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I had tongues all over my face and everywhere else. The people extremely exploit that. And i know, there was a 60-year-old woman, she was licking all over my face. To the nose, eyes and back. He originally came from the SPUTNIK zone. But for ten years he’s living in LA. Nevertheless we’re love to dropping the fact, that here’s his origin. We’re so pleased, that he’s here. Melancholic Paradise is the latest tour and single. Bill Kaulitz is here! Hello! Hey! The game has one rule: You have to be honest! Okay.
Are you an honest person? I’m totally honest, yes! Look, I play with you.
You don’t get through this alone! Now I’m a little bit nervous! Watch out.
I already have done ‘sexting’. Oh yes, definitely yes! You have sent nude pics? Yes. When I send pictures, such pictures. I pay Attention, that you can’t see any tattoos. If they’re get published, you can say ‘that’s the best piece of somebody else’. The boys from ‘Years and Years’ said lately: ‘Penis or face. Never both!’ Yes! Never both! You can’t find a pic of myself, where you can see me or an tattoo could betray me. In this way I’m clever. I’m honest, am I? You doing great! I have used my popularity to get out of problems. Yes! Tell! I’ve done this few times!
e.g. for friends. When we’re traveling.
Or recently, a friend of mine was stopped by the police. We were in the car behind him and I went to the front. And said: ‘hello!’ And he was like, ‘oh hello, we knew us!’ And I said: ‘Can we make an exception? I’m sorry, we had to hurry, because we have a date rightnow. And the police men kept us going.
Such things. In Germany? In Germany, this happened in Berlin few days ago. You said: ‘Mister Officer we take an selfie together and then we can go.’ Exactly! He said alright, but I want to have an Autograph. And I was like: ‘I do everything, but please let us leave.’ How corrupt is Germany? Corrupt Germany! Yes! I’ve got exposed by messing around with somebody. Wait for it. I must thinking About that. It’s great, that you take it so seriously. Yes. I think by a friend. We were at her home.
Actually I was very young. Oh gosh, I started very young! Did you have a private room for this? This excist often at that kind of party. Totally! Yes, there was a private room and that’s why I thought It would kept closed. But it wasn’t. I have been illegally left a dog’s pile. Yes, definitely. To be honest: I do this very often. When I wear an outfit, that doesn’t fit to the poop bag. And the poop is at the side. To which oufit is matching a poop bag ? You know, sometimes I got ready for an event. When you are private with sweatpants, it’s okay. My outfit works, yours not. But sometimes I’m ready for something and do a quick walk with the dog. And you like strange when you take these poop bags with you. It’s in LA frowned upon like here? In LA it’s much worser. Oh really? Yes, they are very extreme and you can get in trouble. I’m an emotional cardriver. Hmmmm. Nope. For a very long time, I did not drive. Actually I think 8 years. And I started again last year. You didn’t drive a car in LA?
How did you do this? Because my brother was driving the whole time. We are everywhere together and Tom hates to be the co-driver. And now I started again. We don’t live together anymore. That means I must drive by myself and since last year I drive again. Is it okay for you to live alone? That’s okay, because.. – it would be strange three living together? We’re spending much time in one house together. But I realised that, because Tom is very often at our house. We are working together, that means we’re meet us instantly and see us constantly. Actually we’re going to sleep in separate houses. I have watched an celebrity sex tape. Yes. And who was it? So I watched the one from Kim Kardashian. But I don’t see the whole. I watched the whole video of Paris Hilton. And the one with Pamela Anderson on the boat? I don’t know this. Me too, but many talked about it earlier. We can watch this later together. I have messed around with a groupie. Yes. Automatically, because for our video ‘Love Who Loves You Back’ could fans apply. And the video was like an orgy. My idea was that I kiss and touch all the people. Men and women, actually there were many people. And it was a bit like to making a porn. Had someone potential there? Honestly it was a little bit disgusting. My stylist came everytime and gave my a towel that I can wipe me up. Because I had tongues all over my face. The people extremely exploit that. And i know, there was a 60-year-old woman, she was licking all over my face. To the nose, eyes and back. Ehmm yes. Bill Kaulitz, thank you very much! These were the ‘Illegale Fragen’ with Bill Kaulitz. And if you don’t want to miss the ‘Illegale Fragen’ subscribe these channel.


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    Ansonsten ganz sympathisch

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  • Richtiger gaylord die Beziehung mit Heidi ist größte fake

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