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Fuck. Bless you. Uh, could you two talk a bit so I can set the levels? Where did you say you were from, Eric? Do you know Nore? 20 miles north of Örebro? Hey, shit, my barber’s from there. Okay? Her name’s Sanna. Do you know her? Yeah…no… Not as far as I know. Blonde and, uh, she’s pretty fit. Fit? I mean, thin waist but she looks like an anchor down below… You do realize I don’t know every person from Nore? It’s still pretty big. Get it, it’s fucking huge. Keep talking. So what did you say her name was? Wait, I have a picture of her here. Yeah okay, her I know. So you do know her? “Know” maybe a bit much, but she went to my school. Get it, Nore is fucking huge. She has a pretty big ass, y’know? Yeah, sure, it’s unproportionally big. She’s still pretty hot. Yeah, sure. Would you wanna bang her? What are you thinking? Would you fuck her in the ass if you could? Okay, let’s kick off this week’s edition of “Danne’s Place”. A podcast that is recorded in association with the University of Stockholm. It can be downloaded from their website or streamed from iTunes or Acast With us today is, of course, my ever-present right hand Robin And this week’s guest, Eric, who is from Youth Culture in Stockholm But also from a town that’s called… uh… Nore. Nore, exactly. The whore from Nore. It rhymes! It does indeed. He is a first generation Stockholmer,
or as we real natives say, a hick. Or just hillbillies? Just hillbillies works too. In any case, he’s here to get a feel for the performance
art scene in Stockholm. Welcome, Eric! Thank you.Please don’t go here. Don’t go here. Go away, go away.I don’t have the strength.No, no, no! Don’t step any closer!Hi, there.Oh fuck.Could you help me with something?Pretend like you don’t see him. Just ignore him.Come on! I can’t help you. Go away, get lost!Where the fuck did it go?Where is it? Where is it? WHERE IS IT?Think! Think! Calm down.What are you looking for?I’m looking for my pipe.I made it disappear. But why? Give it back. Help me out with the thing first. Okay Eric, tell us city folks what it’s like to grow up in the boonies. Uh, the boonies? Yeah, the countryside. The hinterland The backwoods. The bush. And do me a favor, say “Örebro” for me. Uh, Örebro? Ööörebro. Örebro. Imagine you’re talking a dump and say it one more time. Say it again. Öööörebro And there it iiiiis! But what was it like growing up out there? Probably what it’s like to grow up in any suburb anywhere. Like in Nacka. Yeah, but Nacka is pretty… Nacka IS Stockholm. Except it’s not part of the city. It seems like it though. They’ll run the subway out to Nacka in 5 years so it will be. Isn’t there like a cow pasture right where you live there? Have you tipped any cows? No, no I did not. No, because aren’t you afraid of cows? But sing the Three Old Ladies of Nore then. Really? You wanna hear it? Oh, definitely. Can’t you see I’m busy here? I don’t understand how you can live in this mess. Please leave me alone. Then do it yourself. It can wait. I want you to clean it now. If it’s not a good time for you
then you can pack your shit and go. I promise I’ll do it… No. Just not right this second. No, now! Not later.Where are you going? Hello? Hello?!Wait for me! Wait for me!How… By the way, have you been to the other side of the mountains? What? You see that over there? Have you been there? No, I haven’t. But why not? Why would it be any better over there? Aren’t you curious what’s beyond them? Yeah, no, I’m not. Come on, give it a shot, man. Yeah, okay. Can I come too? No, no, of course not, you’re in
the middle of something here and, uh… Yeah, couldn’t you just disappear? Right. Get lost. As I mentioned earlier during the break, I’ve also
worked in a grocery store, same as you, correct? Yeah, that’s right. Now I have a temp job at the University, plus this podcast
so I have enough to get by But sometimes I miss the security of a full-time
regular income. Do you get that? Yeah, to be honest I don’t give it much thought. But you got to earn, right? Yes, of course. There isn’t a lot of money in the entertainment industry.
Of course, some earn a lot… But that only applies for a few and for
the rest of us, it’s pretty hard up. I see it is this:
I just have to be fucking poor, then. Just do egg noodles and ketchup every day or what? No, no, I’m vain and I can’t get off my ass to work out so… I do no carbs and more on protein. Okay. What’s in your fridge? Uh, nothing, I eat out. At the upscale restaurants? Yeah, every day of the week. Moron. I thought that we should have an evaluation. You’ve been here 6 months now
and your trial period is coming to an end. So I’m getting a permanent position? Yeah, no, no such thing, no. We think you’re an ok guy but you don’t really fit in here. What do you mean? You want more. Not everyone’s cut out for retail. I think you’re a great guy. Why are you firing me then? Maybe you should go into another field of work. But I do a great job? Eric, you’re a liability. You’re too slow. Too slow?! What do you know about it,
we don’t even work the same shifts! You don’t even see how I work! Wait a minute now, I see here that you
closed up 10 minutes after the set time, Everything’s supposed to be done by
10:30 and 10:40 you were… If it wasn’t my fault we were 10 minutes
late, what do you say to that? I can’t go into the details with you now… Details? But you can just fire me like that over it? There are complaints that you didn’t help close up the salad bar… But that was after my shift ended. But it’s mandatory that you help close the salad bar
if you punch out at 8 pm. But if you want me to close the salad bar you have to
include it in the schedule since I don’t work for free. That’s just it. What? Your attitude problem. I’ll send the union down on you. You do that and see what happens. You should know that everyone fucking hates you here. I’ll replace all your shifts with a temp, just so you know. I’m not leaving. What? I refuse. It’s me. We have a… Are you leaving voluntarily or not?!? You should quit smoking. You’ll find a new job. You’re young. They’re looking for new workers
down at the supply chain department. But I don’t have any qualifications. How do you know, you haven’t even applied? It’s as simple as I don’t have any college background. It’ll sort itself out. Just remember to sign up at the public
employment service as looking for work. But there is no more work anyway
so what’s the point? But you can go on welfare like Pia did.
Or get an internship. Nah, those no-pay “pretend jobs” aren’t my thing. Just try to be positive. So you don’t have a college education? No, but I have retail experience. We don’t have any job like that
available right now I’m afraid. I need a new job anyway, so… There must be something, right? What are you good at? I like to be on stage. Theater? No, what I do is more of like dancing,
like… interpretive performance. And why aren’t you doing that? OPEN STAGE CRAFT I mean, it’s nothing I can
make a living off of. You could say that. Would you be
willing to move to Stockholm? Why? Here’s a job as a personal care
assistant to a young man of your age… I mean, I don’t know if I could move,
mother would get so lonely. I don’t think that would work. You got yourself glasses? Yeah, I wanted to document things. What do you mean, document? There’s a camera in the glasses. Stop goofing off. There is, I promise! Ridiculous. How can you even afford such
nonsense, you’re unemployed? It’s for a project. It’s important, mother. Just don’t come running to me when
the repo man comes knocking. Don’t worry, mother. Things will turn around soon. It’s not like you’re doing something else. Why do you say that? Because you’re you? Eric, you’re the shittiest friend I’ve ever had. But hey, bring some of that Indian food,
the same as that other time… Eric. Bring a few beers too, it’ll be nice… I mean it. You’re the shittiest friend I’ve ever had. Yeah, okay? I’m spending the weekend with Sara actually. We penciled it in already. So… we’ll see. You know that she’s supposed to be with Elin. And I know that you know. Oh, that’s right. That was this weekend. I must’ve gotten the dates mixed up. Okay. Something like that. Have you told her how you feel? – Sara?
– Yeah? No, I haven’t told her.
I haven’t had the right time. I don’t understand what you see in her. What do you mean? Let’s see, she’s an idiot, she’s
fuck ugly and she’s in a cult. Come on, she’s definitely not ugly
and she’s not in any cult either. Alright, I get it. But you don’t. I don’t want to be
your friend anymore, Eric. – No?
– No, don’t call me anymore. Ok? Public Employment Office, this is Eva. Hi, it’s Eric, from earlier today? I changed my mind, I want that Stockholm job. We’ll set it up, then. Great. Thanks. – Hey, can you help, the bookcase arrived and it’s too heavy…
– I’m leaving. – Where are you going?
– Stockholm. Why? You don’t have any money —
Because I got a job. What?! – Yes.
– Wait a minute! I need to borrow some money. Uh-huh. Have you really thought this through properly? It’ll sort itself out. Wait, wait, Eric! Are you sure this is the right time to move?
Will you be stable? Everything’s so expensive there. You’ll get it all back after my first paycheck. I’ll get evicted if I don’t. Please, I don’t want to hear your bullshit,
can’t you just give me back my pipe? Once I met an old man who wanted to teach me
things, about a place called… Shit. Fuck was it? Fuck it, it was stupid anyway. Look around,
try something new. Aren’t you curious? Hey, I’m not going to tell you again. Give me the pipe. Now. Have you worked as a care assistant before? Yes… or no. It used to be a hospital, but now
they have different rooms, so… Henke! – You’ll learn how he is.
– He knows I’m coming? Yeah, of course, I told him all about it.
I don’t know why he’s not opening though. Henke! Maybe he’s listening to music? – Hey Henrik, what’s up? Can I come in?
– I’d rather you didn’t. – Great, I’ll just use the bathroom.
– Who’s this? That’s your new care assistant. Okay, moving on. We’ve now come to
the recurring contest portion of our podcast. You pick a note with a word that you
have to include in a joke in 10 seconds. You can use existing jokes but you have to
come up with it within 10 seconds time. As custom dictates, the guest starts first so… Go ahead. I mean, so… Okay. Any note is fine. – Should I read it out loud?
– Yeah, sure. – I hope it’s not a hard one.
– No, it’s fine. Go ahead. “Homosexual.” 10…9… 8… 7… I got it! How do you get a fag to fuck a girl? Uh, I dunno? You fill her pussy with poop. O-okay. Moving on. Robin, pick a note. Uh, “pedophilia”. 10… 9… 8… What’s the same about boxing
and fucking a child? – I don’t know.
– Me neither. Even if both are in on it,
someone gets fucked. Okay! It was alright. “Don’t quit your day job” as they say but alright… – Excuse me! Do you have a lighter?
– What? Are you local? Yeah, I live just over here. Why do you ask? Just curious. Watch it! Excuse me? – I said watch it.
– I’m sorry. I can’t hear you. I said I’m sorry, now you heard
so can you let go of me? – Little millennial sissy, huh?
– Please let go, please? – Are you soft? Are you a sissy?
– Yeah. Now let me go. Let go. – No respect.
– I said let go! Let him go, you’re scaring him. – How come you have a girlfriend and I don’t?
– Please let go. – Keep a low profile and stay in the background.
– Yes, of course. – My family’s here.
– I understand. I’d rather you stay outside. It might be good if I come up to say
hi though so they know who I am. Just might be a nice gesture. – You don’t know how important this is.
– I’m still someone new, so… It’s family dinner. They don’t want you there.
They don’t give a shit about you. Might still be a good idea. Just open the door. – Hey!
– Hi. Uh-huh. – Everything alright?
– Yeah, rolling along. Hi! I’m Henrik’s new assistant, Eric. Uh-huh. I don’t know what it’s like in your house,
but here we don’t wear our shoes indoors. Sorry! I didn’t get… – Hi! I’m Andrea, this is Kristin.
– Hi, hello. – Welcome, Eric.
– I’m sorry. Thank you. – Is he as incompetent as the last one?
– Yeah, he’s an idiot. – How’s the food coming?
– It’s done! Are you hungry, Henrik? – Yeah, I’m starving!
– Great. Eric! You’re welcome to join us. Aren’t you going somewhere? Yeah… Yeah, that’s right. I have this meeting… A meeting? But I thought you’re working
for Henrik for a few more hours? Yeah, I suppose… But I have this… Come, sit down. Hang your jacket over there. Sure. Okay. Can you get a coaster? I can’t imagine someone like you
working as a personal care assistant. Why not? Was it really that awful in that
shitkicker town that you had to run away? You’re wrong, you know. I just
wanted to try something new. I don’t know who you’re trying to fool. Okay. Oh well. – No, I don’t want to!
– What? It’s Stig, he’s asking a bunch of crap. How are you two related anyway? He’s my uncle. Okay. – I’m thirsty.
– Want me to get you some water? No, get the boxwine in the cupboard. And bring 2 glasses. You wanna hear a song I’m working on? What? No, I’d rather not. Why not? – Can you even play?
– Of course. That’s it. What do you think? It was fine I guess. Fucking clueless. – Hey, Eric!
– Hi mom, it’s me. I’m kind of in the hole, I can’t
really afford to stay here at the hostel. So you’re coming home, or…? What? No, I was thinking maybe I could borrow
some more so I can get back on my feet again. No, that’s not possible. You’re an adult, you fix it. Uh-huh. – Hey, I’m kind of in the red right now, Henrik.
– So? I just need somewhere to sleep. What happened to the hostel? I can’t afford it, so I kind of
need somewhere to crash. Just for like a night or something. – Just until I find somewhere more permanent.
– Don’t look at me. – Why not?
– There’s no space here. Ok, I’ll just take off then. Eric! Hold up! There’s a couch in the basement. You can have it. Here are the keys. Thanks. – Hey Eric!
– Hi! – Are you here for the exhibition?
– Yeah, you too? How’s it going with Henrik? Yeah, well, he doesn’t seem too happy with me. – Howso?
– He complains about me, like, all the time. He does? He’s always so negative at first. He’ll warm up to you eventually. – There’s lots of nice stuff here.
– Absolutely. I wanted to show you something. Nice! What is it? It’s my latest creation. Okay. – It’s an abstract sculpture.
– Okay? I work kind of intensely, without thinking. I’m going to a private exhibition on Thursday.
You want to…? – You wanna join me?
– Hey, you know… we should do like, a collaboration. You do your sculptures, you could need the help.
You could help me film it. I don’t know, Eric. I don’t know how… How would you help me? I mean, I could help you film it, but… Okay, Eric, so… performance art,
I don’t think I can say much about that. It seems like a pretty hazy concept. – Almost indecipherable.
– A little hokey, even. Thanks, thanks for the introduction.
It’s good publicity for Youth Culture and, uh… …the performance art scene in Stockholm, thanks. I think it was a good presentation, but anyway… What’s that place in Paris, the glass pyramid place? – The Louvre?
– Yeah, I mean, looking at paintings, I don’t know… – It’s pretty fucking boring.
– I hate it. You can see lines and dots and shit but
there’s nothing more to say about it. Yeah, there has to be some hidden meaning to it and
you have to stand there and your back hurts and… – Image a kickboard race in the Louvre.
– With an open bar. Race, open bar and… Some kind of quiz, like “guess the painting” or something… Or just classic darts. – Jesus Christ, not on the paintings?
– Yeah, yeah, it’ll be like, uh… – It’d be like biathlon.
– Yeah, but actually pretty fucking fun. I think we’re onto something here. – Hi, Eric.
– Hi, mom. – How are you?
– I can’t chit chat right now, can I call you back? – When? What’s that sound? I’m here at a Carl Larsson exhibition.
It’s a sound installation. The invoice for your loan came in.
2000 is a lot of money. What do you need with a camera in a pair of glasses?
How are you paying for it? I’m not paying for it. – It’s a lot more fun not paying your bills…
– Sorry, the reception is so bad, I can’t hear you. – Betty and I are going on a trip to Mallorca instead…
– Hello? I can’t hear you. Who was it? A telemarketer. You always talk that long to a telemarketer? You want to do the groceries? There. – Hey Eric, Andrea says you’re also interested in art.
– Please, no interrogation. I’m just curious. Come with me, I want to show you something. This, this is art. – Kylberg isn’t exactly my favorite or anything.
– No, but it’s a hell of an investment. Seriously, though, as someone interested in art… What do you think of Andrea? Is she talented? She’s actually very ambitious. We’ve even talked
about doing a collaboration together so… I mean… this sculpting business… I think it’s just another way to run away.
From reality, I mean. How can she make a living off of it? She should get a proper education. She just floats around with all these grand ideas. She’s a dreamer, just like her mother. Andrea mentioned that you’re staying in a hostel? Yeah. I do, but it’s nothing permanent.
Strictly temporary. Sure. I think you could help me out. If you… Andrea respects you, I think? If you could talk to her, change her mind… If you could get her to apply to law school… Just write down what you need.
Just send it to my email. If you help me out, I’ll help you out. – Cheers!
– Cheers. What are you doing on Monday? I’m…I’m working, I guess. I want you to help me out with a sculpture. – Uh, yeah…
– I’ll help you shoot. I don’t know if that’s such a good idea. But it was you who suggested it. Yeah, but… Yeah, okay, maybe. I don’t know. No more water. Can you get some? No. What do you mean, “no”? You can do it yourself. It’s super late, come on, get up. No, wait, not yet. Come back to bed. I’m super hungry. – Don’t you dare.
– What? – Don’t you dare.
– What are you saying? Please, please, could you please… – Stop it!
– Don’t you like it? It was really nice and all,
can you come back to bed now? Knock it off, turn it off! Turn off the music! What the fuck are you doing? Financial aid. I’ll pay for your work and rent, just convince
Andrea to apply for law school. – Stig. – Here.
– Yes. You don’t have to take off your shoes.
I’m cleaning anyway. Here’s the bathroom. Just be careful,
it overflows easily. Just one of the things to look out for. Are you new in town? You could say that. – If you have any questions, let me know.
– Sure thing. Everything’s functional? No other issues? Fucking bitch. What? No, it’s my girl. But yeah, it’s… It’s four thousand a month or what was it? Yeah, that’s right. Is it still going to be furnished
or are you taking some stuff? Yeah, I mean… You take the couch. I’ll be sleeping on the bed. My girlfriend stays over sometimes too,
but it’s usually… – Oh. Okay.
– It’s not that wild. Okay. It’s not exactly what I had in mind. – 4K is a bit over my budget.
– But it’s just 5 minutes away from downtown… Well, it is an improvement, but I don’t know… It’s great, it’s fantastic, you can’t turn this down. How about this – 3200? I can go as far as 3400. – Then you can move in.
– Yeah, sure. Okay. – Welcome.
– Thanks. Do you know what statue that is? It’s called “Jeanette”.
Can we stop here for a second? Sure. What do you think of Stig? He’s okay. – Really?
– Definitely. I don’t like that you ingratiated yourself into my family. I don’t know what you’re talking about. You left your computer on. Hello? And Andrea? Huh? If you could just stand a bit to the right… – What?
– My right. Just a little bit. But why? I think it’ll be a better shot. – There. Does it look any better now?
– Yes. Perfect. Now if you could sit down. What? But it’s dirty, I don’t want to. Please just do as I say. I just don’t understand why. I think it’ll be a nice shot. I want to try
some different variations so we have options. But it’s not really me, you know? What do you mean, “not me”? It’s just so…bohemian or something.
I don’t know, but it’s not… Please just sit down and let’s get this over with. I’m more of a portrait kind of guy, good posture… No funny stuff. Sit down! Jesus, chill, man. Fuck… How do you want me to sit? Like this? Like a Buddha statue, just sit down on your ass. This side of my face is… It’s a bit
better so if you could just… Oh, fuck it. Thank you! I’m happy, so… Shall we? So how come you guys want to do this story on me? Oh no, we didn’t really,
this was just a contingency. Okay? So who was your first pick? Adam Pålsson, the actor.
But he had other commitments. So I’m plan B then? I didn’t say that. You’re the contingency. What do you mean? My editor wants to do a piece on Börje Ahlstedt
after he got fired from the National Theater. That whole story. Okay, so what happened? He didn’t show up. So I got it instead. Yeah. Just don’t expect it to be anything big.
It’s a collaboration with Youth Culture in Stockholm. It’ll be a column and a small photo
somewhere behind the personals. But hey, who gives a shit about
performance art anyway? Okay, so can you tell us how you got the idea then? – I thought about the body as a means of expression…
– Hold up. Let’s see here… How’s it going? I’ll fix this, it’s just part of my job. Let’s see. There. So tell us, how’d you get the idea for your work? I thought a lot about how you could translate
movements into colors and patterns. For example, if we do this one. Like this. – Yeah, so…
– What’s this? Fuck. It just worked earlier. – Let me have a look, I can fix it.
– No, it just doesn’t work. Can’t do anything. – Here, use my iPhone.
– No, I’ll just make mental notes and figure it out. – You said something about translation…?
– Yeah exactly, what color is this? I don’t get it. I know it sounds a little goofy, but I see this
as a classic green-brown movement. This is a bit more direct. Like this. What color is this? – Uh, red?
– Exactly! But if you could tell us what
it looks like on stage… It’s like a hybrid exhibition, right? So I’m projecting an image against a wall, then I have a computer where I play this ambient
wall of sound on loop in the background And I play a bit live while expressing
myself using my body. – So it’s like a live show, but pre-recorded…
– Wait, hold on. Hey! I told you, I’m doing this story… Can’t this wait? Yeah. Yeah, exactly. That’ll be fine. We… I’ll see you at 6:30 then? This should
be done in 15 minutes or so. Yes. Awesome. Bye! I’m here reading the Wikipedia page
on performance art and… It’s a little hazy what, uh… – Can you describe your performance in a sentence?
– That’s impossible. – Why not? Don’t you know what it’s about?
– No, of course, it just takes more than a sentence… Come on, now! Are you dense or what? Your 15 seconds are almost up. Tic…tac… It’s a hybrid show, I express myself physically and
project an image on the wall while playing music. – And it changes over time.
– Just like life, then. Do you wanna see it? – Not particularly, no.
– Is it really necessary then? I think it’s very entertaining, but of course… It’s not for everyone. Was it a slow newsday at the paper
when they printed that story or what? No, I think they were genuinely interested. What was that story even about, really?
I don’t remember. There wasn’t a whole lot written there. I just remember the picture where you
sit like a Buddha or something. Is that something you would want to be associated with? – No, that was the photographer’s idea.
– Yeah, sure. – I still don’t get what performance art is.
– Nope. Come. Come and see. – It looks good, huh?
– Oh. Oh yeah, definitely. What’s wrong then? Hi, it’s Stig. Did the money come in yet? Yeah. Yeah, it did. How’s it going with… well, you know what? Hey, I’m kind of in the middle of something here. – Can I call you back?
– Sure. Call me later. Sure thing. Bye. Who was that? My mom. Everything alright with her? Hey Andrea. – You never thought about a safety net?
– What do you mean? Well, I applied for an economics class. And I got in. What? What happened to the College of the Arts? Well, I just see the economics thing
as a back-up plan so… Are you serious? No, Eric, I haven’t thought about
having a “safety net”. – Not even a back-up?
– You really are serious. What did you think about the last one I showed?
You never said. I know, I thought it was…something.
Let’s see if she’s home. – Didn’t you call?
– Yeah, but she might be out shopping. I said you were coming anyway. – Hi!
– Hi, mother, this is Andrea. – Hi!
– Hi. I’m Andrea. – But what are you wearing?
– Well, it’s pants and, uh… But you look so strange. It looks
like the same fabric as my curtains. Is that what’s fashionable now? – Are you going to invite us in?
– Come in then, welcome. Everything looks the same. Where’s your bathroom? Here. Follow me.
Here, to the right. – Did the money come through yet?
– Yeah. That’s good. – You never wear sports jackets.
– What’s wrong wtih this? – But you look so… vain.
– I like my jacket, nothing wrong with it. You know, my show is taking off now. – What show?
– My performance art show! – Didn’t you read about it?
– No, I didn’t read anything like that. In the culture section, Youth Culture in Stockholm,
it was in the paper just the other day! I don’t read the Stockholm papers, you know that.
It’s all advertisements. Stockholm and ads. Anyway, you won’t have to worry anymore
because everything’s working out. There. – You want a cookie?
– Yes, thank you. What do you do, then? – I’m a sculptor.
– Ah. But how… How do you earn a living? I still live with my family. So you’re unemployed. No, I’m studying. I told you that. Yeah? – Art.
– Right, right. At college? No, Gerlesborgs school. It’s a prepschool. – But who will support you?
– Mother. I’m just curious. And who financed your show then? I told you specifically that we
wouldn’t talk about that today. – I was pretty clear about that.
– What is he talking about? – I mean…
– Drop it. I’m just curious about the kind
old man who sponsored you. Be quiet now, can’t you just be happy we’re here?
I don’t know why you have to bring that up now. – I specifically said that we shouldn’t talk about that.
– You can at least tell me that much. Andrea, wait. Andrea? You can’t talk like that, she’s your mom. She doesn’t understand anything,
I can’t deal with her. Are you in business with my dad? No, I’m not. You’re lying. No, I’m not. How’d you get money for your rent
and the theater space then? – I’m working.
– Being Henrik’s assistant doesn’t pay much. Andrea, I wouldn’t lie to you. I really don’t know. Wouldn’t you?
Who is the kind old man then? Tell me. – He’s just a kind old man.
– Let go! Hold up, Andrea! Wait! Did something happen? Are you and Eric in business together? Are you? Did he say that? – Are you going to leave him?
– I don’t know. – He’s here now.
– You have to stand up for yourself. – Or?
– I don’t know. I don’t care. I understand. – I’ll call you back again.
– Sure. Bye. Do something with your life! Sure, you have so much on your plate,
with online courses in painting. You have a lot to do as well, I’m guessing.
What do your parents do, anyway? My mother is a culture columnist
for the local newspaper. But Andrea said she was retired? That’s what she told me. – Isn’t that right?
– They had to make cutbacks so she was let go. – This just slipped your mind?
– No, no, it didn’t. Was it that hard to tell us that? – Yes, yes, it was.
– Why is it so damn hard to get a proper answer? If someone asks me what I do for a living,
I say I’m a lawyer. I don’t say that I kind of do this thing
and defend this and that person and such. Honestly speaking, I’m just so damn
tired of your bullshit. You’re a goddamn bully. You’re a fascist. – If you’re sick of my company you should leave.
– Wait, Stig, he didn’t mean it. – Right now!
– He doesn’t mean it. He meant every word, I know he did. – Just get out! Just go!
– I will. I’ll go. Great! I remember one time I had to relate
a scene from a movie to a friend. I described it exactly as I remembered it and my friend,
who had also seen the movie, said it wasn’t in it. I thought it was strange since I watched the movie twice
so I watched it again and turns out he was right. The scene wasn’t in the movie. So, like, I don’t know… Should I say something now or…? Well, “should” and “should”, only if you want to. Uh, you lost me when you said “I remember one time”. O-okay, well… I just wanted to talk about memory,
is it reliable or not? Well, I mean, memory is selective in a way. Sometimes I can remember things
that have never actually happened. – That’s just…
– Yeah, I can repress things I don’t want to remember… Like, to rid myself of the anxiety. I don’t know.
How do you feel about it? – Huh?
– Are you even paying attention? No, sorry, you kind of lost me… again. About, uh, memory? I don’t really give it much thought. – I just like to hear the sound of my own voice.
– Okay. Yeah, I actually dedicate several hours a day
to just daydreaming. If I focus and imagine something and think
“this has happened”… It’s like it happened. I know it sounds pretty fucking weird, but to me,
somehow, it becomes a reality. Even if it is a bit hazy, like… Like I think to myself… This is what my life should have been. Huh? Like I imagine the power of my mind
can change space and time. You mean that you can change the nature
of reality with the power of your mind? Yeah, kind of, I just have this idea
that if I concentrate really hard… Okay? And it just happens. I even have a magic lamp. I’m kidding,
but it’s kind of like magic to me. If I rub it… …against your crotch? No, I don’t. I’m thinking more like that whole
Sliding Doors effect, that whole scenario… Sounds more Aladdin-inspired,
do you have a flying carpet too? …you will anyway. I’m warning you, any second now I’ll snap. “I’m warning you, any second now I’ll snap.” Oh my god. Take it out! “Oh my… God! Take it out now.” Hey, this is your final warning. – What are you doing?
– “What are you doooing?” – Stop it.
– “Stoooop it.” You’re a useless person, just walking around
like “ooh, look at me, I’m so fucking cool”. I’ll tell you, you should take that hat and
shove it up your ass, you fucking sissy. Let go! Let me go! I’m dying! Let go! I’m suffocating! LET GO! I can’t breathe! I mean, in the animal kingdom,
rape is part of procreation. But you can’t compare animals to people like that. Why not? – I-I don’t know.
– We’re animals, right? Yeah, yeah, whatever. Eric, over to you.
Are you still working as a personal care assistant? No, I quit so now I’m studying full-time
and living off of student loans. – Crippling debt all the way, huh?
– Yep. I see now that we’re almost out of time,
so I wish you luck with your studies. As well as with the whole Youth Culture…thing. – And thank you for talking to us.
– Thanks for having me. – Thank you, Robin, as usual.
– Thanks. And thanks to our listeners for tuning in today. You’re all welcome next week for another episode of
“Danne’s Place” with a new exciting guest. Thank you. – Wait. There!
– Yeah! – Alright!
– I have to hit the head. So when will this air, then? Oh right, so yeah, the thing is sometimes
we get some, like, back-up stuff… Stuff that doesn’t necessarily
go up on the website. So it’s not definite if this episode will air. We might get Henrik Dorsin on Thursday so… Well, you understand. Hey! Excuse me! Do you have a lighter? Hold up, are you from here? – Are you from here?
– Why? – No, I was just curious.
– No, I’m here for the exhibition at Liljevalsch. – Oh, nice! So you’re into the arts?
– Mhm, I’m at art school. – What year?
– Sophomore. That’s so cool. – So what’s your thing?
– I don’t know, I guess it’s some kind of performance. So…what’s your thing?


  • Hate watching Letter Box films


  • with a title like this how can it not be a horrible movie… lol

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