my favorite lgbt vines

So when did you know you were gay? [Britney Spears’ “Oops I Did it Again”] So you like her, huh? Yes So you like him now. Yes I don’t get it, who do you like? Girls? Boys? YES. Hey, you wanna go out later and have sex with women? Dude everyone knows you’re gay it’s okay What? The only thing I’m gay for is pussy Hey guys. I was gay, but then I took two advil and now I can’t wait to find my princess! I’M GAY 2014: Man, I’m kinda gay. 2015: Yeah, I’m pretty gay. 2016: [Crying during Hayley Kiyoko’s “Girls Like Girls”] Hi, I’m Helena, I’m a trans woman and- “YOU’RE TRANS???” “YOU’RE TRANS?!” “Are you going on hormones?” “Are you gonna get surgery?” nnnnnnnnnNNNNNNN Yo what up Tom? You hetero bitch? Hey, man? What’s- what’s up, man? You touch any boobs lately, you straight fuckin- Making copies In the workplace, being gay just has its perks. You guys are such good friends! No… Bouquet for your best bud? No! Will you…. become my- Best friend forever? NO Hi. My name is Jennifer. Well, I used to be Jennifer. But now, my name is Johnifer and this is my story. Everybody has a gay cousin. Bitch I don’t have a gay cousin! Wait. Oh shit, I am the gay- Ohhhh my goooo- [Gagging] Eugh. [Rock Metal music playing in the background] “You shouldn’t get your haircut short again, honey,” “you’ll look like a lesbian.” [YMCA plays] “So like, do you have a penis?” Why do you want to see it? Woah, that’s kinda personal don’t you think? “Keep gay for two miles.” “In 200 feet, turn right queer.” Do you mean ” right here”? “You’ve reached your desti’gay’tion!” Really? Finish the lyrics! [To the tune of the Friends theme]
So no one told you life was… Gonna be this gay! Help! Never fear, for I- I got this! Oh! Oh that’s sweet! That’s beautiful. Trans people deserve basic human rights. “And nice clothes, too!” No! “And makeup tutorials!” Caitlyn, get out of my car! WAKE UP SLEEPY HEAD! Ah, what’s going on- The fuck, man? OOOOH HOO HOO H-


  • i have a request to make. thank you all for giving my video about lgbt people views. i'm gay and trans and it means a lot to me that people find our media funny. it has come to my attention that some people used footage from this compilation, which is fine, whatever, i don't own vine. but this video DOES include vines that my friends and i made and if you have plans on using our faces in your own vine compilations i just want you to ask permission first. that's all!

  • 1:23 me coming out

  • 1:11


  • "so no one told you life was gonna be this gay" LMAOOO THAT'S GOTTA BE MY FAVORITE

  • The end one killed me

  • 1:11
    "Everybody has a gay cousin"
    Holy shit that's true

  • “You’ve reached ur destigaytion”

    I fucking DIED

    An yeh lgbt booiiiiiiiiiii

  • The only thing I'm gay for is pussy

  • I like the last one 😏😏😏😏😏

  • The last one is the best

  • Move I’m gay.

  • How can i find the first video i need it so much 😀

  • That last one though

  • “Well I Used To Be Jennifer, But Now I'm johniffer.“
    So I remember my school had this event for people who got enough reading points, And I got to go. You would stay the night there. At like 3 am I was awake. There Were teachers there but they were Out cold, so it got to that part and i snorted. People woke up and stared at me.

  • When he said that he was the gay cousin I had the realization that I was too


  • You reached your destigaytion. I love it.

  • Most of my cousins, including myself, are gay


  • Did anyone else look up "gay vines" just out of curiosity?

  • The Tomodachi Life vine killed me 😹

  • The last one tho 😂

  • The last one tho❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  • Hi I’m bi and my lesbian friend thinks I’m straight!!!

  • The second one is actually my life 😂

  • 1:34 when I try explaining to my dad I'm emo

  • 2:07 is best one. 👌

  • You forgot "boy whos gay wait i said im the only gay one nooooo"

  • yay for a LGBT vine compilation that isn't just a bunch of 'hurdur gay lol' jokes by straight people!

  • The last is my fav

  • My best Freind is bisexual and I think I am too go lgbtq+ yay

  • When you've always been the gay cousin xD

  • Yo the last one got my dying 😂😂

  • wakes up frien
    Oher guy: yo- what da fuq man… i was just tryna waorm up wif my frien ;-: dis season cold af manz

  • 1:30 😂 mood

  • You included Thomas Sanders vines.
    I'm proud my child

  • Why the fuck is this in my recommended.

  • Branden rogers's gay character is the ultimate icon


  • For the first one:

  • 0:50 that’s literally a YouTube video

  • I like the one where he uses reverse psychology “you touch any boobs lately you straight fuck” because it just makes you realise how stupid and illogical homophobia is.

  • 0:26 will always be the best one.

  • I kinda feel gay with my best friend now.. 😳🏳️‍🌈


  • Y E S.

  • Lgbt vines: Epic
    Lgbt tiktoks: some of the ok but most of them cringy

    It's my opinion heehee





  • “You shouldn’t get your hair cut short again honey, you’ll look like a lesbian”


  • so no one told ya life was gonna be this gayyyyy

  • I love gay vines

  • Oh shit I'm the gay cousin

  • 2:08 LMAOOO i’m cracking 😂😂😂😂

  • "life was gonna be this gaaayy" that guy is so awesome 😂

    EDIT: 1:48

  • That LAST ONE ThoUGh 😂😂

  • Ok…I don't have a gay cousin and now I realize that I'm actually the gay cousin

  • 1:25 I hAVE TO TRY TO DO THAT. nOW


  • it doesn't matter how many times i watch it, the last one always gets me

  • This is how bored I am today, I'm a straight boi

  • Also I don't have a gay cousin

    But I have a bi aunt

  • That last one tho

  • 1:40 😂

  • Move. I’m gay.

  • 1:42

  • 1:11 this is so true for me

  • The last one tho–

  • 1:44 i have been trying to find his vines for ages can someone tell me who he is please 😂😂

  • Gay old people are a bless for humanity

  • I sometimes wonder what happened to the guys who got outed when the other guy found them in bed. I mean that's pretty rough. And the entire internet knows it too. I just hope they're fine with it

  • I know that Johnifer thing is that she is becoming he but Johnifer is not a fucking name

  • You reached the destiGAYtion😂😂

  • 1:42 my favorite

  • i miss vine

  • Am I the only straight person who enjoys these..

  • 2:08 literally my favorite one. His face makes me: 💀

  • Move, I’m gay.

  • Last one doesn't count!! Todd and Scott just sleep together and make out a lot but they're straight! (XD)

  • S

  • So no one told you life was gonna be this G A E

  • I wanna know how the last couple are doing know 🥺

  • 1:25 Me

  • the last one never fails to kill me-

  • The last one tho lmaoo that’s probably my favorite vine


    Me: 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • As someone who is currently questioning my sexuality, I think I could be the lesbian cousin in my family. I could be, but I haven't decided yet. You also forgot "hey I'm lesbian, I thought you were American", "bro I had a dream where we f***ed", and the most famous one, "2 bros chilling in a hot tub".

  • Ha

  • 0:58
    If that ain't Yuri on Ice, Idk what is.

  • Guy: Do you have a penis?

    Hellena: Why? Do you want to see it?

    Guy: Woah!!! that is kind of personal!!

    Hellena: Hellena.exe has stopped working

  • toddy smith and scotty sire at the end 🥺

  • Gender dysphoria…

  • High quality

  • Okay but the last Vine is still hilarious 😂

  • My BFF told me yesterday that she wrote me a letter but never gave it to me because she was scared it would Destroy our friendship. But it didn't. After I asked her to read it to me she did. And I cried of happiness. In this letter she wrote that she likes me more than just as a BFF and more really private things. Idk why but I am kinda happy that she likes me that way…

  • I farted at the end

  • So no one told you life was…

    gonna be this G A Y

  • “So no one told you life”

    “Gonna be this gay!”

    Love that one!


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