• I'm glad you barczyked everything off your list lhh

  • Every animal is "an absolutely gorgeous animal" lol

  • What is this serial killer podcast that was bleeped out but mentioned? Sounds super interesting.

  • I'm loving your animals photo bombing the video 😂 1:52
    Lol it's like it was saying play with me I'm bored!

  • Get gila monster or ill make acid

  • Great videos ❤️

  • Hey does any one know what the podcast Erik was talking about was called. No reason..

  • Every time I see Sunrise, I always think of Sunshine and how much I still miss her after all this time.

  • Great job as always. My eight year old daughter is so excited to come to the new reptarium someday. She spends most of her weekends with me just watching your videos. She's most excited about seeing Bella. Can't wait to get to the opportunity to come out.

  • 5:46 the hell was thaaat

  • We need you to get a couple caiman lizards!! Would make a awesome display


  • Show Lucy more!

  • You should do a shout out for Gannon boy
    Bring Gannon home safe
    I watch u all the time and would be nice to have support 1,000 miles away
    Pray for Gannon 🙏🙏❤️

  • Rip rabbit

  • Where do you get the mice and rats from

  • Can't wait to see the new iguana and bull snake🥰

  • Just bought a large bearded dragon today couldn't be more excited! 🙂😊

  • Bullsnake is a great idea

  • Bullsnake is a great idea

  • Would be cool if you get Lori to let you have a Venomous snake room in a future expansion or something like that

  • Anticipation is growing by the day just waiting on the opening !!! ❤️🐍 🐢 🐸 🦎🐊 🦥🐁🐇🐖🐀🐥🐟🥬🍌🔪📷❤️

  • Great vid as usual. Wish i was out there helping today.Take care and hopefully see you in March

  • EMERGENCY GENERATOR ! I'm sure you already thought about it and it's already on your list. The Smithsonian level collection you have put together is incredible. You all should be proud. Brian is becoming the Mr. Rodgers of the reptile world. You should record the ( Mr. Barczyk Neighborhood) intro. It would be priceless. Thank you for sharing with us the dream life a lot of us wished for at 8 years old.
    Get yourself one of those giant generators on a trailer . I've seen rentals on construction sites. Losing power for more than a few hours where you live would be would be horrific. Thanks again.

  • You rock man thanks for making my mornings awesome everyday 👍

  • Expansion is looking awesome 👍 Eric is the man also

  • Hi Brian and Lori, Just wanted to find out if the vlog will be longer on opening day or maybe 2 show for that day…. also if you are still adding fish to Ivys tank the water temp need to be at least 82*. That you watch and learn everyday! 🐍🐢🐊🦥

  • @Brian Barczyk – Will you be putting multiple snakes in 1 enclosure together? If not – is there a reason why such as makes them aggressive/territorial?

  • Brian you should get a red eyed crocodile skink, They are really cool looking and cute.

  • Same shit everyday

  • Will you be putting any fish in Ivy's cage considering it has water

  • So the big install is this Friday February 14th right, I hope you YouTube it,love this channel

  • That last podcast on the left

  • Your so brave going in to ivy in closer x

  • Where is verdi?

  • In Arkansas the turtles would alway pick the low hanging ripe tomatoes.

  • My snake keeps having dirty sheds what would you recommend to fix it

  • Friday is the 14th

  • Bella ❤️❤️❤️

  • Love when Lori's in the vlog

  • Orange Dream Black Pastel Banana Cypress Ball Python

  • hey Brian, I think it would be cool if you breed an Anaconda and a boa, by the way, cool vlog today!

  • Where do you get the animals food from?

  • are u polish? because your last name sound very polish

  • A tomato is a fruit ??

  • Brian, I love brb’s, mine baby’s called Ethel,she’s a little over 6feet 8inch’s. she’s got a 20 litre moss box, that she loves and a kitty litter tray for a pond,but she’s only in a 4 feet by 18by18 inch viv. I really want to give her what she deserves as an environment, any chance you could do a bit of a video on brb’s and their environments so,if I’m honest I can steel some ideas?

  • 👋 Waving back at the water monitor waving at us in the background.

  • I like Perdita she is beautiful

  • Man I wish I didn’t live so far so I can swing by and help out with the expansion!
    Everything is looking great!

  • Brian I sure hope you will give it another shot to add a Cribo or Indigo to the expansion. Drymarchon are phenomenal colubrids

  • Brian if you see this can you reply because I have a question

  • Please get a caiman and caiman lizard for your zoo

  • Does anyone have any guesses of the podcast Eric mentioned?

  • Film Daisy more often

  • Awwweee Bella and Casper are favs ❤️

  • Can you do a cribo enclosure? Or is that too crazy of a colubrid?

  • Can you like organize a reptile show in Houston Texas and the George r brown center it’s faint and it can be one of the biggest reptile shows ever

  • Please accept this opinion in the warm and respectful spirit it is intended. You have no business feeding Ivy by hand, especially when you have climbed into her space. Do you really want your last vlog to be an "up close and personal POV" of her accidentally choking or constricting you to death? It would only take one moment of confusion on her part, one coil looped over your head. Would a cameraman even be strong enough to get her to release? Not for long–shes getting so big!

  • Cant wait to come over in March and see the new enclosures and the expansion… and hopefully help me get over my arachnophobia. I grew up with parents who are terrified of snakes. So it's pretty weird how I find every snake truly beautiful. Again thank you brain for showing the world how calm and loving these beautiful creatures can be

  • Yay colubrids!!!

  • can you come to my school it is called charles H. bullock school it is in montclair NJ

  • I HAVE BIN WATCHING YOU FOR 3 YEARS NOW AND I just got a blue tunged skink

  • On the larger enclosure I would definitely do all 4 sides with the support risers u are doing and one in the center. I my self would do all of them with 4 sides and a center. 2×4 are not expensive they are actually pretty cheap. I cant imagine u spending to much building. It will definitely suck the first time one gives out because u had to go inside to clean it. I saw the wood u guys build them with and they will absorb water not sure how well the bottom is water sealed but if one is not sealed 100% and a year from now u step in and fall through that would suck. It could still happen with the support on the bottom but improving the chances it doesnt for sure.

  • what a shirt; ufo, loch ness and bigfoot.

  • Rabbits much better than pigs Brian.

    Pork not a good meat.

    Rabbits are lean and usually fed decent.

    Had one of the biggest Guyana boas ever seen and the guy that bought her later from me killed her feeding pigs trying to get her fat.

    Like that fat pig anaconda in that other video with that burm.

    Fat humans and snakes don't live long.

    Much more impressive is an exhibition full of muscular vibrant animals than obese ones.

    Keep her on rabbits and don't try to pump her.

    It was not easy for me either to look in the mirror and realize the creator did not make a fat slob, I did.

    He does not make fat snakes either , however I believe in Allah and not some horse pile we came from apes.

    These animals need lean prey and the prey fed correct as humans need real food to be healthy and live long.

    I say these things with love.

    I did not get three hundred pounds and full of diseases years ago because I did correct.

    However without doctors the truth can set one free and their animals.

    We are what we eat, period.

    So are they.

    And why so many imports die.

    Fat layered prey that they have hell digesting….then barf.

    Like taking a jungle man and giving him a big Mac …barf.

    Just because captives can tolerate fatty prey items does not mean it is good for them and they die by 20 or earlier and then these kids think that's as long as they live.

    When I return babies I will teach you and those of my willing brothers the truth….with proof.

    No Latin or long litany needed.

    Or ego.

    People must realize the importance of the food chain and how man's formulated foods are not part of it.

    The fat prey items being fed to these animals is what is killing them and especially over feeding them on top of it.

    That 15 foot Guyana boa out of the wild in perfect strong health was only 40 pounds and verified.

    Just 40 pounds.

    I've seen 8 footers weighing 40-70 pounds and it's not good.

    Just like it's not good for us.

    Those with ears.

    Love you both old souls.


  • Do you have Pac-Man frogs ?

  • How many types of Gardner Snakes are in the United States

  • See the dude clawing at the glass in the background? 🤣

  • Ban all reptiles in the US

  • I so enjoy watching you videos of the animals. As beautiful as they are. I think the Rough Green Snake is the coolest snakes. I, realize they aren't pets or in the pet trade , still my favorite.

  • Hey Brian you should add a king Kobra to the reptarium

  • Are you going to do venomous at some point at zoo

  • Love this video! Ivy is getting absolutely massive! Btw, I’m pretty sure what Eric and Andrea both said besides Checking In of course because I’m subscribed to that podcast too and it’s amazing is Last Podcast On The Left which I’m also subscribed to and love cause I’m obsessed with all things true crime! Please let me know if I’m right! Can’t wait to see the Reptarium expansion grand opening! 👍🏻🤔 💚 🐍

  • My snake just started eating fuzzy mice

  • Love hearing about the addition and can't wait , but you haven't did any updates on the new two headed addition in the past little bit, love seeing you guys every day, until tomorrow had a great day…….

  • I love bullsnakes. I catch them every summer by my house. Great animals, I've always wanted one as a pet.

  • Joe Rogan is the best

  • Can you put chicken strip in the anaconda enclosure when you move her

  • can you start doing more videos of ball python and boa constrictor morphs and breeding projects

  • Elvis in the back is just waving at everyone lol

  • hey brian love the videos can we aee more videos that incude night fury please please sir

  • Hey Brian! Could you do some more carpet pythons stuff? I'm in Australia and that's about the most common thing I have to work with here Thanks bro. Love the vlogs!

  • You should do a colander with Chandlors wild life. That would be so epic to mix your guys different kind of animals.

  • Walk into that tortoise enclosure with red shoes… you will see them run. I thought my tortoises were really happy to see me one day. Then I realized I just had red shoes on. I guess we were both a little disappointed 😜.

  • Hey Brian did you happen to catch the monitor in the background trying to open the glass sliding doors on his/her terrarium, it's at 2:25 of the video..I was laughing so hard cause you were feeding Geoffrey and all you can see behind you is this lizard trying to get the glass open….I think it's hungry too!!..😂😂😂😂

  • Brian, congratulations on your wonderful serpentariums. I have a small driftwood operation, and if you need some for your new enclosures, I'd be glad to help.

  • When are you going to invest in herbivorous snakes? I'd pay to see that! 😂

  • Have you ever fed Reptilinks? I've always been curious about them. I have a picky hoggie

  • Snake feedings are really cool to see!!

  • What kind of tortoise is “Matilda”

  • Why is today’s video private ?

  • i think ur are amazing at what you do the one question i do have is how do u fit it all in every day with the amount of animals you have . they are beuitful i love perdita and bella but i am hoping to get a ball python my self.

  • Big guy in the back trying to slide the glass door open lol

  • I went down to my dam today and found thousands of green tree frog eggs

  • 2:28 Elvis trying to open the glass door 😂😂❤️

  • Not the rabbit

  • That's awesome you are going to add more colubrids! They have such a great personality.

  • I love all of your videos you and your family are awesome thank you for all of the time you but in your videos I love all of your animals

  • I always watch and comment but never get a reply or a hey girl thanks for commenting as I have done for best part of a yr or more hmmm 🤔 maybe my comets not being seen maybe I should god more 🥴🥴🥴

  • The fake phony drama is too much. Oooooh, Oohhhhhh wow, oh man……………….

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