A new era in MLB caps

in 1990 really the first year we did World Series champion scale we made less than a thousand caps for world champions this year if the Cubs win will will be upwards of probably 3 million caps we're making product specific to the team any achieve their in postseason based on the demand we will be making specific you know caps for that Club you know and for that consumer it's not just a royal blue cap that we slap a logo on the front panel on what we do in 59 50s made from a bolt of material you know 22 steps go into it and we're pretty good at it you know when you think about you know 3 to 4 days to to produce a hundred thousand caps our stretch fit fabric will probably do about a hundred thousand Yost on our AC fitted product will be about 140 thousand yar itself when it comes to producing the product that goes out to the retailers it is the exact same cap that the players will be wearing on the field we can produce upwards of a couple hundred thousand caps in the 24 hour period of time we've been on the field of play since 1934 with the Cleveland Indians so our history is all about the authenticity of the brand it isn't a postseason for the first time and we will be in regular season for the 217 season offerings it's great that we were able to work through that with Major League Baseball I think that they're very excited about it we're obviously extremely excited about because it's really the one item on the field of play that didn't have a brand on it so it's it's great that we're going to debut that with postseason you know you get to go to the games you get the experience to fans and the fans are awesome you know it doesn't matter what the team's when you get into postseason you know and you can go to games and you can just you can just feel the energy in the ballpark to have a family business that's four generations old with a fifth generation on the way and to be a part of Major League Baseball for as long as we have been and to be you know on the heads of you know so many you know legends honored to be part of Major League Baseball and to have the relationships we do with Major League Baseball it's really pretty pretty special to be part of you know Major League Baseball history absolutely


  • Awesome

  • J.T. PATTY. R.I P.

  • I need a Fitted Fitted Cap cause they dont make my size

  • I was really disappointed with this move. I've only purchased New Era 59Fifty Authentic caps over the years because they're the official cap the players wear. And they aren't meant to be stylish or cool and that's why I've loved them. No XL team logos, no bling or flashy crap. No crazy colors or materials, just the team logo and the batsman stitch on back. Adding the NE flag was totally unnecessary. Anyone who knows anything about baseball knows who makes the league's caps. It doesn't need to be advertised. I'm sure the whole thing made someone a ton of money but I've been buying NE MLB caps for over 20 yrs and I'll never spend another penny on these unofficial looking replicas

  • Shipping a massive portion of your production overseas DESTROYS your brand legacy

  • I've got nothing against the new era logo, I just want the quality control to be better.. I've ordered a giants hat that had a lopsided pannel on the front of the cap, and I just received a Brewers hat with a button that was off center and rattled.. ridiculous, even the 9fifties are of better quality than these new AC caps..

  • I think it's cool to have a new era logo on it and i got some of those hats…it doesn't bother me anyway 😎

  • The whole point is to make it more clear of the brand and free advertisement since its something more noticeable.

  • what ever that flat ones sucks

  • New era patch on side SUCKS

  • New Era is total garbage now. Made in China and on On-Field branding. Low quality UnAmerican company.

  • Can you get the new era logo off the authentic field caps.

  • Fuck u and your logo. The hats now look like shit.

  • Am I the only one that doesn't mind the logo on the AC hats?

  • I just discovered that my cap is fake

  • Get rid of the new era symbol on the on Fields caps, garbage !!!

  • You can just peel the New Era logo off the hats

  • I quit buying new AC (Authentic Collection) hats because of this. Everyone already knows that NE makes the pro hats so why put another damn logo on the cap?  To me it just gives the brand a certain banality by not setting the major league apart from the rest.

  • Never buying another hat until they stop putting the New Era flag on them

  • made in china

  • This is bs. Now the pro hats will look like college ball caps.

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