I Karantinuar ne studio, Majk zbulon një lajm befasues që do ju kthej disponimin

It looks like Mike is not stopping by with new music projects. After the great success with the last song “My eyes are dead”, the song that we are now Youtube has gained almost 5 million views since February 29 when it was released. In addition to the millions of clicks Mike has received on this song, he has received many comments positive from his circle and many fans. The song titled “My eyes are dead” was with lyrics and melodies by the talented artist himself, and followed by an extremely interesting video clip. After this success, Mike seems to have no intention of stopping in 2020, he has started working on a new music project. Isolated in the studio Mike has shared with his fans part of the new song via an Instagram video where she’s seen dancing and singing with me the new song which will probably be titled “Bad”. He accompanied the video with the caption “Let’s go with less positivity studio… continuing this writing with a text that seems to be part of the new song. You can see this part of the song on Mike’s personal instagram which doesn’t no additional details were given about this new music project and it remains to be seen until the final release of the song of what has been prepared, of course Mike’s fans are looking forward to it and it remains to be seen whether he will to be liked by the public.

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