(eng) 2020 s/s 메이크업 트렌드 한눈에 보기|THESUZY 더수지

Hello, everyone. This is Suzy. Today, let’s take a look at the
2020 s/s makeup trends together! The first keyword I’m going to tell you is
“Natural Glow.” First, apply primer to areas with advanced pores. Because it is to make natural skin that seems to have nothing on it. I’ll mix the pearl base and foundation in
a 1:2 ratio. Stand the brush up and spread it out thinly
so that it can be applied in a small amount. The skin tone can be straightened and the
natural glow can be brought to life. You can do clean and healthy skin. I’m going to use a water-filled puff to finish
as thin as possible by tapping the foundation I’m going to use a concealer to cover
my dark circles and acne. I’ll use a brush to cover as light as possible. And just like foundation, I’m going to use a puff that holds water and spread it out thinly. This season, I’m also trying to relax my eye makeup. Curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler. I’m going to finish my eyelash makeup with
just a mascara fixer. I’m not going to zigzag it like I’m going to apply mascara, but I’m just going to brush it straight line. I’m going to make it look as if it’s my eyelashes
as much as possible Eyebrow makeup is also important to make your
eyebrows look natural. Apply a small amount of hair gel to the screw
brush and brush the front part of the eyebrow. I can fix the eyebrows to make them look voluminous. Use a gel brow to draw empty spots. Remember, it doesn’t feel like you’re filling
it with color! Peanut butter color harmonizes with any color. You can see it again this season. To express natural shading
Apply a lighter color to the entire eyelid and under the eyes. I’m going to add depth by touching a narrower
area with a darker color. My eyes look a bit sunken, so I’m going to
use a pencil eyeliner. I just filled in the waterline. I’m going to draw it light and thin enough
to feel like I didn’t draw eyeliner. I’m going to pull the tail out a little bit
so that it doesn’t look stuffy. Lightly sweep the shading on the outside of
your face. I’m going to use a medium color to make my nose bridge a little bit brighter. I don’t want to emphasize the contours of
the face. Just enough to make your face look a little
smaller. You have to touch it very naturally. Also, the second keyword of this season is
“Overfit Blusher”. This season, blusher and shadow lines are
breaking down. It’s a trend to apply blusher on a wide area. Sweep the entire cheekbone around. If you apply one more layer on the cheekbone,
you can make it three-dimensional. The face looks smaller and the lovely atmosphere
is a bonus. The third keyword is “mix eye shadow.” It’s a little too much makeup to do in your
daily life. I have a clear contrast with the color of
the blusher, but it doesn’t make any difference and doesn’t make any difference. I only used yellow color as a point on the
front of my eyes. The fourth keyword is “watery ketchup.” This season, red color, orange color among
them, I think you’ll be able to see a lot of it. The point is the natural, light glossy texture. When you use a lip gloss to create a watery
lip, apply it. You can easily finish it with a tissue. So we’ve looked at the trend of makeup this
season. How was it? Thank you for watching my video again today. I’ll be back with another video. Good-bye!


  • 헉 4시 30분에..립 너무 잘어울리세요!

  • 뭔가 항상 이때 일어나는 나를 겨냥한건가…🥰 심쿵스..울언니…❤️ 촬영가나 ❤️ 알럽유 화이팅 따랑해❤️ 매우 러블리 이번영상 ㅠㅠ💘

  • you are very good at applying all different types of makeup (full glam, natural, trending)! hope you are staying safe at this time and thank you for the video ♡

  • 오늘 의상이랑 배경이 너무 찰떡이에요ㅜㅜ❣️

  • 오후 네시반에 예약한다는게 새벽네시반에 예약해둔 나는바보… 😂
    +아 그리고 갑자기 자막 없는 영상에 당황(?) 하신 분도 있으시죠 한국어 자막 등록되어있으니 자막 켜고 봐주세요 ❤️

  • ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ언니가 새벽 네시 반에 예약해 둔 덕분에 출근길에 볼 영상 생겨서 넘 조아요….🥳🥳🥳

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  • 너무 예뻐욤 ㅠㅠㅠ 여름에는 제발 마스크를 안꼈으면 🙏🏻ㅜㅜ

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  • super cute

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