New Era Fitted Hat Pick up and Review!! Toronto Raptors!!

hometown feds coming through with a pickup video I'm super jacked about this one I would said the Pickering town center anybody in around the Toronto area knows where Pickering is this is the Pickering town center and I came across one of the greatest lids that I've seen since I was in Niagara Falls when they had when they had one in Niagara this one was the best small little unit that they had inside their little shop but man that they have a great lid selection for sure for MLB NBA NHL any type of hat you were looking for a man they had it in there was unbelievable selection whoever does the thinking for the Pickering town center good on you man cuz you've got some great hats I saw one hat that really caught my eye that I didn't really have a fit enough and I definitely had to scoop it up I should have got the other one that was another one it was a Vancouver Grizzlies had that I should have definitely scooped up I didn't I just scooped up this one but shout out to my boy pillow anyway check out this video man you gotta check this ha – if you guys come across one pick it up and it's dirty crazy here it is right here the Toronto Raptors hat I'm loving this look they went with the diamond airy look for this one with it with the Maple Leaf but they put the Raptor logo inside and like the Raptors in there I love that touch beautiful detail put into this hat all the way around so there is a purple version of this hat as well I went with the black one me and purple don't get along but anyway as you can see you got the block around the top of the berm right there all the way around the crown of the Hat all the way to the back then meets up with the hardwood classic logo you got the new era logo there and on this side you got that vintage Raptors logo which I really really really appreciate man I respect the hell out of this logo they should definitely use it more often you got the black air holes all the way around the top of the Hat topped off with that black beanie underneath you got Toronto embroidered right on top of this red under brim right there gorgeous look gorgeous touch normally I'm not a big fan of stuff like that but I like it on this hat it just it kind of complements it got the hardwood classic patch right there you got the new era tagging and of course my size it is made in China I couldn't find a made in America one or made in USA but this is a gorgeous hat just you got a respect and take the time to respect the the what they've done to this hat and the detail they put into it all the way around like I said there is a purple one the the maple leaf on the purple one is white and the Raptor is still the same on the inside gorgeous had as well but this is definitely the one hometown fit a fitted snap sniper fitting keeping clean keep them crisp they tried to sell me something to keep my hat crisp she's


  • That’s a nice fucking hat

  • Awesome Hat. Hope they still sell these hats somewhere.

  • Black/dark fitteds are the way to go if you're over 25.. no wild colours or snapbacks..

  • I was really happy to see it in black.. I had the purple one in my hands for a few mins before I noticed the Black.. Thanks Murf!

  • Thank you and Ill do my best!!

  • NICE!! Good On ya!!

  • LOL Thanks Breetha!! Ill do my best to keep them coming! It is a great looking hat!

  • Thank you for the comment!

  • Dope hat!

  • DANG!!!! That fitted is crazy HomeTownFitteds, I absolutely love it!!! Especially the Raptor logo inside the maple leaf. Keep your pickups coming bro, because they are always a guilty pleasure treat for the eyes lol.

  • nice! i got two of them in grizzlies!

  • great video.keep em coming!

  • Thanks for the comment! Its great to be back!! More to come!

  • Sick pickup, man! Missed these pickup videos. It's good to have you back.

  • Thats to bad bro! Thanks for the comment!

  • Thanks bro!!

  • That is a nice hat, but I can't wear wool hats.

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