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Hi brothers and sisters, I’m Alexandrina Dos Anjos Martin from Timor Leste. Usually people call me ‘wana Nina’ which means ‘big sister Nina’. I like being a big sister to my sibling. Or a big sister to my friends. Even though some of them were born before me. It’s really nice to see brothers and sisters, friends, and families, who are currently watching FFG TV. How are you? My hope right now is that everyone is in a healthy condition. Okay, do you want to listen to my sharing? I’m a mother who is busy with my children every day. Someone who didn’t know anything about leadership. I had no experience at all. What’s worse, I was not in a friendly relationship with books. When I held a book, I would surely become sleepy. But if I couldn’t sleep, I had to hold a book and read. I would fall asleep immediately. But how am I speaking on FFG TV today? It’s all because of God. I could be a part of FFG Community with all the wonderful Leaders of the world. And I struggled to get out of my comfort zone. It’s hard, but because I was inspired by my Leaders, I was committed to making the decision to learn about leadership. Even though I’m still struggling. But I believe that one day I can become a good Leader, with millions of followers behind me. I want to invite my brothers and sisters, let’s all learn about leadership. Nowadays, everyone is demanded to become a leader. Whether a leader for himself/herself or for others. Even though we don’t like leading others, that’s another different matter. Brothers and sisters, there are a lot of people out there who are already in the right place. But not realizing that we all have to recognize and move forward to grab the benefits of an opportunity. There are a lot of opportunities out there. We can’t just sit back and wait. Everyone needs to do the work. So to become a good leader for ourselves, we need to know that. According to Walter P. Chrysler, the founder of an automotive company, the reason so many people live average lives, is because when opportunity knocks, they are out in the backyard waiting for their own luck to come This quote is great. Let’s all pay attention to it, and ask ourselves whether I’m waiting in the backyard, or I’m taking the responsibility, searching and finding those opportunities. If we, I, or brothers and sisters want that to happen, we should start from ourselves. From myself, my family, and my children. I have to build a strong, and healthy family. And so do you. I educate my children with positive things. My family has to be positive. Being so, whatever the goal we need to achieve in life, certainly can be realized more effectively Everything has its principle. A principle is important, brothers and sisters. Because a principle functions as a map that can help us make wiser decisions if we accept the principle and make it as part of our mindset and actions. Brothers and sisters, all of these come back to our personality. My personality, your personality, and our personality. Fundamentally, me, or brothers and sisters, we’re people with integrity. Every one of us wants to become a person with integrity. Everyone and every individual needs to have integrity, brothers and sisters. If I want to use strategies and tactics to get people’s heart so that they’ll do whatever I want, work better, more enthusiastic, trust, and a lot of people want to follow me, one of the reasons is because of my integrity. And my integrity needs to be put forward, brothers and sisters. So integrity starts from small things. Before I take bigger steps, I start from my own family. It’s the same for you, brothers and sisters. And then I apply it to my network and my environment. Integrity is like one of the foundations of a house in the middle of a storm. If the foundation is strong, the house will withstand the flood, wind, earthquake, and everything else. But when there’s a crack in the foundation, the storm will deepen the crack. until as time goes by, the foundation will gradually change. And sooner or later, the house will collapse by itself. Therefore, let’s take the responsibility. As leaders, we are the determining factor of ourselves One of the indicators is becoming a leader who is capable to influence others. Good leadership isn’t about just developing ourselves but we have to develop the team. Lead others well and help the team to become effective leaders, then our career will definitely be a success. If we have big dreams, we have to work together with our team. To have a solid teamwork, we need to build openness and enforce discipline. Discipline is very important, brothers and sisters. Build trust between the team. And create potential leaders who have the ability to attract other people and attract other leaders. That’s incredible. If those leaders manage to attract other leaders, that’s fantastic, brothers and sisters. So a good Leader has to behave positively, has the ability to work and look at other people’s situation positively, be devoted, capable of working together with the team, and has to follow the leader. Having the potential to grow and a strong willingness to develop himself/herself and the ability to grow according to the changes over time Persistence, loyalty, flexibility, the ability to think big, discipline, and thankful for everything we receive. Especially nowadays, being a leader for millennials. Millennials are people born in the nineties. So we have to know their characters. Because they’re bored of routine works. They’re more concerned about opportunities compared to the offered salary. And they prefer to be directed to a flexible job. And they often seek opportunities rather than loyalty. They prioritize respect. And they want to be appreciated, brothers and sisters. There’s a true story. My friend has several employees from the millennial generation. He’s very stressful dealing with his employees every day. Because they refused to follow the rules. They logged in for their presence of the day and they didn’t do it the next day. Their work was still not finished but they already left. Every day the boss complained. If they needed a permission, they didn’t ask for permission from their boss. They asked their friend’s. And what’s more fatal, the friend gave the permission without the boss’ knowledge. The reason was that the boss dictated them too much, etc. One day, the boss gave up. He looked for a new manager for that department. The new manager came from the millennial generation too. At the end of the story, the result of the end of the year evaluation for the whole department was really great. Why is that? This is a question for all of us. Before the manager made the rules, he explained it to the employees, and they didn’t really have bureaucracy. The manager was friendly to them and didn’t keep a distance. They finished their work faster, neater, and the result was very good. Because the manager appreciated them in a more personal way. Because they felt like they’re important, they needed a personal touch, brothers and sisters. It’s amazing how smart the manager is. He quickly learned the needs of the employees, and he listened to them a lot more rather than talking. And they developed themselves faster by using social media and the tools that were available. Because it’s not the position that’s special, brothers and sisters. Or power. But the leader needs to help, educate, develop, guide the subordinates. Equip them with the available tools, like reading the recommended positive books, listening to CDs, attending relevant training, meetings, and activities that are positive. Communicate effectively and focus on the solution instead of the problem. Let them know how they can invest in themselves, brothers and sisters. And they have to develop themselves using social media and the tools available. Brothers and sisters, and my family wherever you are, I want to share with you that I can stand to share here because of FFG Community. In this community, I learn, I’m being guided, and trained by my incredible Leaders. so I can appear on FFG TV. Try to imagine, a blunt knife being sharpened until it’s sharp, When we sharpen human, that’s when it’s painful. I went through that process too. That’s the reason I can stand here. Because I’m a flexible person, whatever the process, I accept, I work on it diligently, and I do it. I fully trust my Leaders unconditionally Brothers and sisters, I’ll quote a little something about leadership. I’m quoting this from John C. Maxwell’s book Five Levels of Leadership. Everyone sees leadership according to the way they think. There are people who think that bigger leadership is about the position. Other people follow because of obligation. This leadership is done based on what they receive from their position. Having the position isn’t wrong, but taking the advantage of the position is what’s wrong. That’s not my words, but I quoted it from this book. Because position can’t replace influence. They can only become the boss, but they can never be a leader. And they have subordinates, but they don’t have teammates. So at the leadership level, the position is the lowest rank. Sorry, but it’s from the book. People follow when they want to. They’re treated like they’re valuable, creating a more positive environment. Whether at home, at the workplace, or being a volunteer, their goal is to know their members, how to work with their team and members, finding their leader. People build solid relationship that lasts a long time. They can have others without leading them. And they can’t lead others well if they don’t like them. That’s the Permission Level, or level 2, brothers and sisters. There’s also the Production Level. In this level, the leader obtains influence and trust. And people start to follow them because of what they have done for the organization. Leaders can be the ones who pushes for change to happen. They can handle difficult problems, and they can face painful problems. They can make difficult decisions that will create change, and they can bring their people to the next level of effectiveness. Leaders become big not because of their power. But because of their ability to empower others. They also use their position, relationship, and productivity to invest in their followers and develop them until they become leaders. So leaders at this level produce themselves. And relationships among them usually last a lifetime. Incredible, right? The point is, leaders become big not because of their power. But because of their ability to empower others. That’s what’s incredible. Next, I’m going to shift to the highest level, the Pinnacle Level. At this level, it needs a higher level of ability. Usually, they have the natural talent of leadership to get to this highest level. What do they do? Can you imagine? They develop people to become level 4 leaders. People who have respect, pleasant, and productive can have great influence over others and gain followers easily. They develop their followers to be able to lead in difficult situations. Most leaders don’t do this. Because it requires more effort. More than just leading their followers. They create an opportunity that isn’t created by leaders at other levels. And their leadership gains positive reputations. So the leaders of this level often lead cross position, organization, or cross-industry. Brothers and sisters, incredible, right? If we appreciate leadership at this level, the leaders don’t leave one level and move to another level. Move to the next level. They add to their level. What’s higher than their current level is the growing process. Leadership is dynamic. It needs to be adjusted when you develop relationships with different people. So people will respond to you based on your leadership level within themselves. Brothers and sisters, to reach one level isn’t the same as achieving a title or breaking a sport record. When you start to step into your leadership level, you’ll find that leading people is far easier. And every higher level makes you become more effecting when leading others. Because reaching a higher level means an increase in your influence. When that happens, more people are ready to follow you, so your influence becomes bigger. It means the effectiveness is increased. One thing that I need to know, brothers and sisters, and all of us need to know is that we need to know that to reach the top isn’t easy, and there’s a price to pay. Brothers and sisters, and my families wherever you are. This time I want to invite you to come and join this wonderful community. You’ll go through the process, polished, and refined until you can get the pearls. Let’s review the leadership levels. Every single one will go through the process. This process is the beauty of it, not the result. Okay, thank you! See you at the next webinar! Bye-bye!


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