Can You Make Hand Sanitizer From Booze?

>>Today’s episode is
brought to you by Raycon.>>Head on over to and get 15% off your first order. They’re earbuds.>>They’re great.>>They make music, or talk.
They make talk. Where do we go in 2020? What do you want to do?>>I want to engineer a virus. [dramatic music]>>Oh boy, Jason Murphy,
these are crazy times. Right now we are in the
middle of a full on pandemic. We are practicing social distancing which I didn’t really
grasp how important it was until I read that article
on The Washington Post. Did you read that?>>I haven’t completed it but they had a lot of moving pictures and so that pretty much ensures that I’ll give it another look.>>What I liked about it
is that it broke down, like, look, we get it,
sick person infects other healthy people, everyone becomes sick. Then it says, but,
eventually people get better, so you have sick people,
everyone gets sick, and then everybody gets better. What we want to avoid, is sick
people infecting everybody. Everybody being sick
at the exact same time and overwhelming the system,
and then getting better. So they had one simulation
that looked like the Wuhan situation where you started with a strict quarantine but it eventually broke. And eventually everybody got sick but at no point did everybody get sick at the exact same time. Then they ran a simulation of what they called social distancing which is what we are
illustrating right now. Which is some number of people don’t move other people of course go about their day. And, yes, eventually everybody gets sick. Yes, eventually everybody gets better. But at no point does the
system get overwhelmed. This is where that
#flattenthecurve comes from. The idea is, yes, look, it’s an alien force that’s
going to infect us all. Let’s just make sure it doesn’t happen all at the same time.>>Well, fortunately, Modern Rogue
has been preparing for disastrous scenarios
for quite a while.>>Yes.
>>JASON: We’re good.>>Also very isolationist. [laughs] [Jason laughs] I unironically had the thought, “it’s a good time to own a cult compound” [laughing]>>Yeah, and that brings us to all the crazy things that people do. There’s not a lot of really solid information out there. And so people are picking
up rumors and innuendos. Things they hear on
the poop-filled bathtub that is the internet. And so, people are panic buying, they’re hoarding things like toilet paper and masks and other necessities
like hand sanitizer.>>Yeah, dude. This is part of being a modern rogue, is realizing what you don’t
want is hand sanitizers. What you want is clean hands. And of course, the CDC
is very specific on this. They say you should use
soap and water, 30 seconds. You know, sing “Happy Birthday,” get all the cracks and crevices and then also use hand sanitizer. But what is hand sanitizer?>>Hand sanitizer is
not super complicated. The most important thing
there is the alcohol. And that is what denatures the proteins to kill all of the bad little things that might be crawling around
on surfaces and on your hands.>>Yeah, but how much alcohol? Because there was a rumor running around that Tito’s Vodka would clean everything and Tito’s had to put a big
public announcement out saying “No, our vodka, which you
are supposed to drink, “is not strong enough “to kill any viruses on your hands. “Stop using it that way.”>>The hand sanitizers
on the market go anywhere from like 40% alcohol to 95%. For safety’s sake, you’re going to want something
that has at least 70%.>>And that’s the important part. If the alcohol is the
important active ingredient, you could get alcohol places
other than hand sanitizers. For example, this clearly not fit for
human consumption concoction.>>Yeah, this is Everclear.
It’s 190 proof. That is 95% ethyl alcohol.>>And again, this is not ideal, but if you can’t get your hand on… Oh, we didn’t even talk about the price gouging that’s going on.>>Right. I found one thing of just
normal hand sanitizer. It’s actually a 12-pack for $116. And these were only
eight-ounce containers.>>Meanwhile, we got some aloe vera gel, which is often the substrate used for a lot of these, and Everclear. Aloe vera gel… what, about eight bucks? And then the Everclear was how much?>>Oh, it was about $39.>>Okay, great. So we could make an awful
lot of hand sanitizer. What’s the ratio that we want?>>I generally tend to
trust Popular Science. They’ve got a ratio on here that’s one cup of alcohol
to half a cup of aloe vera.>>We are going by, I guess,
volume not by mass on this then.>>Correct.>>Okay, so, I’m going to
go ahead and do two cups because that will be easier to measure. Okay, so I got about two cups of Everclear and then one up of this aloe vera gel?>>That’s right.>>And–
>>And some people recommend you can also add like
15 drops of tea tree oil which is an antibacterial essential oil or another essential oil to
make it smell a little better. But really what you want is the aloe vera to keep your hands from drying out and the alcohol to kill all the bad stuff.>>As a matter of fact, looking
at the actual ingredients on this hand sanitizer, it ain’t rocket science. It’s pretty much aloe vera and booze.>>It’s real simple. Don’t drink hand sanitizer!>>Oh, Jesus Christ!>>I’m just going to
tell you that right now. [Brian laughs]
Don’t drink it.>>[laughs] I am so sad to admit that that’s what surprised
me on the Wikipedia. It says that it’s a… nevermind. We’re not talking about that, nevermind. All right.
[Jason laughs] I’ve got about two cups of Everclear and three cups of aloe vera. Just mix well I guess?>>It was supposed to
one cup of aloe vera.>>Yes, oh I’m sorry, three cups total. Two cups Everclear–
>>[laughs] Okay.>>One cup aloe vera. Okay, so what are the safety concerns while you’re making this stuff?>>Crazy flammable.>>Yeah, alcohol tends to do that. In fact, here, let’s… just to test because Science. I didn’t even want a
flame near this.[laughs] I’m just going to squirt a
little bit of this in here and… We’ve got a fire extinguisher. It’ll be fine.
>>JASON: Careful. [soothing banjo music]>>Yep, and it’s that dangerous flame where you could see that
it’s actually burning, but it’s burning really dim
blue so you can’t even tell. It’s only when you put something in, it’s like that invisible flame. Look at this. It’s going to start to burn this wood. Ain’t that wild?>>Oh wow.>>So that’s regular hand sanitizer. How do I put that out? I should put a cup on a cup. So we’ll smother that out.>>And that was the regular,
off-the-shelf hand sanitizer?>>Yeah, yeah. So I guess it’s nothing that … Boy it’s hard to even tell if it’s going. Yeah, it’s definitely done. Wow, I didn’t realize how
nasty real sanitizer was. Okay, now I’m going to
put in just a little bit of our homegrown stuff. And I bet it looks exactly the same. Whoa! Oh, that’s a lot.>>You mix a little
thermite in there, Brian.>>Oh, no no no.
>>It’ll burn even better.>>This is the real reason
you’re working remote? [laughs] It’s nothing to do with the virus. Is it going? Whoa, yep, that’s going. Look at that. And, again, you can’t even see it.>>Yeah, you’ve got to be really careful because you could have
an out of control fire in your work area and not even realize it.
>>And you won’t even know it. Yeah, look at that. So I just set the skewer over it and you can see it’s already
singeing it on the bottom. Everything’s about to
burst into flames here.>>JASON: There it is.>>And so, of course,
you don’t want to use… [blowing] You don’t want to use
water on that kind of fire. You want to choke it out using
a chemical fire extinguisher or by smothering it. I think we got it. [laughs] Turns out it’s still burning.[laughs] No, we’re good, we’re good. Okay, all right, all right. [Jason laughs] Yeah, so, nothing to mess around with. This is sanitation of
last resort for sure. This is very liquidy. I don’t know… We’ll see.
>>Really?>>Yeah, I mean it’s pouring straight… You know, oh no, I guess
it’s enough of a gel.>>I mean you could
always play with the mix, but the problem is if you
get too much aloe vera and not enough alcohol, it’s not going to be effective enough. If you get too much alcohol, it’ll start evaporating and
won’t be effective enough.>>Yeah, but at this
point, we’re pretty sure that we are over that 70% threshold. So I guess I’ll just try it.>>You going to self-apply?>>Yeah.>>Are you going to test
our experiment on yourself? [Brian laughs]
Irresponsible science!>>All right, here we go. So my question… I wonder if it’s going to … How long it takes to dry
compared to regular old–>>How does it feel, does it feel good?>>It actually does. Yeah, I’ve got to admit, I thought that this was
going to stink and be nasty, but I can’t smell anything. It takes very little time. I put a lot on my hands and in under 20 seconds, maybe 25 seconds, it’s already drying. And that aloe vera is making everything
feel kind of feel like baby soft smooth.>>Nice! Now keep in mind that this
is a last-ditch effort. This is not something that you should use to replace actually washing your hands.>>Right. And or, actual sanitizer
off the shelf, I mean, if you can get a hold of
it, then get a hold of it. But, I mean, these are weird
times we’re living in, man. [laughs] If you can’t get a hold of it, it seems like this’ll do
as well as anything else. When the crap really hits the fan, I’d be curious to know how
much money we would be saving by making our own versus the
price gouging versions of this.>>I would be curious
to see how much money we would be making…
[Brian laughs] by selling the homegrown version. Available now on my website. Go to www.I’mgonnagougeyour[bleep].com Phrasing. That sounded bad.>>Please don’t go there. Not safe for work, not
safe for work. [laughs]>>That’s …
>>All right. Do us a favor guys…>>I need to come up with a new URL. That one needs work, admittedly.>>All right, look. How do I turn you off? There we go, there we’ll do that. And then, you guys stay safe, wash your hands, be good,
we’ll see you.[laughs]>>Brian, I’ve been going
through boxes in my home, getting rid of old electronics and there was this golden box.
>>Giant box-set of Melissa Etheridge albums and you were thinking about how she is such a fan of Raycons.>>That’s the first thing
that came to my mind.>>Yeah dude.>>The second thing that came
to my mind was all of the wires that were all tangled around
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>>Come, Raycon.>>”And let me have the Bluetooth ease “that comes with your
everyday E25 Raycon earbuds.”>>Yes, they’ve got six
hours of battery life, more bass, and they’re super affordable. I am indebted to Melissa Etheridge on a number of levels. [Brian laughs] But mostly for her
recommendation of Raycon.>>Yes, exactly, because she is obsessed with Raycons. Good enough for Melissa,
good enough for us.>>That’s right.
>>And that’s why you should head on over
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I even sleep in mine and they don’t break the bank so you’re not totally
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these wonderful earbuds. Now be like Melissa Etheridge. You know you’ve always wanted to. Now’s your chance.>>Oh boy, crazy times gang. Do me a favor. Don’t just sit there hitting
F5 refreshing on the news. You’re going to spin
yourself up and go crazy. Learn some stuff. As a matter of fact, our friend Brian Dunning over at Skeptoid, made 700 episodes of his
show available totally free. And of course we have 800 plus episodes over at You can learn some magic. So when we do get to go
back out in the sunshine and meet each other and hangout, you can win free beers. Be the life of the party.


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