Ninja, Cowboy, Bear? Free Hat!

And uh, one hat, two guys that want it. we were gonna make him a fistfight, but we dont wanna do that because its not nice. We’re gonna play a game of Ninja ………. (long pause) Cowboy Bear, Ninja cowboy bear. all right so best two out of three back to back Jump up in the air after the count of three and youre either a cowboy which shoots the bear or your a bear that eats the ninja or you’re a ninja, which takes the guns away from the cowboy All right count of three. best two outta three one two, where are you going? One two three Ok, he ate ya. Thats one One two three ahhh, he shot ya No no yeah ninja takes the guns, ninja takes the guns, I got the Hat, ha how does it feel to win? How does it feel to lose scott it feels great

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