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what up YouTube you know what it is we're back in that spot man let's pick up we don't get right into it I'm gonna see what y'all think about this quick comparison to this pickup and the last video I did with the NFL logo elements collection now this is not the same collection this is a different one they drive but in my opinion it gives them a felt local elements a run for his money so we're gonna get right into it y'all let me know what you think let's go all right like I said man we're gonna jump right into it because this one is gonna be a heavy little discussion as you know like I said my last video I did pick up on the NFL logo elements I got a lot of touching go on it with the comments down below as far as what people thought about what they did today teens I'm a Raider fan I was really disappointed how they did our logo pretty much is like the same thing they already put out every other time they put on a Raider hat and I got a lot of feedback from everybody else to me that whole collection just seemed a little rushed I mean some logos you know were you know top-notch you know but to me it seems like a lot more than others we're just pretty much just thrown out there now this picked up I got right here the reason why I say is give the local elements a run for his money this this one wasn't a really heavily pushed collection even if you can really call it a collection I mean this here was for the NBA to meet I don't know if they had the same team working on this one that they did on the other one but if they did they either drop the ball or they had two different teams working on it and they should have had the team that did this collection I'm working on that collection so we're gonna get right into it so y'all gonna see exactly what I'm talking about then I can get y'all opinions only to and I had these for a while especially you know how my schedule is getting on my videos I think this collection has actually already been out for a month honestly before I was able to put it out here they have a plastic first one we don't get into them now the name of this collection was the NBA Dark City collection I got two of the Pickers from here and actually I bought these soon as they drop so I was lucky to get a size 8 when they came out and the first team I got was I picked two of the better to bit they had a lot of good logos and I don't don't get me wrong they had a lot of good logos but these are just two of the ones I want to get my hands on first because first thing I look forward like you heard me say videos before and I look for the logo the color scheme and if of course I have things to match it like you know my shoes and things of that nature but first things first the personal immunity to rip City Portland Trail Blazers which is kind of like another name and a half of itself you've probably seen their Jersey like their alternate alternate jersey they have on the air they have the rip city see they got some lines through and they got the city this little to me is sick I like you goes with a lot of my kicks I have a lot of black and red kicks of course I have a lot of Jordan retros so this is definitely gonna go with you in my opinion this logo alone pretty much pretty summonin logo elements in the film's the shame the next one I'm Michelle you definitely does that but we don't talk about this one first has the gram to be of course you got your sticker you got your MBA a holographic logo of course you got your thing I mean your green yeah you go sticker your 5950 size eight but like I said the way they did that rip ceded to me I like it you know what I mean it's clean the the station job is perfect there's no you know sometimes you have a little loose things here and there that there you look at that perfect of course you got your red NBA logo on the back course you know – you got your no ever flag got you under here which is fifty nine fifty of course you got all your stickers and stamps and of course you see right here you got your name you're part of the Trailblazer which I that's nice how they put that in there you got your rip city right there of course you got all your know where you got your size say I like how to get that to let you know just in case like if it's a team nickname or something like that you know exactly where there's who your mind you know the people who actually may not know but to me this is a safe pick up to me now with that being said we can't get into this next one to me hands down I like this logo a lot better than a lot of the NFL logo element logos and you know something in my favorite teams when they did that was like the pain go ones the Carolina Panther one of the Arizona Cardinals one of the have it's not bad but this here this is crazy man the Milwaukee Bucks look how they make that deer look man it almost look like he has like a knight helmet on could you see they got to be inside the basketball with the horns but here in only like the side of the bucks head it's almost like he has a knight hat on the way it forms into the horns and everything but this one to me this is a sake logo and which made me even buy anymore I don't really have a lot of things to go with this I mean you can always you to match something up that's not a problem but this logo generally made me have to buy this you see you got your 5950 you got your eight but this logo is something else the way they did this the color scheme and the way they set it up absolutely I love this one it's definitely gonna get some heavy rotation with me and on the back you got the blue NBA logo and I like the way they did the new air flag on this one it's almost kind of like a like a khaki color is the same color pretty much as you see the deer is the same color they made the new era flag then of course you go under it I just see right here got both Milwaukee Bucks logos I think that's a 2-door what they did that they put both logos there watching NBA of course you got everything get your size a notch and under the great belt also with your hologram sticker but like I said as far as these two in my opinion some of the better logos and this wasn't a real big talked about collection I haven't seen a lot of people you know post pictures are a lot of pickups for this this one kind of flew under the radar my honest opinion if they would have pushed this collection a little bit better and me personally my opinion I'm not really a basketball guy I mean you know I play basketball I watch basketball but I'm more of a football guy now because I think the NBA is just kind of water down with the whole friends on the play together it's like not that much competition in anymore but in my opinion the NBA's collection pretty much put the inner fellas collection machine that's just my personal opinion you can definitely let me know what you think down below can I definitely want to get some insight on that between these two I'll tell you artisan now between these two I don't have my other local elements pickups on hand but these two logos definitely put those logos to change that's that's just my opinion go on list calm you can get a look at them just type in dark city a dark city collection it was just the NBA they didn't do any other teams like the logo items collection is just an affair so I don't know if they're taking their time you know just going with different kind of combos with different kind of leagues but to me I think if they were to put a lot of backing into this one I think you would have did a whole lot better that's just my opinion but uh that's it for the day man just want to let y'all see what this appearance was about like I said this collections been out for maybe about a month I'm just not ready to get it out but definitely give it a look man because I'm thinking about if I can find a couple more size days there's like two more that I actually want to pick up out of this collection personally because I like the logos in the colorway so uh stay tuned for that I'm always on the lookout for some you definitely know that I still got a whole lot more to come I'm trying to crank them out as fast as I can because I'm literally probably like most people are ordering faster they're not gonna make the video so we don't get this out of here man we're gonna wait for the next one Dark City combo Dark City collection we're going to call it definitely going to list and check it out man has definitely work a pick up – boy China stay fitted man into the next one and there's always a next one man I'm a CEO


  • Hell yeah go bucks

  • Decent clean bucks hat mann, it reminds me of a pharoh Egyptian minx, very different but it worx well, thanx brah

  • Dope Cops bro!

  • Hand to my maker, before I even clicked the play button on this video I was praying that one of these hats was one that depicted the Milwaukee Bucks (my favourite NBA team). So hell yeah, I dig that hat…ALOT!!! Though I wish they had used the traditional ‘Milwaukee green’ colour for the logo instead. Just sayin’. Have a good one, man. ✌🏼

  • i like the rip city one the best

  • Both hats are 😷😷😷😷😷😷💪💪💪💪💪👍👍👍👍👍

  • That Bucks logo has to be in the top 100 hats of the year, seriously, it's a sweet hat! I'm really digging the labels on the inside with the logos. It was really interesting how they matched the Trailblazers in all red, but with the Bucks, you had a different color button, a different color new era flag, and a different color NBA logo on the back side! Great video! I didn't even know about this collection! They should of pushed it harder.

  • Dope pickups for sure I'm digging the Giants hat to I almost got one when I was at Lids anyways keep the heat coming Cheers

  • Fire pickups my guy

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