How I make a reversible beanie on an addi express knitting machine

today I will be showing you how I make
reversible beanies with the addi knitting machine the yarn I will be
using stitch studio by Nicole 4 weight medium 100% acrylic the color is bright
blue it’s 372 yards 340 meters 200 grams 7 ounces and it’s made in Turkey the
other color is craft smart Twilight it’s also a 100% percent acrylic 244
yards 230 meters 141 grams 5 ounces you will I’ve had it it’s made in China but
I’ve had it in my fiber collection for over a year you will also need a darning
needle I do like the ones with a little bit of a hook this is metal and a pair
of scissors so let’s get started on making our reversible hats with the addi
knitting machine to start your hat you lay a good set of
yarn in front inside the addi machine and then you wrap it around the first
needle under the hook then the next hook you’re going to put it in back of the
hook and then in front of the hook and back of the hook add some tension as you
go I apply tension as I go and you wrap it all the way around need more yarn front and back all the way around and if you happen in this one like I
just did you just back your needle up just a bit and then as you get to the
end right before the black one you open your carriage put your yarn in reset
your dial to zero I’ll be making an adult medium/large which is what the Hat
not hate campaign requests so I will go around for 60 revolutions and then we
will do a change of color so enjoy the music because I will fast forward this
because I’m sure you don’t want to sit and wait for me to crank a full 60 but I
will show you the first couple rounds in slow my yarn does not have and
that’s once your once you get through your yarn a little bit and it starts to
ease and come out you can use you want to apply tension as you go but not too
much tension but then you can kind of let your yarn do the tensioning for you
so here keep an eye on as you go to make sure
nothing slips off but I’ll keep it a little closed in and then I’ll zoom
out (Music) now to change colors I stopped just
before the first black needle and then I cut my yarn I give myself a good tail I open the carriage slide the first yarn
forward and into the center of the addi I take my new yarn pull it out drop it in
and insert it into the carriage I have to say I love these two yarns because
they’re both Center pulls which is wonderful I close the carriage and then
I keep going it picks it up I hold some tension on it and keep going new skein of yarn pull some out there we
go and do another 60 around and I’ll show
you in just a minute what I do with those two tails okay now the Hat is starting to touch
the bottom of the table so you just roll it up a little bit there we go and you
keep doing that throughout and now you can take the excuse me sorry two tails
and just tie them in a little knot you won’t see this because it’ll be on the
inside of the tube of the tube that you’ll end up making but it closes up
the little hole that is left from when you changed your two colors just like
that okay now enjoy the music as I continue
the rest of the sixty rounds (Music) okay now we are going to bind off and
close up the Hat so you cut yourself a nice long tail so and grab your and grab your darning needle once you have your hat to the size you
want it you go ahead and thread your needle or your darning needle you release your yarn from the carriage close your carriage go ahead and advance
a few spots and then you start removing your hat you take your point of your
needle and just go under each loop off of the red hook and pull through make sure you don’t split some yarn like
I just did you’ll have the two prongs you want to
just put your needle right there and pull up the yarn and that’s why you
leave a you know a good length of tail to be able to pull through and in this
case I’m doing an odd angle (Music) we have one that’s a little stuck so we
come back here and we grab it and we unstick it and they’re weak now we’re
going to cinch up this and that we just tied off so we pull it nice and tight
and tuck it all in so we make sure that it’s kind of round I know it’s a little
bit harder to see because it’s all multi-coloured but you can see that it’s
coming nice and tight pull it pull it a little tighter give it a little cinch
then I go across from where this the yarn comes out that’s my first one and
then I go under and then I come across from there over to here kind of like a a
four and come out let me bring it in a little bit closer so you see where my needle is there and
it’s coming out on the other side here so you have here’s the first yarn and
then I go across from it and come out the other side so then you pull it through and it cinches that in and then I go
across from that and a diagonal and come back out the other side and then I take
the yarn and I wrap it three times around the needle that’s here and just when my hands don’t slip off the needle OOP how do you know now we will keep pulling it through you don’t have
to cut that off and that will create a nice little but I’m going to cut all
these little things on the inside and unroll our tube there’s the side we just
did that’s going to be our outside and you pulled us and tight like you did
the other and turn it around push everything straight inside – you have that bunch thread your needle and you do the same thing across and out the other side pull across the other side and pull but
you don’t take it you don’t knot it up what you do is you tuck it all the way
through to the other side and connect the knots
of the top of the other beanie and just sew it together find the tops there there straighten it
out so you don’t connect any other portions I kind of like to go and grab the little
nubs of the other to feel it with my hand just grab the tops of it so you
don’t go all the way through and it it’s kind of a little bit thicker and just
catch the two knobs and just kind of bring it through that way you have a
good chunk of the other hat because it’s for kids and you don’t go all the way
through but you get the top to nubs so the other hat and that’s it and there is
your reversible beanie made with the addi if you enjoyed this tutorial come
joined us on our Facebook group you’ll find the link below and leave a comment
let me know what you thought and if you would like more videos just like this
until we see each other again


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  • Weeeee round and round we go ๐Ÿ˜‚ looks like loads of fun . Makes me want to hurry up and order an Addi . Vickie G ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

  • This is perfect, I got an addi for Christmas and wanted to know how to do the reversible hat. Thank you!! Nikki ๐Ÿ™‚

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