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Hello guys, finally today I bring fashion haul. I posted about look for starting school, but I’ve heard the beginning of school was postponed due to COVID-19 I’ve heard some schools have no summer vacation, so I wish all situations go well ASAP. Now, I would like to introduce about new arrival looks though there are not many kinds. Ok. Let’s get started. Most people like styling with shirts or blouse, but actually it is not much interested in daily life. But you know, it would be better you have some shirts for Spring. So, I wear a little boxy fit shirt. Its fabric is not heavy but thin like rustling papers. I would prefer shirts which can wear from Spring to Fall, be heavier, and rustle materials because they are heavy fabrics, and their fit looks prettier. Its length is enough to hip and easy to be layered with other items, and its feature is open type button while other shirts have lots of buttons to the middle. It is also hidden button, so you can’t see it and bottom is opened like that. As opening the bottom is current trend, the shirt is a trendy design too. I also would like loosen fit, so when I wear it with loosen denim and slacks, it looks pretty. I also applied to wear hairband. So, whole feeling of the shirt is not too different to wear, and it looks good too. Its arm length and width are big enough. So, it is good to cover your body type, and very comfortable to wear, moreover, you may think it is hard to be layered with other items because it is not basic line shirt, but its design is really good to be layered. Furthermore, there are some pockets added, so I think it is more detailed item. I am not a person who wears shirts well but if I choose the shirt, I would probably be able to wear it for sure. Also, I tried to be layered sweatshirt on the shirt It looks good because the shirt comes out because of its length. When I come out my arms from the sweatshirt, it looks more focused, and boxy style. So, you may not know what outerwear you have to wear. Therefore, I wear tweed jacket that I will introduce later, its match is very good, and you may wear with leather jacket or inside the coat. You can apply a lot. Next item that I showed you for layered is the sweatshirt. Its brand is CLOTTY, but you know what it is hard to find the sweatshirt which has a good fit. However, when it opens, I would like that breast width is wide, bottom is slightly narrow, and if if the shoulder line is drop shoulder, I prefer dropped one. If its drop is ambiguous, it makes the shoulder bigger, so the fit is free size, but looks very pretty. It also has a front pocket, so it is really easy to put things or your hands on it. Well, it is very diversely. Its point is well-matched with leathering font, so it makes more lovely. While yellow stresses on grey background, it makes more gorgeously. And, I wore layered shirt with dark blue wide denim, its color combination was very beautiful. You know yellow and dark blue are well-suitable. I like side lines that makes the items prettier because of complimentary contrast. To be honest, people wear lots are sweatshirt and hoodie, and even when they go to a market, it is already warm to wear the sweatshirt without outwear. So, it is non-napped style. The fabric is not too thin, and neck bending is good, but in case of rib, if here is thin, it would be stretched. So, if you wear longer, it won’t be stretched because the fabric already was woven tough and firm, now when matching with beige pants, its feeling is like cozy and comfortable. The beige pants are a product that I introduced previous haul (Different is Ok). Its point is pin tuck in front. Next one is the tweed jacket. Before I brought it, I’ve thought how to coordinate, if it is all black, the coordination is way easier but the color is mixed. Even it includes shinning metal fabric, so I’ve thought it is hard to coordinate, and you know I like mixed match with wearing denim on white shirt. If you wear beanie which looks not matched, it may show some more interested look. That is what I like. Fringe which is one of the essential parts in the tweed jacket decorated here and there, and it also used decoration with pearl gold, but some parts still use coin buttons. So, I think it can wear both casually and formally for dating or wedding, and it is suitable with one-piece dress, and even with T-shirt and blue Jean. I actually did not have a tweed jacket especially like this item, and I even don’t have womanlike outer. It is not like a heavy jacket, so it falls short and petit. It drops shorter than sleeve. I don’t prefer saggy and drop roundly. But it is not ruined when saving on hanger because the pad inserted to
highlight shoulder angle The product like having a pad, that is why I prefer a jacket and coat which have the pad. Next one is a shoes. I used to go a hospital because my ankle was painful, and a doctor suggested me to wear an air shoes. So, I went a mall, I just found like Nike shoes. t is quadline shoes but it is not a design. As you see, the bottom of both parts is pink and mint. Moreover, front side is pink and mint, inside is Nike swoosh, and outside is also another pattern’s Nike swoosh. That is my favorite part. I think the most my favorite thing in the shoes is each design color of inside and outside is different. I imaged when I wear this shoes, I have to wear denim, so I considered for a while, and I decided to buy this first rather than an air shoes. I usually don’t buy if I image the stylish look I bought a while shoes to wear during Spring. Stitch was like zig-zag, and I liked some detailed parts in there. I’ve not worn yet because I will wear after shooting the haul. So, It would be excited to wear the new shoes. Next one is a watch which is accessary to me. To be honest, I already get used to check the time with cell phone clock rather than a watch. So, I use the watch as an accessary. The watch is made by Nodegreen. There are philosophy, native, and infinity in the line I just chose the most basic line philosophy design. The philosophy design is inspired by the idea that should think in different views from past to present, and then think creatively the future. The reason why I chose it because I like designer’s philosophy. You can choose the color of watch battery, and scrap. So, I considered between gold and brown, and black and silver. Finally, I chose black and silver which would be more suitable to me. The size of the philosophy is 36 mm. The position of the watch is able to cover the arm, and it would be suitable as casual look, T-shirts, blouse, and couple item. This one I used to wear in previous custom video. It is a product of URISHOP. I usually watch the videos of URISHOP, and I was into a necklace. The reason why I chose it because its material is surgical steel. I like silver and surgical steel, so this necklace is also made with the surgical steel. It uses for a medical appliance, so it is not harmless to humans, and darker than silver. If silver is like woman, the surgical steel is chicer, more casual and street style. I also like clip-typed necklace, it is also a clip-typed, and another good thing is chains are long enough, so when I feel it is too long, I turn this part to put because it is wide. I think the necklace is good daily accessary item. It is not too heavy! I used to like the long one-piece dress that I introduced the custom video. But when I look current one-piece dresses, it is hard to find my style. But, it is really my style. It is womanlike style but it is also good for mixed match because the flower pattern is not too much, so it is good for daily look. And the most favorite thing was length and width of skirt line is so long. When I wear, the dropped line is really impressive. It is like dressy, and even looks good when wearing itself. Also, it can be layered like a long skirt which is suitable with sweatshirt, knitwear, and hoodie. I bought because I imaged how I can match it with the items on my closet. Sleeve line was really pretty Look, the line is dropped like this. So, it looks cuter and prettier, and you know it is hard to find a fifth part one-piece dress. So, it is good to be layered with T-shirt, and I like vintage style. I have a flower pattern one-piece which is sort of vintage and ethnic style, It is not slim style. I liked the line which is like vintage one-piece dress. There is shirring in front which makes volume up! It is not visible. It is a good item you can wear until Fall. I think this one is also I chose well because I don’t have any basic blazer. So, I finally found this item while I was considering. When I received, the feeling is way better. Not too much heavy, shoulder fit, breast width, good length. I think all of them I mentioned were perfect, even though it was slight loosen. But fortunately, I also love the loosen fit, so it is must-have item which I can wear any time regardless of trend. The blazer has a shoulder pad, so when hanging on the closet, the angle is kept, and sometimes it is slightly loose because shoulder part is big. In my opinion, once shoulder part is bigger, the pad is really needed. To be honest, it is very useful item, so it is good to be layered like one-piece dress, or just wear denim pants with Nike shoes. Also, I think collar line is important, so the collar angle of the blazer is really nice and steam was good too. So, I like it because it is just not like soft spots. The blazer is very angular item. Next one is hoodie. Like I said, I don’t usually wear a sweatshirt and hoodie. But this one I really wear well. Its length actually is shorter than the thing I wear. When going supermarket or running, I wear leggings bottom, and the reason why I chose is the color is really really
pretty. It is mint so, just makes me feel happy even though I look the hoodie. And design is simple so I can wear anytime. It can be matched with slacks, denim, and skirt. Also, the thing I think the important part in the hoodie is a size of hood, but the size was big enough. The needlepoint is to apply white letter point to the middle for bright mood. And fit is really pretty. The brand of the hoodie is the same one with the sweatshirt I wear. I actually don’t like the design which has a cute image, but the cotton candy illustration is very cute. I didn’t notice on the video but the cotton candy is velvet. Similar pastel line and color make the point in the design. In the pocket part, the patch was added. This one and this are different fit. When this one is entirely loosen fit, this one has curve. So, it is like more diamond fit. When this one is entirely loosen fit, this one has curve. So, it is like more diamond fit. I wore this one playlist video, and it is suitable with my skin tone. Also, I wanted to have purple, so I bring lavender color. The hoodie of this is also big enough. I have lots kinds of slacks, but they are really stylish, too long, too wide, or have beltline etc. So, the reason why I bought is because I really wanted to have basic wide black slacks I actually don’t prefer pants or skirts which have bending point of waist, but the beltline of it is highlighted waist. So, I can wear it comfortably, and when I wear T-shirt, I still felt cozy. Also, it is not too thin, and enough length, so it is really suitable to me. Well, so the basic design of slacks is good to match any items. Next one is a bag. It may be different from the style what I usually prefer. The reason why I chose this item is.. look Really minimal isn’t it? My hand is small but if the size is like this, it is still mini bag. Although it is not suitable with street look, it is good with semi-casual line. Usually this kind of design is hard to adjust strap length, but this item was really good to adjust the size whatever I like. Even it is scratched, but it doesn’t be scratched, and it is good as daily bag. This bag is good for business men or students. When I went the exhibition, I wore hoodie and blazer with this bag, it was not too awkward. So, matching like that is also good too. I only have casual bags, so well it is good to have this kinds of bag too. You can put some cosmetics in the bag. It is not heavy so your shoulder may not be tired. Metal looks like gold, so, it looks a little luxury. So, until this last one, the item I bought. Even though I did not bring lots of items, most of them are very usual to apply in any look. So, you can make your various own style. So, that is what I prepared today for fashion haul. I hope you enjoyed the video. Take care and thank you for your time. I will prepare another useful fashion contents for you, so if you like my video, please like and subscribe. Then I will see you next video. Bye-Bye !


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