Bundesrat Cassis bespricht im Krisenmanagement-Zentrum die Aktivitäten im Zusammenhang mit COVID-19

Our employees naturally understand all these calls, all these worries We cannot repatriate every single person. It is not the role of the state, it is the personal responsibility of each citizen. The Swiss who are travelling as tourists or for business and who want or have to return to Switzerland, should hurry, because the coronavirus epidemic is causing states to reduce air connections and close the borders. I assume that it will be even more difficult to fly back to Switzerland in the next days. It is the personal responsability of every citizen to ensure that they return to Switzerland as soon as possible. The Federal Council calls on all travelers who want to return to come back now and not to wait a few more days. What we can do is make the necessary recommendations, that’s what these people do, and to inform on the website how each citizen should organize himself. My appeal is: do it immediately and don’t wait for extra days.

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  • Es ist jetzt eine Pandemie keine Epidemie mehr.

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