Kosmos Smart Helmets at CES 2020

Hi so I’m a with Kevin who’s the co-founder
of ksh wishes Kosmos smart helmets and they’ve developed a smart motorcycle
helmet to help them priests the safety of motorcyclists so Kevin thanks for
speaking with me we’d love to learn a bit more about the application of this
tech and the inspiration behind it yes we develop new element generation for to
reduce accidents because when you take a motorcycle it’s very dangerous and you
miss you you need visibility developed a brake spotlight when we brake lights
shine more and voice-controlled inside you can ask everything like gas station
like your way of a river and if you have an accident the voice control can call
emergency for you yes if you hurt you can you can talk and just talk to you
and say are you ok if you say ok no call if you if you
don’t ask the voice control can call your friends and emergences directly
incredible so you was telling me about the integrated technology and the
embedded tech within this helmet and you said there were accelerometers inside the
helmet and that was influenced the break lights so he’s tell me about how that
process works yes we have accelerometers there are three accelerators for
brakes light and for the crashing addiction
so for example if you go from a very high speed to a very slow speed in a
sudden short space of time that will alert the voice assistant you did so can
you tell us what you’re hoping to achieve here at CES. CES is the second and
we are looking for partners and from funders for the next level yeah well
thank you so much for speaking

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