Torres 9 was something else🔥🔥🥶🥶

  • Who would've thought 11 years later, Milner would be still playing Premier League footbal for Liverpool and Reina would be playing for Aston Villa

  • Very nice and cool in the summer of love

  • The best Liverpool kit!

  • Rtttyu

  • Steve gerrard gerrard!!!!

  • We would be winning the premier league if it was not of the pandemic

  • Amazing week this was. Beat villa 5-0, beat Real Madrid 4-0 and beat United 4-1. Incredible that we won 0 trophies that season

  • Riera was a bit underrated imo

  • Until last year, this was easily the best Liverpool side of the PL era

  • I know that match made no sense but Villa got revenge against us with the same scoreline

  • Who else remembers Aston Villa 5-0 Liverpool 😁

  • Well … there really isn't anything else to post.

  • Did Kuyt ever score a goal that wasn't a rebound or spill from the keeper lmao

  • Funny how no one calls it the ENGLISH Premier League these days … cause less than 38% of the teams are actually ENGLISH. smh

  • Atlético de Madrid win hahahahhaha

  • Poor Milly

  • Nonton gim heubeul ajalah

  • I remember this side well, but not Riera. He wasn't that bad, why he failed to stick?

  • 3:28 what a ball. Was that Milner?

  • How many assist reina for liverpool?

  • Most unreal week or so at the time, remember it so vividly

  • "he strokes it where others go for the blast" 😏

  • Prime gerrard😭😭😭

  • Steven Gerrard a player who makes me to be a Liverpool fan

  • 2019 squad better than this squad tho

  • Liverpool FC the most vvinning club in history.

  • Liverpool full team the best player.

  • I miss Gerard

  • Penalty hat-trick⚽

  • Martin Skrtel is starting next to Jaimie Carragher

  • I was given Jaimie Carragher and Steven Gerrards shirt by Fabrice Muamba who is a good friend of my family

  • Lirverpool venceu o flamengo

  • This is random but I kinda miss karius

  • Miss this team😭😭 should’ve won a title

  • Can we talk see our players live.. kind of missing those.. weekend is boring without games.. ywna 🦃

  • This was by far our best team after our current in recent years & far better than 13/14 where everyone thinks our closest league chance was.

  • The real MOTM was Heskinho tho

  • ヴィラもメンバー豪華でワロタww

  • You actually forget how good Reira was at times!

  • Man I remember when I used to question why stevie was playing on the right. Looking back now his delivery in the box was probably the reason why.

  • 6-1 to stoke 😏

  • We miss sound of Anfield 🥺🥺


  • how I wish Lucas Leiva scored that goal at 78 min.

  • Gerrard will go down as the greatest liverpool player. Faithful, an insane player, and a good person. I dont know how someone could hate him.

  • One is Steven Gerrard <3

  • Is it just me who wants to see that full badge again; with the "You'll Never Walk Alone" and "Est. 1892" sign,
    be back on our Nike kits next season? I thought it'll be nice to see it with the FIFA Club World Cup badge on them.

  • I saw milner playing against us here. Who would of thought then that he would become such an important player for us and part of Liverpool history.

  • The roles reversed in the carabao cup, exact same score

  • Steven G one of the greatest players ever 😀😀😀

  • That assist from the keeper was like Trent's and Origi's recent goal.

  • God I wish we still had Stevie in our team. What an amazing player he was!!! ❤️👍

  • Gerrard will go down as the greatest liverpool player. Faithful, an insane player, and a good person. I dont know how someone could hate him.

  • Loved this. Keep lifting our spirits in a trying time as this.

  • Stevie Gerrard what a guy respect ❤👊🏼

  • YNWA ⚽❤️

  • Brilliant match! What an amazing goals!

  • We should of signed reina back instead of Adrian..

  • Stevie Gerrard what a guy respect ❤👊🏼

  • That kit. That team. Those players. Iconic. As simple as that.

  • "As cool as you like. Typical Steven Gerrard."

  • Stevie Gerrard what a guy respect ❤👊🏼

  • rieraaaa❤️so many spaniard here. reina, arbeloa, mascherano, xabi, riera, torres. and ofc rafa beni.

  • Riera the last great left foot until Salah came

  • That smirk from Torres when Friedel gets sent off. Legend 😂

  • That Reina assist though..😍 A very dear childhood memmory right there..😘

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