Melania Trump Will Be Devastated If Donald Is Re-Elected In 2020 — Divorce Is An Option – Daily News

Melania Trump dreads the possibility that Donald Trump is re-elected for a second term A source close to her told HL EXCLUSIVELY how she’s ‘weighing’ the option of divorce    Melania Trump is considering her future, both in terms of what she’ll do once her husband Donald Trump is no longer president, and whether she’ll stay with him long-term A source close to Melania told us EXCLUSIVELY that she’s getting ready for the time when she’s no longer first lady “Melania is quietly preparing for her life outside of the White House and possibly without Donald,” our source said “She is weighing all her options for a life out of the public eye and away from politics ”    When it comes down to it, her primary concern is finding a place that’s suitable for Barron Trump “Melania is thinking about where would be the safest place to live for her and Barron and how she will enjoy a more quiet life,” our source went on to say “Divorce is very much a real option, and Melania is holding her breath until his term is over so she can make all the best decisions about her and Barron’s future  The worst case scenario for Melania involves Donald getting voted into another term in office, a prospect that she can barely stand “However, if Donald gets re-elected, she will be devastated,” our source continued “Melania simply can not stand another four years under this pressure, and scrutiny ” We reported earlier how Melania was upset with Donald over how he handled John McCain’s death  “Donald’s pettiness and ability to hold a grudge are probably the characteristics Melania dislikes the most about him,” a source close to the first lady told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY  “Donald thinks it makes him appear strong when he never wavers and always holds firm in his opinion, but she believes the exact opposite and thinks the way he handled the John McCain situation is the perfect example ”


  • If she had any intergity she would not be with this man! Trump could not get along with Jesus Christ!

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