How to Sew: Ribbon Roses for Hats

Welcome to this installment of hat chic
today. I’m going to show you how to do ribbon folding. I call it my Maureen rose and these are some lovely examples of what we’re going to do. Now I’m going to cut a yard and a
half of the ribbon and this is one and 7/16 in width which
is approximately an inch and a half. You can do this longer or do it two yards if you’d like. You can also do different widths and experiment
with them but for starting off for your first one the bigger is better because
as it gets smaller it’s more difficult to work with. I’ve cut a yard and a half of this
ribbon that is 1 inch and 7/16 which is about one and a half inches in width. We’re going to get started and we’re going to bend this over like this. Then I take this
and start rolling it and then when I get to the end here that you can see I’m
going to take this and fold it down and continue rolling. We’re creating a
bud and I’m continuing to roll. The one thing that you could do differently is
roll tight or roll loose. That’ll make it look different. You can experiment
with this as you’re making them Continuing ….. you can see the bud that
I’ve created. Continue rolling and then when I get to the end here (which is
right here) I’m going to fold it under and away from me and continue rolling. Now you can see that we’ve formed a little piece of ribbon here that we can hold on
to. Now as you’re going along if you’re feeling uncomfortable that it’s going to
come undone, you could take a little tack with a thread and needle as you’re going
along so that it doesn’t come apart. I’m just holding on to it like this and
continuing going around. I’m holding on to it down here like that
and then taking this and folding it down. You want to make sure that this middle
part here that you don’t pull it down too much. If you pull it down too much
then this part here will start getting longer and longer. What it looks like underneath and I’m holding on to it and it’s your choice if you want to make
it three-dimensional or you can make it flat looking. We’re almost done. If you want it to be a larger rose then
you can use two yards instead of a yard and a half. Now I’m going to take
this last little part here and pin it into the stem that we have. Then we’re going to take a little thread
and tack down each one along here the back here and then we’re going to have
our beautiful rose. Isn’t that gorgeous! I have a thread needle and I use
contrasting thread. This is white thread so that you can see a little bit better
what I’m doing. I’m going to put it right through the stem here and get it started. Then I’m going to take a few stitches here to secure the stem. I’m going to do probably about
five stitches here. Okay so now I’m gonna take ( I just have a
few stitches here that I use to secure it) then I’m going to come over here and
I’m going to do a few stab stitches. Stab stitches go through the same hole
that you came out so that it looks like you’ll hardly see anything. I’m going
through the same hole and taking a stitch and go under. Then I go to the next
petal and here I’m going to go through the same hole and come up. Then I go to the next petal Go through the same hole Then the same whole. I am almost all around and take one more. Take a peek at this…… oh look how lovely
this is…… just beautiful! I need to secure it here and then we can call it macaroni. I’m gonna make a quick little knot and just underneath here like this. Cut
it off and then you can decide what you’re
going to put this on. If you want you can clip this off or put some felt backing
if you want to make it into a pin to wear as a corsage . Cut this off if you’re
going to wear it on your hat and your through and ready to go! Lambchop we finished our rose and we want your seal of approval. What do you think? Do you like it? Oh it’s beautiful!
Let’s say goodbye to everybody. Wave goodbye. We’ll see you next time!


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