NEW Mini Thin Product Demo – Our thinnest LED strobe light yet!

How you doing everybody? Thanks for
watching. This is George at Wicked Warnings with a new product. What we’re looking at
right now is our new Mini Thin LED light and I’ve set a couple of them up here on
the back wall on our power test bench for a little display to show you what
you can do with it. On the left, you can see we have the amber version synced together in a split pattern where it’s firing three LEDs on each side. In the center, you can
see the same style pattern, different pattern but same style in a white and
amber set and those are also synced together. And on the far right, you can
see how you can alternately fire the entire light head, if you prefer, as well. This light head comes with 22 patterns, wires very easily with a 4-wire
configuration. We have red, black, blue, and white. I’ll zoom in a little bit. See if I
can pick that up as far as the wiring. The white, touch to ground, will dim the
light. The blue is your flash pattern and your sync. Negative for flash pattern and
connected together for sync and the black is ground and red would be your
activation voltage. The current draw per light is about 7/10 of an amp and this
light will run on 12 or 24-volt systems. So if you have a 24-volt system, there’s no need for any extra conversions. The light will run on 24
volts just fine. There’s a full 12 month warranty on this light and I’ll go into
a little closer detail here about what’s in the box. So this is the white box
that’s gonna come with. It’s gonna be labeled on the end, your color code and
your name. You’re gonna have two mounting screws. You’re gonna have the light
itself, which is shipped inside of a plastic bag. You’re also going to have
the provided 3M double stick adhesive foam. If you choose to use this method,
make sure you get yourself some 3M Primer 94 and make sure the surface is very clean. The Primer 94 is a very good primer for
3M tape and it is very useful. That goes right on the back of the light and then
you can stick it to a vehicle without using the included screws. Now if you
take a look at the light here itself, you can see this is a very thin, low-profile
light. It’s got a nice polycarbonate lens, so it’s impact resistant. Very thin, all
aluminum base, 100 percent epoxy sealed and waterproof, and a simple four-wire
configuration. These are also serial stamped on the edge, so we know if we can track any failures. You can see the lens detail there, has 6 3-watt LEDs in there. They’re set up with a multi optic lens, so you’ll get very strong output from this
light in this direction or this direction. Works equally as well in
either. Let me throw a tape measure on it for you. The measurements are also
included on the website in the instructions. Here we are at about 3 and 1/2 inches in the length, about 1 inch in the height, and barely 5/16 in the depth. Just for a
little size comparison to some of our other lights, this light here is our
popular LIN-6 and as you can see, it is very very similar in size to the LIN-6. However, it is much shallower. Similar lens configuration though and a
similar count in LED. Here is our Thin-X TIR. Now this is also a six LED light
but you can see how much larger that light is, the lens and the actual light
body quite a bit, just slightly taller. So this is probably our thinnest light to
date and again, it’s called a Mini Thin LED light. Wiring very simple, as I said. Red to power to turn the light on. Black to ground and your white is your dim
feature to ground. Most people are just gonna not use that and your blue will be
touched to ground to cycle through the 22 available patterns. Once you have set,
for instance, when you’re setting your patterns, you want to do this before it’s
on the vehicle and the way it’s done is you set one light on the pattern you
like. Keep count. Check the instruction sheet which is available online for the
pattern list. Once you set one light, you set the secondary light and then you
sync them together. Now for instance in this application, when we first synced them together, since they were both set on the first version of this flash pattern
because the flash patterns are indeed broken down by phase one and phase two. So when these were both on phase one, they both flashed in unison. By advancing
one more pattern on the right light and then syncing them together again, they
alternately flash. So I hope that helps you with your pattern syncing. Always
sync your lights individually. I do not recommend taking the pattern up
to a switch and trying to play with it later because they are in phase 1, phase
2. So if you simply change this pattern and change them both, they will be all
out of whack. So once you set them, protect your pattern wires and leave
them be and any other questions, shoot us an email at info, [email protected] and
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and make sure to get a hold of us and let us
know what you’re using our new Mini Thin LED light on. Send us in your photos and
your videos. We appreciate our fan submissions. Thanks again for watching
Wicked Warnings. Have a good day.


  • That intro is SOOOOO much better than the one with the siren noise.

  • So I noticed there's a steady burn in the pattern list but is there a steady burn over ride so that if I want to build a bar with front flood option could I do it with these lights? I didn't hear anything about that in the video. Thank you.

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