german supports and reacts: Diana Ankudinova “Rechenka” Die russische Seele hat eine Stimme!

Hello everybody. I hope you’re fine. I want Diana to be better known in Germany Therefore today the second video. I chose Rechenka. It became a lot suggested and therefore let us not waste time and start straight away.321 and voice of her.Wahnsinn.I have to stop here.How old is she there? 14 years? I’ve never heard it, I have to hear it again. Sorry, I believe it is the third time I hear a Russian song and I have to say I like the language, I don’t know why. By the way, that’s Lia.14 Year old. Boah, that tone, how can you have such a deep voice, yes, exactly, me too, incredible! Everyone forgot to press? Madness! I’ve never heard that! Who is that? The mother? Oh shame to end already.Wow.I am really impressed! I really can not help it I mean across from Wicked game that was in English and now Rechenka in Russian. I love the Russian language! I don’t know why, I’m earlier grew up with rock, grew up hard rock, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, AC DC all that and I like this Russian song! I’m really really surprised! And what I have to say that I used to read a lot of trivial literature, including novels about Russia and there was always talk of this Russian soul and before I said this tone… and it may sound a little strange, but if the Russian Soul would have a voice for me then it would sound just like this tone of Diana! Crazy! Yes, then I will probably have no other choice than another video close. Maybe you have suggestions which song I should choose I should definitely listen to the song and then I’ll do it very easily said I would have liked Diana to become better known in Germany and I will work on that! When if you liked the video, please give a thumbs up and if you want to subscribe to my Channel! Until next time. Goodbye.


  • Sehr gut! Die Jury nannte sie ein Genie nach der Performance ..

  • Die Frau die kurz eingeblendet wurde ist Dianas Adoptivmutter.

  • Diana hat kürzlich "Maybe I Maybe You" von den Scorpions gesungen

  • 👍😊 💗💎💗 🙂😢😭

  • Diana Ankudinova – Rechenka a capello (23.01.2020) 💗💎💗

  • Фантастическое выступление Дианы!
    Хорошая адекватная реакция!
    Fantastic performance of Diana!
    Good adequate reaction!
    Like it!

  • Привет! Да, Диана – супер!
    А твой кот классный 👍🏻

  • Советую сделать реакции на эти песни Дианы!
    I advise you to make reactions to these songs of Diana!
    «Derniere Danse»
    «Голосом твоим» («By your voice») ttps://


  • Diana ,eine russische Diamant !!!!!!💞

  • Спасибо за добрый комментарий!Милая Диана,восхищает и радует меня!Браво,Диана!!!

  • Ich weiss nicht, was soll es bedeuten,
    Dass ich so traurig bin,
    Ein Marchen aus uralten Zeiten,
    Das kommt mir nicht aus dem Sinn.

  • Мы с вами слушали
    правильную музыку😉😊. Поэтому так нас восхищает Диана.
    Ну и все поклонники
    Дианы сейчас слушают
    правильную музыку.🤘🥇🏆🥁🎸🎹📀

  • За Диану всегда лайк! 🙂

  • Thanks for the reaction. This is an old wedding ritual song, it's like a puzzle, it consists of phrases taken from ritual songs. Where it is sung in a whisper is like the words of a deceased mother, because in Russia since ancient times it was believed that the river is the border between the world of the living and the dead, as in the mythology of others countries. So the girl-orphan came to the river to tell the mother that she was being given away for the unloved, to a strange family, ask for blessings and cry.

  • – Diana Ankudinova «Joan of Arc»

  • Diana had a hard childhood but thanks to her foster mother Irina Ponik (you can see her on the video ) everything has changed for the better! so she can translate the soul of the songs and we can get all wonderful emotions! thanks a lot for your reaction to our treasure Diana Ankudinova! like!

  • Спасибо за реакцию! Я переживаю вместе с вами!)

  • Привет ! Давненько Вас не было ! Спасибо за реакцию ! Диана неподражаема ! 👍👍👏👏👏! ! ! 💝

  • Спасибо за внимание к творчеству Дианы.

  • "Реченька" – это одна из сильнейших песен в исполнении Дианы !!!!! Может даже самая сильная на сегодня (на мой взгляд)

    Просто фантастика….. переслушал уже не знаю сколько раз эту и многие другие песни в исполнении Дианы… Шок ! Просто шок и колдовство какое то !!!

  • World class. Weltklasse?

  • Danke das sie meinen Aufruf befolgt haben von Reschenka auch ich bin ein Altrocker bis heute von Hendrix bis zu diesen Gruppen die sie erwähnt hatten, aber als ich Diana hörte konnte ich mich ihrer Stimme nicht mehr entziehen. Sie hat covers gesungen die besser sind als das Orginal. Ausnahme die Covers von EdithPiaf und James Brown und doch mit einer unglaublichen Energie vor gebracht. Hör mal rein. Sie hat am 23.01 20 neue Titel vorgestellt davon ist der Song DEINE STIMME sehr ähnlich wie der von Reschenka, und sie ist ja jetzt 16 Jahre alt, und sehr schön in ihrer Ausstrahlung. Machen sie weiter so mit Diana auch ich mache sie bekannt auf F.B. Liebe Grüsse unter ALTROCKERN

  • Спасибо за теплые слова и такую добрую реакцию и за желание популяризировать Диану в Германии!!!

  • 🙂

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