ШОК! Подписчица купила у меня 12 картин АСМР

thanks for the support Hello, friends! Hello my dear! I am very glad to welcome you on my channel ASMR Red Lips Today my lips are not red I used such a stylish accessory Lip shaped glasses Fancy sunglasses I was really looking forward to the package with these glasses The package was so important for me Can you imagine Package from another country I thought the package would not come to me But today, these trendy glasses came to me I realized that this is a sign I need to make a new video I want to tell you I will share news with you This video is conversational I will whisper close from ear to ear Make nice visual triggers I will try to relax you, calm, deliver a pleasant sensation Among my subscribers there is one good girl She really appreciates my work. She loves my ASMR paintings She recently bought 12 of my paintings you can imagine 12 of my paintings left for my subscriber Now I will prepare the paintings for shipment I will show you these pictures I say goodbye to them this is the coolest great support for the artist She supported me as an artist when she bought my paintings This is a dream I have never before sell so many paintings It is very cool I can not convey my joy Feels like when For example, a mother who has a baby The child grew up and leaves to live in another family Mom is calm for her child, as I am calm for my paintings I understand that my paintings are in good hands How the child will be loved and taken care of These are my feelings My favorite paintings my creations These ideas were born in my head I was able to implement them on paper And shoot this process on a video of ASMR My paintings have found a new home they found a new mistress It will now please someone Not just me I want to thank my subscriber I want to express my gratitude Thank you for paying attention to my work. Thank you for supporting me as an artist. You enjoy what I do Each painting brings important energy. Chosen people can feel this energy. Get on the same wave Be on the same wavelength If you see a picture and it makes you feel This means that this picture will fill you with energy It will fuel you You will be like a full battery You look at the picture and are filled with positive emotions By the way, if you really like the pictures from my videos You can write about it to me In social networks or by mail You can reserve any picture I will save for you a picture that you like I truly believe Every thing must have its own master. Especially when it comes to exclusive paintings A picture is not a commonplace thing If you fell in love with my picture Then I can make it become yours! Write me letters Now I will show you the paintings that have found their mistress I will prepare them for shipment This is a picture of “Red Sunset” See what a dramatic combination of colors Very bright sunset I will make the triggers Finger tapping I will pack the picture in such a folder Then I will put this folder in a box for sending to mail Next picture Look, is it sunset or sunrise The sun is over the mountains Blue mountains in the shade Have you ever met a bright sunrise? Wake up very early before sunrise To meet the bright sunrise The following two paintings were included in the collections of my works Maybe you saw my selection of paintings on the subject of Space This is the biggest picture from the Cosmos selection. And a collection of paintings on the theme of the sea I painted 4 small sea landscapes And such a big sea picture And the cosmos theme These two creative works will go to the new mistress I already signed these works Autograph ASMR Red Lips It’s space Cosmic sky Pink, blue and purple sky color. Please note what different color and style paintings I bought from a subscriber Cosmos, seascape, fantastic feather Carefree summer landscape Summer calm landscapes Pleasant creativity Peacock feathers One feather Three more feathers In this picture you can see the gold paint that glitters Serenity A field on which yellow dandelions grow Such a pond That’s all the pictures that I will send to my subscriber If you fell in love with my picture, which is not in this video, then most likely your favorite picture has not yet been sold Do you have a chance to become a happy owner of a new picture Do not waste time in vain, write me messages Now I will write a letter to my subscriber Letter of thanks Do you listen to the sounds of spelling words on paper Now is the time to start falling asleep You watch ASMR to fall asleep You can enjoy the sounds If you watch ASMR to feel pleasant tingling and goosebumps Let’s enjoy the pleasant sounds Now I will find what to write to me Where is my pen or pencil? I’m ready Are you ready? Go! I added a letter to my wonderful subscriber She will find in the package another gift from me It will be something special! Surprise It will be a pleasant surprise. Now I will end this video I wish you all a good mood I wish you all success I wish everyone to achieve recognition so that what you create is needed by other people That’s all for me. Bye! Here is an example of the following picture of a pen I drew her sketch with markers, unlike previous paintings


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  • ASMR RED LIPS и очки виде красных губ хххммммм ЛОГИКА¿♡

  • So nice painting…👏🙂👌👍🧑🏻‍🎨🖼

  • Я не могу перестать смеяться после вырезанных моментов.

    Твои детки передают тебе огромнейший привет! 😘

  • Очки суперские) вам очень идёт

  • Это же наоборот хорошо, что кому-то не равнодушно твоё творчество. Это же замечательно когда столько разом скупают, тому кто рисовал приятно, и тому кому нравится твоё творчество и финансово, и морально поддержал тебя. Алиса, молодец так держать

  • оля. поздравляю тебя с тем что твои картины купила твоя подписчица. я очень рад за тебя.

  • А скидку хоть сделали? , всё такие 12) не 3,не 6

  • Вауу очень красиво💜💜💜
    У меня скоро день рождения!!!
    7 марта😄

  • может ты меня искупаешь ? завтра у меня второй день массажа. поддержишь меня

  • да это здорово. каким мылом ты меня намылишь?

  • откроешь кран с водой?

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