1 REALLY good way to tell if your New Era hat is real. shopHATS.com

hey guys go out here from shop has calm today we're gonna do a follow-up video to a video did a couple months ago about how you could tell if you had faked or not however in this video is geared specifically to new era and new current new era hats so all you got to do is this is a new era hat you got to do is all you do is flip the hat upside down look for the new era tag sometimes you won't see it might be hitting but there's a little flap on the bottom the care instructions and if you get closer there's a hologram strip going across and what that ship actually says is it repeats new era then the new era logo is repeated multiple times going across you're not gonna see the first time around but you have to really look close and something like that it's really hard to counterfeit so when you're in a store we just gotta have from Amazon or whatever you get it you have from just uh about the tag onto our hat and see if it has a hologram strip well alright I'll see you guys in the next episode make sure to subscribe for more tips

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