10 Accessories Every Man Must Own (Spring 2020)

10 Accessories Every Man Must Own
[0:00:00] Next up on our list… [Coughs] [Sound effect]
Next… [Stutters] [Sound effect] First up on this list of essential accessory,
gentlemen, the simple pocketknife. I’ve had this one since I was 18 years old, used it
in a wide variety of situations. But, at some point in my early 20s, I decided, you know
what? I’m going to upgrade to a multi-tool, and I love multi-tools to this day.
They’ve just got everything you need right there. You buy a high-quality multi-tool,
it could last you the rest of your life or until a friend steals it. [Sound effect] Now,
the issue with multi-tool though is they’re heavy, they’re bulky, and they’re something
that you don’t want to carry on you every single day, unless you like carrying a lot
of extra weight. So, this one actually sits in my truck and
I keep it there, but then I started carrying a smaller multi-tool and then really liked
it. But, the issue with these smaller multi-tools is you try going through TSA security, they’re
going to take it away from you. So then, I put this on my key ring. And this
actually has been the best little multi-tool, it basically has never been confiscated, has
traveled with me all over the world. Looks like a key and gets the job done. It has a
tiny blade on it which actually doesn’t look like a blade, so will cut into things, a little
screwdriver. It just gets the job done. Next up, gents, let’s talk about bluetooth
headsets. Agree, disagree that these are essential? Let me know down in the comments. I want to
hear from you guys. But, I’m going to say they’re essential. Why? Because functionality.
You’re traveling, you’re going through the airport, you want to listen to your favorite
tunes, you want to be able to take your favorite call. You’re sitting there on the airplane
and some baby is crying who’s not yours. Yeah, you want to be able to tune them out,
you’re driving hands-free. So many benefits. But, I know why detractors say that these
are not essential that they are one of the worse things out there because, yeah, people
are walking across the street not paying attention about getting hit by cars. There are people
that walk into a crowded elevator, everyone’s just enjoying and this guy just is talking,
talking like there’s no one around. I get it, bad manners have really given this a bad
name, but when it comes to functionality and essential accessory in my opinion, yes.
Next up on our list of essential accessories, a man’s watch. Now, a lot of guys out there
say, “I don’t need a watch, I’ve got my phone. I can tell the time right here.”
But, come on, it’s not nearly as stylish as wearing a watch and there are actually studies
out there that show men that wear watches are more likely be punctual and on time.
Gents, when it comes to watches there are tons of options out there; automatic watches,
quartz watches, dive watches, dress watches. The options are endless. I know for a lot
of you guys you want to watch this bold, one that’s going to get you compliments, one
that’s not going to break the bank. Guys, check out Vincero, the sponsor of today’s
video. Now, gents, if you haven’t been over to the website for awhile, you want to check
it out. They’ve got all new styles, one of them The Apex. This one has been selling really
well. You want to go see if it’s in stock right now, just a beautiful watch.
Another watch I’m absolutely loving, The Vessel. So, yes, they created a dive watch down to
200 meters, a very functional watch, but good-looking at the same time. Very different from all
the other dive watches out there. And, of course, they’ve got the classic Bellwether
Collection, one of my personal favorites. What I love about this is on the dial with
that blue dial the silver, yes, I absolutely love this watch right here.
Or maybe that’s too busy, go check out their Kairos Collection. This is one of their first
collections. And what I love about this one, they’ve also got it in an automatic watch.
And, let’s not forget about the Chrono Collection, easily one of the most popular collections
and for good reason. Just look at those watches, absolutely beautiful.
One of my favorite watches, the white dial with the bronze case with that dark brown,
just the leather straps, great job on this. And, again, all their leather straps, interchangeable.
Gents, Vincero has over 20,000 five-star reviews. I’m linking to Vincero down in the description
of today’s video with the best deal you’re going to find out there. Use it or lose it,
guys. That link is a great deal. Go check out their collection. I absolutely love all
their new watches. And make sure to check out all the other accessories they’ve got
as well. So, for the next essential accessory on this
list, let me set it up. You’re walking into a room you’re about to sign a multi-million
dollar deal that for years you worked on with your company and you grab that plastic cheap
pen and you go to sign that multi – now, come on, you don’t want to use a cheap plastic
free pen. Guys, you want something that has meaning.
A quality pen, this separates the boys from the men. You actually have something that
has meaning. This one right here was gifted to me by a good friend and he said, “Hey.
You helped me achieve so much by making these introductions and teaching me. I want this
to be a pen when you’re writing down and journaling that this will lead to your next multi-million
dollar deal.” Guys, when you’ve got a quality pen and
they come in all variety of styles and options, you — it’s small things, but you — this
instrument can lead to so many great things. You think about the Constitution, you think
about all these great documents that have been signed by amazing men amazing women just
like you guys out there watching, why not have something to remember that moment by.
Now, if you didn’t buy any of that and you’re, “Antonio, that’s a bunch of BS,” then
go grab yourself a tactical pen at least. I love these. You can use them as a weapon,
they’ve got flashlights on them, little things like that I absolutely love about these pens
right here. [0:04:57]
Next up on our list, sunglasses. I don’t think anyone out there can argue that a good pair
of sunglasses can make you just look better make it look cooler. But, don’t forget guys
with sunglasses, you want a protective case. And with that protective case, you also want
to have a loose case that you could slip them into your pocket and not scratch the sunglasses.
And, speaking of scratching your sunglasses, use your microfiber cloth. So many guys scratch
their lenses by using their t-shirt. Yes, your t-shirt will scratch your lenses.
All right, gents, so the next accessory, it’s right in front of you. Do you see it? You
spot it? It’s right there, the boutonniere. So, for over a hundred years, men have been
wearing boutonnieres on their jacket lapels, but if we go back even farther we can see
for thousands of years, men have adorned themselves with flowers. A lot of guys say, “Oh! That’s
not very manly.” Well, you know gladiators wear flowers before going out because it symbolized
the fleeting beauty of life, and that’s what the boutonniere is all about.
Now, a lot of us you know we go to a wedding you got to wear something like this that isn’t
that attractive, a little bit overly sized. But, what I would recommend is finding something
maybe that goes with your jacket. This one, a bit more muted. I could have gone with something
right here with a bit more color. But, let’s talk about a bit more color right here, the
pocket square. You notice that? Now, when it comes to pocket squares, the
fold actually isn’t that important, what’s important is that you actually wear it. Most
men wearing sports jackets, blazers jackets, suit jackets, they don’t even try to sport
a pocket square. So, guys, if you’ve got a breast pocket on your jacket, go ahead and
stuff it with a pocket square. Your style is going to level up immediately.
Now, for this next accessory, let’s have a little bit of fun, and that is don’t be afraid
to wear your pins. I’m at Disneyland the other day with my kids and guess what? They wear
this pin and they get special treatment. That’s what pins do is they open up doors.
So, if you’re a part of an association you’re part of a group and they’ve got a pin and
you can find a way to add it to your clothing to your style, go ahead and do it, guys. I
see guys that wear the EGA. Basically, the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor on a suit jacket
and I immediately say, “Hey, you were a marine. I was a marine, let’s talk.”
Next up on the list of essential accessories, jewelry. Now, I know a lot of you guys are
thinking, “Antonio, a man should only ever wear a wedding ring.” But, guys, there’s
tons of other options out there. Many of you guys come from cultures in which jewelry is
much more accepted. One of the easiest pieces to incorporate into
your wardrobe, cufflinks. Not as many guys pull off cufflinks nowadays especially if
you’re just wearing shirts and you want to get them all made with cufflinks. I have a
good friend he did. He absolutely loves it, just got rid of buttons in general. He doesn’t
even wear jackets all the time, but his shirts stand out and they draw attention to his wrist
and it’s always a great conversation piece. But, guys, maybe bracelets. I’m not a huge
bracelet fan, but I do — it makes sense you could have bracelets on one hand a watch on
the other or rings. Now, people ask me all the time, “Antonio, why do you wear your
wedding ring on the right hand?” Well, I was married in the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.
But, maybe you’ve got a ring that you just want to wear has special meaning to you, maybe
you’re an engineer up in Canada, special ring for that. Point is is wear something that
has meaning and don’t be afraid to practice wearing it and wear it with confidence.
Now, really quick let’s talk about suspenders a.k.a. braces. Are these essential? Ah, no.
But, I think they’re incredibly stylish. And, for the larger guy that is always cinching
up his belt, his pants still falling down, I would argue they are essential.
Now, a lot of people they’re just not familiar with them and so, because it’s unfamiliar,
they think it’s uncomfortable it’s just something that’s not, you know, they’re worried about
try wearing these. Get your pants adjusted. A lot of these they have this right here that
you just simply have to put buttons on the inside of your pants or simply get the snap
on kind. The point is try using suspenders and you’ll find it especially if you’re a
bigger guy always having to pull up your pants, these are going to solve your problem and
they’re going to add a bit of style to your overall look.
Now, what about tie clips, money clips, business card cases? I didn’t put them on the list
because I didn’t feel they were a hundred percent essential, but if you disagree, let
me know down in the comments. And, gentlemen, headwear – hats. I think
that you can separate yourself. They in my opinion are an essential accessory especially
if it’s functional during the winter or during the summer to keep that sun off of your head.
And, if you want to learn more about hats, check out this guide I’ve got for you right
here, the ultimate guide to headwear. I had a lot of fun putting this video together,
and you will learn which hat is right for you.
[0:09:04] End of audio


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    What accessory would you add to my list? Let me know in the comments below!


    0:08 – Pocket knife

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    4:50 – Tactical pens

    4:57 – Sunglasses

    5:28 – Boutonniere

    6:02 – Pocket square

    6:24 – Pins

    6:52 – Jewelry

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