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It’s time to put on your character’s best skin and practice the ‘Take The L’ dance, because Fortnite is about to drop Season 6 of the popular battle royale game So, what can players expect?    It’s hard to believe that Fortnite, the game that has taken over the video game world and made over a billion dollars, is only a year old Epic Games, the studio behind the gaming phenomenon, will celebrate Fortnite Battle Royale’s 1-year anniversary by releasing Season 6 on Sept 27. The newest update to the game promises to be a huge party and (hopefully) finally explain what “Kevin,” that giant purple cube that has been wrecking the map, is all about    DJ Llama’s in the house! Fornite tweeted on Sept. 24 that “All great parties need a DJ ” The tweet included a picture of what it would look like if the game’s Supply Llama piñata became the third member of Daft Punk The techno-Llama looks like it’s a possible new skin (aka a way to customize a players’ avatar) On Sept. 25, the game tweeted a picture of a woman in a cowboy hat and a bandit’s mask, possibly teasing new ways that players can customize their player “Saddle Up!”  Did “Kevin” create a new map? Last month, a giant riff in Fortnite’s sky opened up and out came a giant alien cube that players have nicknamed “Kevin ” The cube began rolling around the map, decimating buildings like Titled Towers and leaving strange runes on the map If you shot “Kevin,” it would push you away and cause you damage. If you stood close to it, “Kevin” would regenerate your shields, according to Polygon If you jumped on the cube, it would bounce you into the air.  Eventually, “Kevin” made it to Loot Lake, where it dissolved/was absorbed/melted into the water Loot Lake suddenly turned purple and if a player jumps on it, they will be shot into the air What this means for Season 6 isn’t known, but some have theorized that Loot Lake is going to be transformed into Crazy Castle (like a “bouncy castle,” right?”) Fortnite included a “Crazy Castle” spray in the Season 5 Battle Pass, and eagle-eyed players noticed that in a short video promoting the new Fortnite emotes, a castle could be seen in the background, per PC Gamer All great parties need a DJ.  3 days to Season 6.  — Fortnite (@FortniteGame) September 24, 2018   Saddle up!  2 days to Season 6  — Fortnite (@FortniteGame) September 25, 2018    What about items? In Season 4, hop rocks were consolidated into bounce pads, which disappeared in Season 5 In season 5, rifts might be going away, in lieu of whatever happens to Loot Lake/Crazy Castle “No matter what we see, with Fortnite’s arsenal filling out, Season 6 will almost certainly see the most unpredictable new tools,” James Davenport writes for PC Gamer As for a price, if we go by previous seasons, it’ll be $10 for the Fortnite Season 6 battle pass (or 950 V-bucks ) Players should also complete all the Season 5 challenges ahead of the update.

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