BELL Revolver Modular Helmet

Hey guys, Matt and Seth here at Up North Sports. We’re checking out the Bell Revolver modular
helmet today. As you can see, a few different color options. You can check out the full sizing chart and
all the sizes and colors available at Now all the ones we have here today in our
video are all electric shield options, but you can certainly get the dual lens option
as well, Seth. Now let’s dive into some of the features because
this is a feature packed helmet. My favorite being this magnetic breath box
Seth. Absolutely and it’s probably the most unique
breath box we’ve ever seen out of any helmet throughout the industry and I love that about
this Matt. Now, it does offer a little bit of a unique
wear, but once you get used to it, I think it’s a really user friendly system. So what’s really awesome about this guys is
not only is this an extraordinarily aggressive breath for a modular style helmet, but it’s
also very user friendly in the fact that it can come out as easy as that. It is a magnetic function, it attaches here
and here, right near the chin and it can go right back in just as easily, so that’s a
feature that’s going to be very unique with the Revolver. That’s going to give you a lot of flexibility,
so if you’re stopping on the trail, you want to grab a drink, you just pull off that magnetic
breath box, grab a drink, it’s as easy as that. You’ll also see, Jason, if you’ll zoom back
up on here, you’re also going to have the included chin curtain on here as well, so
you’re set to go here in cold weather riding. And as Seth and I always do with any helmet,
with the electric option, if you’re a cold weather rider, we certainly will recommend
that electric shield option as well. Now Seth, this also has the quick release
to get that shield off as well, super easy to replace the shield. Oh man, you got it, and that’s something about
any shield and helmet that I’m a huge fan of, there are some that require quarters or
tools, different unique ways to turn in and try and get that shield off there. This is one you can do along the trail if
you happen, if you need to do such a thing, so I’m going to show you guys real quick how
easy this really is. Now we have the shield in the fully upright
position and what you’re going to want to do is, you’re going to find this real nice
small tab here and you’re going to push it away from the eye port, and as you can see,
it’s going to release the, release the shield from the main body of the helmet and let me
get it on this side, it’s as easy as that. What’s most impressive Matt is how easy it
goes back in, again, keeping it in that fully upright position and it’s suppressed right
back inside, we get that baby on there and you are ready and rocking to ride baby. Absolutely. Another feature that I love in any modular
helmet is definitely the drop down sun visor as well. You got it and that’s a feature this helmet
does offer for you guys so off the left hand side, typically that’s where you find a lot
of these drop down functions, you’re going to find it right at the bottom of the cheek,
really, really nice user-friendly, really easy to do and again, nice solar color drop-down
sun visor. Great feature in modular helmet. You do have the removable wash and liner in
this helmet as well. Let’s talk about safety, Seth, what is this
on the rating form. Now were are a DOT safety rating on this guys,
it’s going to be an awesome feature to have when you are out on the trail, DOT is all
anyone ever needs, now there other high ratings, the ECE and the snell approval, but in these
modular style helmets, it gets a little bit tougher to find that ECE rating, so this is
a helmet that actually offers DOT, but you’re going to find that in most modular style helmets,
so don’t let that turn you off because again, the DOT rating is phenomenally protective. Absolutely, guys, if you’re looking for a
jam packed, with tons of features and modular helmet, I really encourage you to check out
the Bell Revolver helmet. I totally dig that removable magnetic breath
box, one of the coolest features you’ll see on any modular helmet. Check it out,, as well as
our full sizing chart, all the colors available. If you ever have any questions about sizing
or ever need any help, call Seth or I here at 866-335-8500.

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