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my guest today introduce yourself sir
I’m Eric Morotti from Suffocation you all know him I don’t need to introduce you actually
talk about the pedal modification with the stick yeah
the back yeah it’s like this much of a drum stick here I cut put it under the
pedal like pretend that’s a pedal you just like this like that I’m gonna cut
it so it’s underneath and then I glue it and then I tape it and there it is and
it’s lifted a little bit for my heel to do this without hitting the ground
before I can make the stroke nice and now that was an important
detail for students for the really slow stuff your foot is on the footboard all
the time for the faster stuff your heel is like the back yeah okay great advice
so I really like that because they’re able to control the heel toe at slow
tempos it’s tight but there’s like the small detail the small change exactly
it’s still the heel toe technique but okay got it thank you for that full
motion yeah definitely a more control with the heel doing like that got it
yeah you can stop it when you’re doing this especially with the mesh head it’s
hard to get that won’t let that control of the bounce a second what to do to
stop it so when you’re doing this no problem
boom force it down yeah thank you for that tip awesome because the next
question would be does your heel toe technique change at higher BPMs yeah exactly that right there
yeah got it so is your heel toe technique changing when you’re using
another pedal have you ever tried the direct drive yeah I mean it’s the same
thing it’s just a more about controlling the second one these are really whippy
and what I like about these is you can lift the heel plate and it won’t affect
the beater you know what I mean with direct drives if you lift the heel plate
the beater the beater comes back with you yeah exactly so I find getting the control of
the second bounce stopping it with direct drive has always been a nightmare
for me it’s always been not something I like the feel of or even when I do the
whip that double yeah I’m doing it with full so with the direct drive doing it comes
out more like not you know what I mean so I find the feel with it is really
weird like I got to work with direct drive pedals that feel like more then
with these belt drives that flex the belt actually flexes you know as you’re
hitting so you can whip it however you want as opposed to


  • Here's an excerpt of last weeks live lesson with Eric Morotti (Drummer of Suffocation).

    Main Topic: Heel-Toe Technique

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  • Awesome! When's your next Video? Also, I really want To be youtube friends 😮

  • Awesome as always. A little snack to make the need to play spike. Corona quarantine will have an odd bonus of finally finding time to try more of these tasty treats!

  • Hahaha you both seem to be the nicest dudes

  • L’ancien drummer de Blind Witness!!

  • You cant see what hes doin at first cause the captions are in the way

  • I fucking love Eric Morotti, so many people give him shit for using triggers and heel toe, but he doesnt abuse them, and he just has really fucking good control and technique. Also, his fills.

  • Major tip to anyone trying to figure it out, there are two distinct motions. Practice making the beater come back after the first stroke, THEN starting the second "ankle" stroke. it will slow you down significantly but the control you get in amazing.

    I figured this out by watching wanja groger, a master of a variant of this technique.

  • Thats interesting, so does he now use chain drive when he tours?

  • Amazing and great drummer Eric!!! 🤘 🤘

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