New Era Neon Evangelion Gensis Hat Review from Hat Club

what is going on everybody this is Major League hats and today we have a very special unboxing we have another hat club pickup I've been waiting for this hat for a freaking a long time I am so excited that it finally came in I will have to admit though I opened up the box I had to cheat and then I just kind of like resealed it but I've only got no like that's how excited I was to get this hat and you're probably like you're an idiot yeah but at least I told you I did it felt like the first time I've ever done it that's how cool this hat is but before we get started we are gonna do something that we haven't done in a couple videos major-league hats most-wanted hat yes making its return alright so major-league hats most would hat is the scranton/wilkes-barre melon heads this hat the guys if you guys have not seen this hat check out this hat right up here it is freaking awesome it's basically the melon head I really like it I'm gonna see if I could get it they are selling out quick so if you want to pick up the scranton/wilkes-barre melon heads for a little bit of a discount you know what lids with your 20% you better hit up lids real quick otherwise you're gonna have to pay that premium price by going to the scranton/wilkes-barre team store which I'll probably have to do so I don't know but I really want this hat this freakin hat is awesome so without further what is it Montgomery majorly hat what's that big white box behind you oh what's a shoe jazz box man we better check it out because that is one massive box alright guys let's check out the box because we have to look inside the box let's go all right so as Montgomery was referred to we have a white box so we are gonna hold off on the hat club here hat for just a second we're gonna check it out now put that right there so what happened is as you guys are not aware there is a gentleman on Instagram his name is cat broker c.a.p BR oke r i bought a couple things from him in the past everything has gone good no complaints I actually at this point time I recommend him highly he has a lot of great hats that he's selling very reasonable prices and everything about a month ago he put on his Instagram that he was selling the front loaders you know the boxes that opened from the front that you use typically for shoes or displaying your sneaker collection but there are the women's sizes so they're perfect for your hats if you want to make like a hat wall or something so he was advertising a set of six of these for only about 35 bucks so I decided why not take advantage of that deal because actually I've done some research that's actually a very good deal so I decided to pick up a group of six of these boxes to see if they work for my hats first of all to see how they came make sure everything is good and on top of it I would like to start picking them up so I'm not gonna pick up too many right now I just wanted to start with these six because I really honestly don't have the room but eventually I would like to do something like a hat wall or something and honestly this would be perfect for just going like right back here so I can maybe change up my display so you guys can maybe see some hats in the background or something like that so without further ado let's take a look I will tell you though I did not open this I'm thinking maybe my release did because yeah it's completely open so I think minor leaks might have that was funny my release might have opened it just to kind of see what was inside I wasn't here winning a ride but I did not actually open this so either it came open somehow and they didn't treat a pit or like I said mine at least open alright so we're gonna just kind of pull this infernal bus alright right off the bat packaging looks pretty good not seeing anything right now that'll catch my that says something's broken look like put in one of these things to kind of cushion the movement a little bit which is nice these are used from my understanding so of course they're gonna have like a little scratches here in there they're a lot bigger than I thought they would be so basically here it is it's pretty big actually because these are women's shoes but you know in reality this could fit for like men's shoes as well and then right here there you go there you go so that's uh smells fine I don't know why I smell it but let's put in a Lexington legends hat hat fits in there really good there you go and if you guys want as you guys can see from the side you could probably put like four or five hats in there just to kind of stack them up a little bit I'm try wonder if there are maybe like ones that are half of this size because I let one like half of the size this is technically supposed to be a woman size but I mean overall I could use this easily because like if you think about it what my idea maybe could be is like I could put all the Lexington legends hats that I picked up you know the specialty hats or anything after that until like one bin because this will fit probably like three or four hats same thing with like if I get multiple giants has to put them in there that way when you have them like if you make a hat wall there you go you can see right away hey my Giants hats are right there my ace hats are right there my West Michigan white caps are right there so I mean that could work really good all right so let's just take a quick look at all the other ones looks like the doors are off on this one so we'll have to put those on try and see make sure nothing is broken okay those look good I just have to let me see here let's do a little display here see how hard it is to put these on because I don't really know all right guys it's not too hard to put on so there you go everything looks good and then of course if you guys I don't know why you but you guys should already be aware these things are very stackable so check that out very stackable so that is the enticing part is is that they're stackable the cool little wall are check out this one right here we are gonna fix this one put the lid on right now so if you guys can see me basically real simple it seems like it's easier to put in one side first then once you have the one side in then you can put the other side in perfect there you go stacks up very nicely this one looks good someone already has the door on it all right go through these kind of quickly this door is off so we're gonna put this door on and the last one all right guys I'm very happy with this cap broker came through once again no issues of course I like to see that and if you guys are in and getting any of these women's front loader shoes please hit up the cap broker on Instagram from what my experience so far and I know a couple other people haven't used Tim or purchase items from him everything always goes good as far as I know but at this point in time I will continue to recommend him I've had no issues with him I'm very happy with this transaction like I said I would probably like to pick up at least one more set of these just to have a set of twelve all right you guys let's get the box out of the way all right we got the box out of the way without further ado let's get on to the unboxing I just wanted to throw this into the unboxing just because the box would be like two minutes well let's get on to the unboxing cuz this is a good one alright so we got another hat club pickup I did tell you I did have to do a sneak peek and yes I did tape it back up but least I'm telling you there's some people that wouldn't even tell you my buddy Johnny G I was like the medium like should I see something like I'm like no I'm gonna say something this is how I am but this thing is freaking awesome I just could not wait to get it see here we got a nice new hat club exclusive pin there we go these are the new ones that hat Club came out with now here we go you guys here we go I hope you guys pick tures up because they sold out with in hours minutes whatever you want to call it you can't even find it on their website but we got BAM that ionic brand octo Slugger from Evangelina Genesis it is a show on Netflix it is going to be premiere On June 21st this hat was teased on Diana brand Instagram for several months and yes it finally popped out there's not enough good things I could say about this freaking high it is just freakin also check out the details in that octopus with a double bass right there is just beautiful you got a red bill right here of course you got some white eyelets I like those a lot you got your mustard yellow button right there you got a neon green right there new era flag which actually is pretty cool on the back you have your dial onic brand logo right there in black and orange really sweet black underneath black sweatband this thing is freakin sick and you get that this is why I had to check it out early all right let's try it on the most important part this thing is sick oh my god I am so happy to finally have this hat in the collection like I tell you guys hat club / tonic gran had another home run with their octo slugger now I will tell you I do not dig all the dye on ik brand line of hats like I'm glad I was able to get one of their back hats and they currently had a samurai hat that I would have liked to actually get but I will tell you I'm not digging all them but for some reason I don't know what it is maybe it's just the colorways maybe it's just the way they design and per se I really enjoyed the octo slugger hats a lot even though in a lot of ways they have some similarities you know in the positioning of the octopus I just really like it a lot and you guys know I am NOT a big fan of straight like mostly red hats like this but this thing when I saw originally like a few months ago I'm like this thing is a freaking gotta get 100 percent heat and I was right Johnny G was right this thing sold out within hours you can't even find it on their website anymore alright you guys let me know if you guys picked up the Evangelina Evie o to octo slugger hat which will like I say the show will be comin on Netflix in a couple weeks you know honestly I know nothing about the show so if anybody kind of wanted to tell me about the show I do have Netflix maybe I'll check it out just be cuz the hats so let me know what you guys think of the Hat let me know a little bit about shogi if you guys watch it is it worth watching it if I have never seen a single episode should I maybe check into it alright you guys don't forget I will be heading up to San Jose on Friday and I will be going to Fresno on Saturday to go to the car show to go to see the Fresno Grizzlies slash the Fresno lowriders play it is a sponsored type deal so I'm super excited that the Fresno Grizzlies invited me up gave me a couple tickets maybe they might hook me up with some new merch because my merch is out of date we'll see but I'm freaking super excited to be a guest of the Fresno Grizzlies and if you are at that car show come up and say hi to me and my release because it would be awesome to meet you guys alright you guys I hope you guys like this video give it a thumbs up if you like this video if you are new to the channel thank you for watching please subscribe to my channel because trust me because if you're into hats you're into sports you're gonna want to see my videos so make sure you subscribe and hit your notifications all right guys this major league hats out to everybody bye


  • Super Sweet!! I luv that anime!! I like how they have the newera flag green, really pops!!

  • One thing about they never let me down On the quality and pick ups

  • I got a hat club pick up coming 😡still havent recieved it yet that melonheads logo is from Backyard Baseball

  • First!

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