“Feel My Steel!” – The Aquabats! Trucker Hat Rap Music Video

oh this one’s great it says Feel my Steel
with a picture of a tiny truck So rad (window drum beat) Feel my Steel (window drum beat) Keep it Reel! (window drum beat) Up all Night! (window drum beat) Wicked Tight! (enhanced drum beat) Feel my Steel (enhanced drum beat)
Keep it Reel (enhanced drum beat)
Up All Night! (enhanced drum beat)
Wicked Tight! (enhanced drum beat)
F-F-F-F-F-Feel my Steel! (enhanced drum beat)
A Keep it Reel! (enhanced drum beat)
Up all Night! F-F-F-F-F-F
F-F-F-Feel my Steel! (Laughing) Hey Ricky! Ricky! (Scary organ music plays) Ricky! Who’s Ricky?


  • I first watched this when I was 4

  • First again

  • First

  • Love it

  • Haha, I remember this song 😃

  • This is one my favorite songs from you guys!!!

  • Better than today’s rap songs

  • Poor Ricky lol

  • This looks like it was an absolute blast to film 😂 Although, this whole show looks so fun to be a part of.

  • I love how all these songs are crazy and fun

  • dope. dm our magazine for feature

  • Who's Ricky?

  • I love how there making an awesome song while Ricky is getting his soul sucked out of his body

  • This a great birthday present! Thanks Aquabats!

  • i remember this episode but not this song ima go rewatch it asap

  • Wicked tight!

  • One of the best songs I ever heard! Thank you, Aquabats!
    Your Number One Fan,

  • Who’s Ricky is a weird thing to be on a trucker hat.

  • I need a pair of those shades. They're the perfect trucker hat accessory!

  • 0:45,

    “Hay, Ricky! Ricky?!!”


    “Who’s Ricky?”

  • Just had a flow of memories rush back to me when I saw this in my subscription feed. I miss this show!

  • This song is so bad its good

    And no im not saying the aquabats are bad the aquabats are the best band in the world

  • See you guys in St Louis

  • Can’t wait to see y’all in concert with Reel Big Fish!

  • I like how they say you can’t rap successfully without AutoTune…

    I have to show those people this, and they’ll see you can. In fact I never use AutoTune with my music. You can listen to it at runanavalanche.bandcamp.com

  • Awesome!!!! Can’t wait for the new short tv shows!!!

  • wait is that Ellie Kemper?

  • Ricky.

  • these music videos are always so quirky and full of talent thank you guys for making my childhood amazing

  • i wish u guys were in Auckland New Zealand

    ive been supporting u guys from the start of ur Band U guys R

    Amazing,Talented,Funny,Elegant,humorous and last of all Loving im hoping all u guys/The Aquabats/Crash Mclarson/Ricky Fitness/Eaglebones FalconHawk/Jimmy the Robot and last but not least MC Bat Commander

  • Can't wait to see you live on jul 3rd

  • One day I would love to see you guys, but you never have so far came close to me. The closest you could get is at the Blue Cross Arena to the KeyBank Center.

  • I want them pjs 😫😫

  • 0:18 Exactly what they did in that episode

  • Who’s Ricky?
    The guy who gave his life to save yours!

  • Feel my steel girl is hot. I also like "lady in the corner" girl. They should make action figures out of those chicks. Or would they be dolls because they are woman? Aquabats action figures


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