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what's up guys it's never die easy um so if you're watching this video you probably watch the last video but just in case you haven't this is going to be like my collected I guess a collection of Mitchell and that's a fax that I have with that being said I guess I'll just get right into it so first one Boston Celtics Holly Mitchell net sticker right there and be able to go on the side get your black Mitchell net so they can pick it up so there's that he's got a Toronto Raptors 2-tone which is the basic game level Mitchell net sticker right there gray under rim oh I forgot to mention gray under grim on the Boston Celtics but a red Mitchell Ness in the back you got your NBA logo on the side I'm really sick that all right next one up we got one of my favorites I believe I wore at last video I'm not too sure or what like it was my first video but it's a Chicago Bears XL we'll go to town oh you got you a Mitchell Nest sticker right there you got Mitchell mess in the back of the light greens on the under bridge and fell into the Mitchell miss tags but this is one of my favorite hats electric Otto bears on my team so I've got a little bit next one we got a this is my favorite hats as well Excel logo Vancouver Grizzlies they made two versions of this hat one of them had blacked air holes and this one has the matching team-colored air holes that it also has the matching and be a logo on the side with like the matching team color which I think it's sick you know I really appreciate those kind of little like touches and stuff Mitchell ness and T on the black with the matching still snaps you can see the stitching in the back say even nurse alright try to speed through this guys because I'm not trying to make this video too long last for the team two tones we got this hall of fame if you don't know how famous it's basically their streetwear brand but um they also do like kind of collapse and stuff so this is like their collab with Mitchell nest they did a couple of NBA teams upside down so this is a Dallas Mavericks two-tone Mitchell no sticker right there in the green brim green under brim I really like that but a green green green on Griffin you got your green mitchell nests on the back you got your matching green air holes and the green button on the top but i think this is a cat also you can see i don't know my camera can pick it up but it's like the in dallas mavericks a regular emblem like right side up on here but it's like blue on blue so you can't really see it too well but i get a lot of questions about this hat like that a misprint or like where'd you find that so yeah she's got a look um I'll be right back with the rest backs so we got more hats and show you my collection um we got start off I see this hat so much but I love it Charlotte Hornets arch to town with the like teal and the purple with the script going across and the arch logo Mitchell Ness sticker right there matching air hose the brim MBA logo on the side blue button or two button teal Mitchell earnest with the teal snaps I some of my hats like to put the cardboard there but in case people are like always just lagging the fact that it's fake now it isn't genuine it has a stitching right there but yeah next one New York Knicks arch logo with the metro sticker right there orange blue 2-tone NBA logo on the side orange Mitchell and s on the back with the orange snaps our board inside but uh yeah a roll nice hat very clean this is another one of my favorites I don't know guys like what it what is it about the community that everyone loves like Vancouver Grizzlies hats but I've yet to see anyone else with this particular one so Vancouver Grizzlies arch logo the black and the teal Mitchell net sticker right there the teal button and the teal air holes to the Mitchell missile impact of the teal snaps and gray under the hood Los Angeles Kings two-tone black with the kind of like gray dome we got the Mitchell Ness and black on the back with the black snaps um grey on the under brim but it's a different kind of gray than the actual time it still goes nice the only thing about these is that this kind of gets dirty and you know I don't really like that too much but whatever next hat up another one of my favorites of course it's Chicago Bears March logo with the Genest occur right there orange brim navy dome got your NFL logo on the side orange button with the orange airholes orange mitchell ness an orange taps i wish this had a green underbrim but uh has the gray thing i really don't like about the grade is that it takes up so much dirt and i'm just wearing it a lot you know what I mean like it'll it'll show up a lot more than a green for example this one so I don't know just little preferences there I'll be right back with the next batch I got five to show you in this next style um so I'll start with the script where this is this this isn't a solid script this is a regular script with the outlines Chicago Bulls a very clean hat red grim black upper black dome when everyone call it it has the Chicago Bull on the side with the Windy City I like that it has the white air holes most I believe all the scripts that are in this style have the white air holes and then it has the red button red Mitchell nests on the back red snaps green under really think this had a lot very clean hat um this one was a gift a Christmas gift that I got from my coworker his team is the Buccaneer so he gave me this really big this hat just this color is sick the the orange and the red if the Buccaneers and the vice script snapback you got the white Mitchell Ness on the back of the red snaps green under you not seen many people rocking this hat so thinking that for sure alright now we're going to go into the solid snaps like the solid color snaps pretty much like like with us only one was was all black and it has just like one little accent that's pretty much what the style is but Brooklyn Nets um I've been asked so and so many people like it would they trade me will they sell me this hat this is just the you know basic logo but Brooklyn Nets right there you got the Mitchell and their sticker right there on the brim all black everything pretty much except the Mitchell nestled on the back is white which i think is a nice touch and then the black snaps green under very very clean hat goes with everything so next to our one of my more recent mitchell nest pickups I'm getting more strain a little bit away from the two tones and stuff and the crazier designs some more the solid designs which I like I don't know but uh this next one is so fresh this uh Georgetown Hoyas with just the Hawaii right there as the emblem and then matching Navy everything kind of would have liked it if maybe the air holes were like gray or something but I don't know I dig the Hat as it is so I don't really see too many people at all like even wear like collegiate Mitchell Ness but it has the green under maybe snaps and then it has the the grey Mitchell Masoretic is a nice touch again so overall this hat I get a lot of questions about this one too because the only place I can ever have ever found it is in Georgetown so in the District of Columbia's Oh mmm Chicago Bulls this is my most recent that this is my most recent uh pickup but I just got this at SportsZone which is like a shoe hat kind of like street wear kind of store in the DC area but uh yeah they just got this in stock which I this one and they got a Utah Jazz one but my my buddy got that one before I could it's just all blacken and the Utah Jazz old logo which is sick but this one he was mad I got this one but I got you know the red Mitchell mess in the back all black snaps green under I've still got the price tag on it to thank I haven't even won this one yet but super fresh I really like that one all right next batch all right and now I'm going to be wrapping it up with my Hall of Fame and Mitchell nuts collab already showed you one Hall of Fame it was a the Dallas Mavericks won this one right here but I'm gonna be showing you like Hall of Fame and they took Mitchell Ness hats like original designs and they took they took their block like Fame logo which I'll show you in a second and they put it on their hats which i think is sick but uh I got five of them and I will show you the first two now first two are excuse me first two are shark tooth designs but this is a kind of kind of like an Oakland Raiders colorway so it has the black in the gray it has the fame written across like embroidered it's raised it's really nice um I'm going to show you the best thing about this hat but uh the back says Hall of Fame Mitchell a mess is on the side like it usually is with the shark tooth so don't be like oh that's not a real Mitchell in it now it is but all the shark tooth designs the Mitchell mess is going to be right there so uh the best part about this hat I think is the green under but it also says Hall of Fame right there on all these ones that I have to show you so these are safety like I don't know they fit really well they felt like a normal mature nest but um they're just really nice great quality so there's that alright so next hat up we have the same design the shark tooth of them it has the the fame written across in the white letters I really like this because it's like a Chicago Bear kind of color wakes I've seen the same hat with the Bears logo right there shark tooth and everything so I'm yeah Mitchell Ness does make this hat for the Bears but uh I kind of like this one because uh I don't again supporting a lesser-known brands but yeah they're definitely you know doing big things holiday so you also have the Hall of Fame again on the bottom on the under with the green under so I'll get into the last the very last three hats which are again Hall of Fame but uh I believe they were as a set so I'm gonna say they were the NFC East and I'll show you why and this one is the Dallas Cowboys um I believe just because it has the Navy the the silver the gray and then it has the the white as it in gray is a really nice hat on my little eye but uh not really a Dallas Cowboys fan I just it was so cheap on Karmaloop it was ridiculous it says second sucks right there on the side the mitchell ness is right there and navy and then it has a gray under with the hall of fame right there i'll be able to see these are the paint splash designs next one up so you guys said that was the dallas cowboys this next one is the philadelphia eagles um you got the same design with the green the black and the white with the white embroided fame across you have the mention of sticker green urge so I'm not going under gray under you got the green Mitchell Ness right there on the side it green snaps or I'm sorry black stops in the very last one of my collection guys is the New York Giants um rabble I can all I can also get away with saying it's the Clippers but uh yeah I believe these were set so I believe this is the New York Giants linnaeus Lux is like being from the DC area I kind of wanted the Redskins but uh whatever they can only get three out of four whatever but uh here's the Giants same design then read second sucks on there you have a bluemix really mess with the blue snaps which I really like but gray under the white Hall of Fame right on there but yeah guys if you like any of these hats you won't believe what a deal I got on all five of these the Hall of Fame ones I think around fifty bucks for all five most of these Mitchel Ness is alone to go for 25 to 30 bucks after-tax so if you like you know any of those hats check out karma loop and plunder um I don't think plunder carries Mitchell on us but I know Karmaloop karma loop does definitely check that out if you're interested in getting anything that uh I now have a rep code it's never die so it's NVR I'll put it like somewhere on here NVR di e so if you like anything on karma loop but please use my red code I'm going to be much appreciated and comment down below like what you got when you used it so I can just double check but uh yeah if you could do that thank you so much for bearing with me in this whole video I know it was a long video but um yeah use that code but that code will get you either twenty percent or ten percent off your order depending on how many times you've you've car you've used karma loop before so definitely check that out and yeah guys I will catch you next time more pickups and stuff hopefully like shoes and stuff if you guys are interested I have quite a few pairs of bands it's usually the only shoe ever rock on some Nikes but yeah guys definitely check that out and be on the lookout and subscribe please subscribe I'll see you guys later peace


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