Cynthia Rothrock VS Chintya Candranaya Fight Back My Opinion | USA VS INDONESIA

she’s saying stop stop stop! okay okay ladies and gentlemen it’s your boy ShadyShae the one and the only guys and I’m back
with you again guys very very back as most of you know i have switched up
channel guys i do vlogs now and in my vlogs I try things and um also a few people have
requested that oh shady can you try to do a journal type vlog or something
where you just you know you know you understand so i’m like yes I’m gonna do it yeah but I’m gonna try to spice it up you know make it interesting anyway guys
anyway guys let’s not talk too much about me I’m just gonna jump on this reaction right away he’s gonna be Cynthia Rothrock
vs. chintya Candranaya i’ve had that request a long time ago
to try to compare these two people one is an actress one is a real martial artist but she’s does
a bit of acting as well anyway I’m just gonna react to them both and compare and see you know how it goes you know and you let me know the comment section as well but before we start go down quickly smash the like button guys, subscribe to my channel! give me that love and let’s go let’s go let’s do this guys okay that’s her samu young Cynthia oh she told him bro do not disrespect okay
Tommy young okay I think since you had some good posture I know he’s very old
Porsche ah so nice posture oh he’s serious now my god she is now he’s gonna
give out the punches and it acting bought bro
that’s some heavy punches those okay that was acting for those nine thousand
two thousand ice kingdom okay that was good that was very good I
didn’t see that coming oh yeah since you’re a frog
she had the post job especially post show she had a physique shadowed look
shots pretty face as well and she moves good when she moves it’s nice Emily
acting but she soon moves nice anyway let’s go to Qin Jia Qian Ania my baby Oh give it to them
– damn babes oh that’s how I like my women strong – okay she’s fighting back yo yo is that the two-finger push up here
to finger you know I tried it yet I can do forefinger but don’t soon I’ll be
able to do two fingers oh yeah I push it up push it up push it up Wow given enough hotel rooms oh I mean
the hello corridor well hotel one in the restaurant as well she say I’m not gonna
pay I’m not gonna pay for my food they like pay even like what okay I do think
of you shop ask me you’re not gonna punch your face Yoshi if you just call the team okay okay okay nice try but I we kick the : I was
gonna stick to being a fan do you get the bigger the logic here
so she’s fast in the corner fighting in Fatima Fatima Fatima obviously so fast
dr. hunts so she’s washing it off so the width of fact of the corona is to do
these things yeah
yeah wash wash the last the suffer fedora yeah yeah
yeah that’s what I’m saying that’s I’m saying she’s so strong yet
like there’s a video by reacted to that she busted a wall she busted a concrete
year was the boss the boss addition she plans to back punching as well
she killing machine yeah I’m telling changes channel man she’s just she’s mad
she does it real you know she doesn’t really change a rough rock while she was
back in the day like the days the times of our parents you know yeah but she has
some news as well she has some news and oh yeah I read like her welcome since
yeah I think she’s a youtuber now I see how you channel she does some things
traveling around the world testing things and you guys appreciate the one
holy guys gonna quit in some mash the like watch I’ll give me that love and
yeah guys up to the next video I love you mother once a g1e oh you are the
shining oh that lightness shine in my way you

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